3 thoughts on “Batch 64 Entertainment

  1. Wow !!
    What a Show ! Lovely .
    Took me back to the late 50’s when I used to hammer out all those songs on the piano and irritate my mother to her limits playing them !

    And then, at HFC- during the lunch hour, the nuns gave us permission to use the ‘drill room’ with the old piano, and there was I again- hammering out Harry Belafonte , and the girls used to dance away the lunch hour.
    Then I found another girl to take over the piano, so I could dance !

    Praxy- you came later on- but, Ranjani- you may remember these old Drill Room Lunch time dancing days, if the old nuns would let you Boarding Students out of their watch !
    We Day Students had loads of fun with these old songs .

    The only songs I did not hear Desmond sing was Banana Boat Song- and of Yellow Bird, Up High on Banana Tree .

    Well, well- -again at the old KG Hall- dancing away at Block and Colors Night to those old songs , with the Crystal Ball-turning around on the ceiling casting such lovely shadows of color on all of us .

    ” Memories are Made of These … ”

    Lets do it again- at Beruwala- Oct 2018 !!

    Thanks Sam- just what the Doctor Ordered !!!
    Some great songs, great voice, great beat of drums to give us all some good cheer – we all need it !

    Thanks again- Baila Kumari !!!


  2. Forgot to add this little trivia – I saw Harry Belafonte at a Live concert in Ottawa some 40 yrs ago, and he sang all these songs and the audience went just wild !

    Then, some 25 yrs or so ago- Gypsies came to Toronto- and that was a real great Srilankan Dance for sure , and of course I was 25 yrs younger !!

    But to hear Desmond sing them, adds new meaning -specially Island In the Sun, Coconut Woman.
    “Angelica Mamma gotta take you back, teach you the things you lack “– ya today’s hi tech gals- need to hear this !
    Baila Kumari .


  3. What a performance. Enjoyed every moment of it. It brought back wonderful pleasant memories.

    Deepthi looks like Harry Belafonte is in your blood. “Hammering Harry Belafonte songs on the piano” wow ! what a talent. I could only sing a few songs.

    Thanks for sharing Sam.



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