Best Wishes to Stella Mahajoudeen!



Happy Birthday to you  my dear friend Stella, today, 2nd Aug.
Where ever you may be  today, have a Happy Day today, with many more Happy
Days like this, coming your way in the future .
After age 70-  just to live, is like a Happy Birthday Every Day !!

I do remember sooo well, this day, as you see on the photo on the beach,
when I picked you up from the JMO Office on Norris Canal Rd , when you were
working as JMO Colombo back in April 1992.
Then we went to your home in Mutuwal, and picked up your son and daughter
and headed out to the beach, and I took this lovely photo of you, by the
beach  hut .
You are sooo lovely in this photo- with that eternal Happy Face Smile !!
I think, if I remember right, you left SL soon after that to live in UK –
where you still live .

Those were good days Stella, back in the Girls Hostel- that the guys very
‘lovingly’ referred to as Appa Kade !!!!
We were very jolly bunch of kellas on the 3rd floor – with you and Kamala
as room mates  next to my room, and  there was Saradamani , Dhamsa,   and
Rajes and Maharojani as room mates.

Then,  of course, we met many times, when I was doing my Internship at
Ragama, and your dad was the Station Master , and you would visit your
family in Ragama .

Something I wont forget- you and Saradamani delivered my first baby on Oct
18- 1970,   at Castle Street . and she is  now living in Vancouver, with
three kids, aged 11, 13 and 16  !! .
OMG- where has the time gone …

I do hope you follow this lovely blog- web- created by Sam, and ‘powered’
by Ariya  and see all the news  and views .

Again I am wishing you my dear Stella, a Very Happy Birthday, Good Health
and Happiness in the years ahead with your children and grand children .

Your good old pal- Deepthie .


Dear Stella,

Though we have not met for a long time
Our thoughts are always with you
Bring good wishes for a wonderful Birthday
And a joyous long life with Good Health


Ariya De Silva


Dear Stella
You seem to have gone out of sight
But you are never out of our mind .
Hence these birthday wishes are sent to you
For a brighter future and God’s blessings too.

Praxy and Ranjit

18 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Stella Mahajoudeen!

  1. Dear Stella
    It was so nice to see you at Praxy’s few years back. We had a great time that day. Today where ever you are I wish you a very happy birthday and many more such days to come!


  2. Dear Stella,
    After meeting you at Praxy & Ranjit’s house in UK, I haven’t seen you.
    We wish you a very happy birthday.
    Seelan & Jean (Touring Srilanka)


  3. Dear Stella
    I have tried calling you on all the four numbers I have for you without any success..So if you by any chance read your messages on the blog please contact me . Our phone numbers are the same.Wimal too had tried to call you but was not duccessful.Praxy


  4. Happy birthday Stella, wish you many more happy returns. I have not seen you since 1969! did somehow got your bio for the RU souvenir thru those in touch with you. Thank you. All the best Stella. wished you could have made it to RU in Berwela.


  5. Dear Stella,
    Wish you a very happy birthday.
    Last time we spoke was when I was at Biga’s. I still visit and stay with him often. Please ring when you can. It will be nice to meet.
    Love and best wishes,


  6. Dear Stella, Where ever you are, have a happy Birthday. Iranthie & I relish the day we visited you in your home in England, the meal you prepared for us at your home with Praxy, & the few times we saw you at Praxy & Ranjith’s [ Ranjith washing your Mercedes Benz!], & the hopper feed you joined at Praxy’s where we met Seelan & Sathpam. Remember I made the hoppers & you loved it!!.

    Praxy & I are trying to track you down ,to say HELLO!. We will not give up. You are a wonderful Mom & a devoted Grandma, when we last talked on phone. Have a good life & a great day; My Good Friend.



  7. Dear Stella,

    This is wishing you a wonderful birthday.

    It always gives me great pleasure to send warm birthday wishes to a batch mate.

    Esiri Karunaratne from Washington D.C


  8. Dear Stella

    Wishing you A Very Happy Birthday. I met you afew years ago in London at one of the sportsmeet,since then I have not seen or heard of you from anyone. My sister in Law often talks about you and how helpful you were to them when you were working in Colombo. If you are still in London please keep in touch.
    Best wishes


  9. Dear Stella,
    Many happy returns and wishing you all contentment in the years ahead. I have not seen you in years but remember you well.
    God bless,
    Narme Wickremesinghe


  10. Dear Stella,

    Many happy returns on your birthday. Enjoy your birthday. Hope you are keeping well . I last saw you in London about 5 yrs ago. You were so kind to invite me for a meal and took a great effort to do so as you have just moved from Durham to London.Please get in touch with you as I would love to hear from you.

    With Love and all best wishes for today and years to come,

    Ranee Gunawardene , NSW Australia.


  11. Dear Stella happy belated birthday wishes.Wishing you all the will be great to see you sometime. Loving Maithri


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