Another Micro RU- Dharma



MICRO RU 64, July 11th, 2017. Entered in 1964

On July 11th, 2017, 8 of us who entered the Medical faculty in 1964, got together in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
We met at a Sri Lankan restaurant called “Chutney Villa” in Vancouver Canada. Food was excellent. We had a great fun time, some meeting after 48 years. We also had the privilege having  Prof emeritus Rjamahendran BVSc, MS, Phd, (Mc Gill University, Canada) and his  wife Pathma (Vairamuthu.) BVSc, Embryologist. They entered the Colombo Medical Faculty with us in 1964. They were doing veterinary medicine and were with us for five terms. We shared physiology and biochemistry classes. Then they moved to the Vet Faculty in Pradeniya. Raja specialized in Reproductive Biology while Pathma, Embryologist, went on to in-vitro fertilization in humans.
I got this formal picture after dinner.
Next day, the Sattianayagams, Sathananthans, Sritharans and Alagaratnams went on a 7 day cruise to Alaska along with another SL couple. We had a great time. Unfortunately our cruise  did not include Dinali Mountain. We enjoyed the picture of Denali by our Ace photographer, Gunasiri Samarasinghe on the RU news. The cruise was extra special because we were sailing with batch mates. We had plenty of fun time together.

10 thoughts on “Another Micro RU- Dharma

  1. Dear Dharma and the rest of the gang,

    Thank you for sharing photos and the reunion tales
    It must have been fantastic to renew acquaintances
    On hearing the places visited, fun you had, fabulous
    Rest of us feel delighted yet being human bit envious

    Of course Satha, Sattia, your goodself and Sritharan
    Look even younger since we met, results of good living
    Selvamalar one of youngest, still looks a spring chicken
    Delighted to see the happy faces of my mates, everyone



  2. Hi Dharma
    No wonder you had “gone off the radar” for a while… enjoying crushing 😀😀 Anyway it is nice to see you back on the blog. Did you see all those huge 🐳 whales “romping” in the ocean . They were such a pretty sight. Welcome back to the blog as we missed your interaction.Praxy


  3. Hello Alaskan Tourists,
    We NV you guys. We are still in Srilanka- touring with In-laws. Leaving for KL tonight. Last night met Almeida , Narme & Dalpe ( NanoRU) at 3hours notice!
    Nice to see Rajamahendran in the photo. He was my Neighbour in Kondavil. I remember Pathma too. They visited me in Sydney – long time ago. Do you have his email address?


  4. Thank you very much Dharma for sharing with us the photos and news of the Alaska trip with the old gang .

    Selvamalar sent me some pics and told me about the fun all of you had .
    All of you look so fine and dandy !!

    Make sure you get to see the Polar Bears of Churchill, Manitoba , Canada before they turn into something else .
    Your camera will die of ‘over use ‘ !!

    I am not much of a cruise person- even 200 ( Arctic Adventure ) people is a bit too much for me, let alone 3000 !
    Selvi told me “Dharma took ‘thousands of photos with his fancy camera ‘ !, so, when you have time to sort them out, please put them out on the blog for us to see .
    Thanks again for the news and pics –

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    As usual I screwed up. I failed to include the Sritharans in the list of those who went on the cruise. My apologies to the Sritharans and all of you. As requested, I put up some pctues from the trip later. Need to sor thousand pictures!!! Besides, I am a born procrastinator.


  6. Hi Dharma – Yes you told me about the cruise when we had a chat on the phone the other day. Glad you had a fine time with the RU 64 gang. As Deepthi says I am looking forward to some prize worthy pictures to be posted very soon.

    Nisantha Bsanda


  7. Thanks Dharma, sharing nice photo of you with our friends. We also went on trip in Canada in 2016 when we participated in our FIGO international conference in Vancure. – Indragee.


  8. Thanks Dharma.Alaska cruise is one of the best especially with friends around.Hoping to do Norwegian Ffords cruise early Sept
    R Almeida


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