Best Wishes to Mahindra Menon!


I hope you have A Very Happy Day on your Big Day today and enjoy your self
with family and friends Down Under, or where ever you may be .
All Good  Wishes to you- on this day, and may you enjoy many more Happy
Birthday Days in the years ahead .

Well my dear Mahen Malli, it was just great to see you ,  all handsome and
grown up ( !!! ) at Beruwala and ‘catch up’ on news !

It is with great nostalgia that I recall you , the ” Podi Malli’ of the
class, with the Big Sister  Indra always keeping a watchful eye one you
during our days at Kynsey Rd .

Then, my most memorable visit to Australia,  back in  Dec of 1990, where in
the photo we are  all dressed up- for the New Years Dance Party of the
Srilankan Club of Melbourne , with Anslem, Senadhipathy,  Melvani, and
Rasaiah .
That was a very jolly evening with lots of fun and lots of good food to go
with it !
I remember you had just finished a bit Reno Job of your home, and Anslem was
teasing you ” oh ya- he is all getting ready for Deepthie to come over ‘ !-
and sure enough, we were soo happy abd comfortable at your place .

Then,  I met you again, on your visit to Canada to see your extended
family- that I knew from my old Wattala days .

It is amazing- how one can recall- even after all these years, and to
think, and thank Sam and Ariya,  for this lovely blog to pass on these
memories to one and all .

Have a Happy Birthday Today, and wish you many more Happy Birthday Days ,
in the years to come .

Your good old friend,  Deepthie  Akka !!



Mahen Malli- you always made fun of me, and I just love this photo – sooo
typical of you , always in the ‘fun mode ‘, and you have never changed in
all the years I have known you  !!!
When I see photos like this, I always get ‘home sick ‘ for all of you …
so, lets meet again is all I can say, before it is too late .


Dear Mahen
It is a pleasure to send greetings
To one of the most popular mates of our batch
Wish you a long serene life, joyous
With good health, contentment and peace


Ariya De Silva


Dear Mahen
It is almost three years when we last met you.
At Eden Resort where we had our last RU.
These memories are still fresh on my mind
As that wonderful RU was one of a kind.
Ranjit and I wish you many happy returns of the day.
And pray that God will grant all your wishes today and every day.🎉🎉🎉🎉

Praxy and Ranjit

9 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Mahindra Menon!

  1. Dear Mahen,

    Wish you a Very Happy Birthday,& Many Happy Returns of the Day and many more to follow.

    Still remember the time we studied together for the finals. Missed you in Australia this year.Did not have time to travel around


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  2. Happy Birthday Mahen. Wish you many more happy and healthy ones. Remember the good times we had with you in the Melbourne RU, and get together the day after at your home and your daughter’s wedding in Detroit, USA. Wishing you all the best. dharma


  3. Many happy returns of the day Mahendra. All the best now and years to come. I remember the days when we were room mates at the main quarters in Colombo.

    Nisantha banda


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