Best Wishes to Geetha (De Silva) Wijesinghe!


Happy Birthday to you Gita on your special day today .
I have not met you since we parted company in 1969- but, it does not
matter- you are very much in our Thoughts and Good  Wishes on this Happy
Birthday Day .

These two old photos from the Block Days- keeps that memory alive and well.
You were one of the quiet ones in the  Girls Common Room at lunch time, yet
your presence was a Strong Presence ,  with that lovely simile on your face,
something I remember  very well .
I refer to  all of us girls of the Class of 64 ‘ Kellas of the Sixties’ !!,
and you can see most of us in these two photos , the way we were back then ,
and if I were to  “live again ” , this is one life I want to re- live again

We all missed you during the RU- 64 time in Beruwala- 2014- and I do hope
you see this Birthday Greeting and follow us all and our news and views  on
the web blog  created by Sam and  ‘powered ‘ by Ariya !

Good Wishes  and Good Health to you Gita, and May you have many more Happy
Birthday days in the years ahead .
Keep in touch –

Lots of Love- Deepthie .



Dear Geetha,
Wish you a very happy birthday
With peace and good health all the way
May you have contentment
And a stress free joyful long life


Ariya De Silva


Happy Birthday Geetha🌹
Dear Geetha we have spoken to each other over the phone .
And time passes by when you are on your own .
These birthday wishes are sent to you to show you we care.
And that you are remembered in our 🙏 prayers

Praxy and Ranjit .

29 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Geetha (De Silva) Wijesinghe!

  1. Many happy returns of the day Geetha. Best wishes for contentment, health and happiness in the coming years.
    Narme Wickremesinghe


    • Thanks for the wishes Name. Hope you are keeping well. I haven’t seen most of the batch mates since leaving college. It is good to keep in touch.


  2. Dear Geetha,

    Wish you a very happy birthday,& Many Happy returns of the Day and many more to follow in good health.



  3. Happy birthday Geetha. Wish you many more more happy and healthy ones. Yes, I too have not met you since graduation from med school. Remember times spent at SCM meetings. Heard you have family responsibilities that makes it hard to get about. wish you all the best. dharma


  4. Dear Geetha
    Many happy returns of the day. Hope you a wonderful day. Wish you many more healthy and happy years ahead.



    • Hi Swarna, thank you for the wishes. Hope you are well. I think we spoke a long time ago when you were in the middle East. Take care ! Gita.


  5. Hello Gita,

    This is your frequent phone contact from 64 Batch; WIMAL. Have a very blessed Birthday & many more good ones to come. God Almighty has a special place in Heaven for you, when you get there, for ALL WHAT YOU ARE DOING AT HOME. That is God’s work. You are a great woman, Love to you from Iranthie & I. WIMAL


    • Hi Wimal and Iranthie, Thank you so much for the good wishes sent. You are one I am in touch with and am very grateful to you for your friendship and keeping in touch. I must say my faith is what keeps me going. I would not have been able without His help and guidance. Thanks again and lots of love to you both. Gita.


    • Thanks for the wishes Nisantha. It is good to hear from you. I find it hard to even think is over 50 yrs since we were in College. I have not been good at keeping in touch so it is good to say hello to batch mates after all these years. I wish you all the best and once again thank you!


    • Hello! Thanks for the birthday wishes. I am not so good at reading news letters simply because I do not have much time for myself. I shall try to do so in the future. Hope all is well with you. God bless you!


    • Thank you so much for the wishes. After many years I have had contact with so many of my batch mates. This was a good idea. I have been slack in participating, but will try to do better in the future. Thanks!


    • Thank you Ranjani. Hope you are well and I wish you all the best too! You have spelt my name the correct way as it appears on my birth certificates. I shortened it for convenience here in the UK. Thanks again.


  6. Dear Geetha,

    Wishing you all the very best and good luck on your birthday and years ahead.

    Ranee Gunawardene , NSW Australia


    • Hello Ranee, thanks for the wishes. Hope you are well. I have not been to Australia since 2009. If ever you are coming this way please let me know. Wish you all the best.Gita.


  7. Dear Geetha

    Wishing you a very happy Birthday,Joy Peace and Happiness. I haven’t seen you for sometime. The last encounter was at Barclays Bank. Hope you are keeping well. Are you. Still living in Epsom? We should try and meet. Keep in touch .
    With warmest wishes


    • Hi Marina,
      Thanks for the wishes. Yes we haven’t seen each other for a long time. I met your inlaws while attending a wedding in Sri Lanka some years ago. Hope you are keeping well. My time is taken up with caring for my husband and am at home almost always. My Tel. No. is 0208 669 6350. Give me a call when you get the time. Thanks shin for the wishes. Gita.


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