More Snake Drama from Deepthie

Snake Stories  from a Snake Charmer !!!

On July 21- I went on a guided hike with the local  Awenda Provincial Park
Rangers, and there were a gp of about 10 of us .
About halfway into the hike,  the robins started a ruckus- and we thought
we had disturbed a nest with chicks .
One lady shouted ‘ I see the nest ‘.

I run to see- and there it was a huge Barred Owl, with a decapitated snake
it is tallons, perched on a  tree looking down at us !
The robin birds raised the alarm for all of us .
This was truly the highlight of the guided hike !
You can see the pics of the Barred Owl  curiously eyeing  us with the
decapitated snake, firmly grasped in its tallons .
It must be hunting by day , to feed its owlets , as owl as you all know,
are nocturnal hunters  .

This Northern Water Snake  is my friend ! and it lives amidst the rocks and
brush piles  I have created as a ‘snake habitat’  on my rocky  waterfront
area .
It uses the brush pile as a place to lie down and soak up the sun  as you
can see in these photos taken on May 31 and July 28 .

Then the other day – July 29- I went to the deck to have my breakfast- and
thought I will say ‘ HI ‘ to my friend – and there it was- with a fish in
its mouth ready for breakfast  !
I took a few good photos and a few neat video clips that the local
Provincial Park staff will ‘stich together ‘ for teaching purposes as it
shows the actual movement of the jaws as the snake was swallowing the fish
whole .
All the while, I was no more than 2 ft from  my friend , with its tail
virtually between the tips of my toes , with the water lapping at my feet .
We know each other well, but we know how to respect each others space too .

So, the story is – Owl Eats Snake and Snake Eats Fish  !

This is Mother Nature’s Cycle of Life .

The photos taken by me, this year- 2017 from May 31st  to July 29th .
Enjoy !- EagleD


Also enjoy these Videos shared by my son Johan Raj


Here is the Story .

 July 21- 2017 – Awenda Provincial Park- Nature Walk .
I signed up for the Nature Walk- there were three guides  and about a dozen
of us visitors .

Half way through the walk, we heard the robins screeching away as if we
scared them, or we were too near their nests .
One lady says ” I see the robin nest ‘

I run to see my golly- it was a this HUGE Barred Owl, with a headless snake
in its tallons !
The group of us- we stood in stunned silence and watched the Owl, watching
us .
It was real neat to see this owl, turning its head a full 360 deg virtually
to scan  this inrusive bunch of two legged  visitors .

I took a few video clips and some still photos .
We were watching this Owl for nearly 20 mins .

One of the park rangers put my little video clips together and added   some
music, that I don’t know,  and appropriate text .
Enjoy !

Snake Charmer eagleD


More Snake Photo’s from Eagle Deepthie


Snakes taking in the sun-  on their penthouse sun roof !  between 2.49 and
2.55 pm when the sun was about 50% – 60 % still covered by the moon .
One of them crawled out of the snake house penthouse sun roof, and came
into the water, and was facing the sun,  and you can see the yellow of its
belly, glowing , as the moon was receeding slowly, around 2.55 pm-

 I did not really see any bird activity during this time .

The whole show ended for us at 3.30 pm .


Batch 64 Total Eclipse Photos- Update


These were photos shot by our ace photo enthusiast Dharma. Hope I did a good job compiling them to one frame. Sam


I am one of those fortunate to experience two total solar eclipses. The first one was in Sri Lanka on June 20th,1955.


Like the others who have mentioned here, I remember some aspects of the eclipse very clearly..  We had safe viewing material Darkened film/soot coated glass.  I do not remember the shadow of the moon traversing the sun. But I distinctly remember the darkening of sky and the crows gathering and vocalizing in preparation to roost for the night. I learned that the total eclipse lasted 7 minutes and 8 seconds, one of the longest ever. When the shadow of the moon moved, we experienced the “second dawn” for the same day! The crows did what they usually do at dawn, they started vocalizing and flying around. I wonder if they knew they had spent the shortest “night” of their lives!! Also I recall roosters crowing.


The second was on Aug 21st, 2017 in USA.  We travelled by car, a 5hr trip to Carbondale, Illinois for maximum totality. 2min 37 sec. Eight of us including our grandchildren made the trip. We found a good spot and set up our cameras.  It got hot and humid. 90F (32C), Heat Index was 114F (45C). Much to my disappointment, I experienced heat exhaustion. My son continued the photography. We got 1000 pictures and selected few for the RU news.

This time I experienced

  1. Every moment of the lunar shadow transit over the sun.
  2. The “DIAMOND RING” due to sunlight passing between lunar mountain / valleys or possibly the sliver of sun being                visible.
  3. When the shadow moved out, the light appeared ‘white” like LED light, unlike the usual yellow/orange tinge.
  4. A distinct drop in air temperature, said to be about 8F. The difference was clearly felt
  5. Most exciting for me was, that my family especially our grandchildren were with me to experience this celestial event. I         feel they will remember this for the rest of their lives!!


Carbondale will be in the path of  the next total eclipse  on April 4th,2024. They call themselves “at the cross roads of eclipse”.  I hope to watch it, even if it is from 6 feet under!!!




Dear All
For all those who are still obsessed with the Celestial aura of Eclipse,please add this to the list?
A British Airways pilot clicked this photo of Solar Eclipse when his plane was crossing  Atlantic Ocean. One can see another plane on same flight path wow  what a sight!
—-Hi Sam,
These are the pictures I took of the total eclipse. Few pictures of the pre total , The total and one post total. Pictures taken in South Carolina ,  Village of  Georgetown.
The scene is when it got dark with the total eclipse.


Wije in the “News”


Nearly 700 people assembled at St. Matthias Church Aug. 20 for a community vigil against hate, organized by the Franklin Township Interfaith Council.

Those gathered in the John F. Kennedy Boulevard church heard from the township’s religious and political leaders, then participated in a candlelight vigil.

The speakers included Alex Kharazi, president of the Interfaith Council; Rabbi Eli Garfinkel of Temple Beth El and the council’s vice president; Fr. Douglas Haefner from St. Matthias; Mayor Phil Kramer; Wije Kottachachchi, from the Buddhist Vihara Meditation Center; Somerset County Freeholder Brian Levine; Board of Education president Ed Potosnak; Township Councilwoman Shanel Robinson (D-At Large); the Rev. Sharon Culley from Somerset Presbyterian Church, and state Assemblyman Joe Danielsen (D-17).

Statements were read from Imam Rizwan Rizvi, from the Masjid-e-Ali mosque and Pastor George Montanari from the Middlebush Reformed Church, and prayers were read by Shirin Poustchi and Board of Education member Ardaman Singh.

During teh candlelight vigil, Ali Chaudry, president of the New Jersey Interfaith Coalition led the group in the reading of the pledge to “Stand Up For the Other,” which he authored.

Click below for full report,


Very Special Birthday Salutation




Dear Sam

Today is our Batch-mate & My classmate at Royal Dr Chandra Rodrigo’s Birthday.
For the last five or six years we have made it a point to visit him.
annexed is the email he sent us about two weeks ago & a photo taken today.Grateful if you can post it in our webpage for the information of others,
Best Regards

It’s Chandra’s Birthday!!!

Many Happy returns of the Day Chandra!!!!
Thank you for writing to us and updating  your amazing medical history. Your story will no doubt inspire all of us.
On behalf of the Batch64 let me be the first to wish you many more Birthdays to celebrate with the blessings of the Triple Gem.
Please do communicate with us via this Blog. Feel free to log on to
                                                    to see what the others are up to.





Dear  Colleagues,  

I was diagnosed to be suffering from MOTOR NEURON DISEASE (MND) in June 2006 by Neurologists in University of Hong Kong and later confirmed by the Motor Neuron Research Centre in Kings College, London, UK. I was told that I would die within THREE years. They also told me that if I do not develop any complications that I may live up to a maximum of FIVE years.   It is ELEVEN years since I was diagnosed to be suffering from MND. I had a Respiratory Arrest in February 2011. Since then I am permanently connected to a Ventilator I.e. for SIX years and FOUR months. In Sri Lanka, probably I am the longest surviving patient permanently connected to a ventilator.  Now I am unable to move both arms and legs. I am typing this letter with the help of an attendant telling him what key to press. Now I am unable to pass stools as I do not have the strength to push the stools through the anal sphincter. An attendant manually removes the stools periodically.

  Chandra Rodrigo

Batch64- Entertainment



As Northern hemisphere is going to see a rare spectacle of an Eclipse,
I traced this piece of old music for your attention







Eagle Thoughts from the Class of 64  on  Wadakaya Sudiya !



“ Aney Mage Emali Pane,

Kiannako Attey  Aney,

Bivva Neda Wadakaha Sudiya ‘ !!!


Well—I was about 10 yrs old I think,  in the 50’s  , it was back then, living in Hendala, and I remember this day of The Total Eclipse  as if it was yesterday !


 We had  and all the fun that followed  the Total Eclipse, with the Wadakaha Sudiya , that we sing even today ( 2014 ) , and sang it in the bus from Norris Canal Rd, all the way  to Beruwala, with Esiri leading the pack !


The best part was, we got a school holiday to watch the Eclipse .

There were enough warnings on what NOT to do – so, my father smoked up some clear glass- and we all watched it .

It became darker and darker at mid day .

The bird stopped singing .

All was quiet .. hush … hush .


Then- it was DARK—-

Dark  as the  Night would get in the tropics back then, with none of that Light Pollution ,  with the stars lighting up the night sky at  Mid Day !“ Almost like the Land of the Midnight Sun of the Canadian Arctic,  where  during the  almost 24 hr  Winter Darkness  Days, when the stars come out at Noon Time  . “


It was Spoooooky to say the least .


Then, slowly but surely- the light began to return- the stars dimmed out   bit by bit ,  the birds started to sing, the Sun came out, and a New Day Started  in the afternoon .

 The   Total Eclipse Came and Went .

We were all happy that we were there to see it .


Now,  Iam  going to see it again, twice in one life time, from Canada /  North America, that  I  now call Home .


I did not have to be an  ‘Eclipse Chasers ‘ running around the world to see ‘ A Total “ (  the Astronomy jargon ! )


Then- came the Wadakaha Sudiya !!!-


The Island  In the Sun Hospitals were packed with ‘diarrhoea cases ‘ and the pretty maidens, who wanted to be even prettier had to shy away and pretend, they did not take the Medicine as was prescribed by the Veda Quacks of the Day .


Now, fast fwd to –  Aug 21st 02017——- Canada/ North America  .


I live in Ontario, where there will be 70% Eclipse and the whole process will take a little over 2 and a half hours , between  1300 hrs– > 1531 hrs .

Those in some parts of USA  will be lucky to have 100 % Total Eclipse, and I  know, Nisantha  Bandaranayake is going to travel to that magic place to see it him self , and send us some nice photos .


  I am  going to take a bit of the Good Medicine- so I will look like Rukmani Devi .

 I told this today, ( 17th aug  afternoon Ontario time )  to a nice Srilankan lady .


She at once  told me wrote back to me —“ Deepthie – why do you want to look like Rukmani Devi, when you look like  Sandya Kumari, who is way better looking than Rukmani Devi “ !!


So, I changed my mind and  I will stay  on, looking like Sandya Kumari !!.

Thank you my dear- YOU are  MY  BEST Friend from Now on !!!


Perhaps Nisantha ( who said he is NOT going to take even a drop of the Good Medicine ) will come out with a full head of nice jet  black hair, just like he was , in the Good Old Days !!


Beauty is In The Eye of  The Beholder …. !!!

eagleD .