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This is Day 7 of my 7-day photo challenge. I was nominated by a friend to post one nature photo a day for 7 days and nominate a new person every day. Photos don’t have to be recent. They can be sometime during your lifetime but taken by “YOU”. The goal is to flood Facebook with beautiful nature photos
I am finishing up with a Butterfly photo. Recently I visited the “Butterfly Rain Forest”, in Gainesville Florida. Butterflies are hard to photograph because of their agility, unless you find them early in the morning (wet feathers) or catch them in a sex act. I found two Zebra butterflies in………you guessed it. See below. I hope FB doesn’t censor this photo due to it’s mature content!
Thank you all for for your likes and comments.
Thank you Vincent Veneruso for nominating me. I enjoyed it.





More Butterfly Images from our Nature Expert Eagle Deepthie!



These are some butterfly photos taken at Chaya Blue Butterfly Garden .
There were hundreds and hundreds of them in the little garden.
I had a hard time staying away from it !

There was a Naturalist available to help me ID the butterflies – which was
just great .
This garden is in the wild- just a patch of garden, that  this man had
started a Butterfly Garden, and I just admired  his Love  and Enthusiasm for
butterflies  !

Common Tiger- is the one that looks like our Monarch  and you can see the
Milkweed plant and flower too- that has that irritant milky sap .




8 thoughts on “Sam’s Photo Challenge”

  1. Dear Sam,
    You obliged the friend’s request and thrilled us
    Thank you very much for putting it in the website
    Kept the best to the last, caught them having sex
    Fantastic pictures you are a photographic genius


  2. Perfect shot !

    I got a similar one , taken at the Butterfly Garden at Trinco- Chaya Blue Hotel, where I stayed for a few nights, after leaving Beruwala.
    Like you said, I took my pics early am while the dew was still on their wings .

    I will send it to you for ‘editorial discretion ‘ !!!

    It was a solo trip I did, as no one wanted to drive with me, and be on the road for 7 hrs !
    I saw hundreds and hundreds of butterflies on the way to Trinco, before we cut across to the east coast from the west coast .

    There were butterflies that looked exactly like the Monarch Butterflies we have here in America/ Canada, and these one in SL also feed on a plant very similar to the Milkweed ( Asclepsia famliy ) .
    The driver / guide I had ( from Walkers Tours ) was excellent and he told me ‘ the butterflies are on their way Samnala Kanda ‘ !!
    I thought this was sweet, and once I got into the car, we were both singing ‘ Siripade Samanal Kanda Peney’ !!!!

    Thanks- eagleD


    1. Hey Dharma
      Where have you been all this time????? Thought you had gone into hiding 😀😀😀😀😀😀Welcome back to hearing your comments .Praxy


  3. Lovely picture as usual Sam . Not surprised you win awards for these pictures.

    Hey ! Dharma why don’t you include some of your rare bird pictures from Sri Lanka ?


    Liked by 1 person

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