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This is Day 6 of my 7-day photo challenge. I was nominated by a friend to post one nature photo a day for 7 days and nominate a new person every day. Photos don‘t have to be recent. They can be sometime during your lifetime but taken by “YOU”. The goal is to flood Facebook with beautiful nature photos

This image was taken on our return trip from Denali in Alaska. We were actually sitting in the last rail car looking out the window catching the front of the train taking the curve.




Alaskan adventure copy

5 thoughts on “Sam’s Photo Challenge”

  1. Thank you Sam, for this lovely image of the train taking the curve on a mountain pass .
    This sure brings back good memories for me, when I took the train – Via Rail from Vancouver to Toronto , a 5500 km journey , back in 2002, across the Canadian Rockies , in the Autumn, with spectacular colors of the Aspen leaves changing color , and then the maples and birch as we travelling through Ontario.
    I spent all my waking hours on the Dome Car- with a 360 view , and came down only for meals and to sleep.
    Via Rail is the cheap way to do it, but, the more luxury one is the Rocky Mountaineer Train across the Canadian Rockies .

    I just LOVE Train Rides and think often of the way we used to travel by train to Bandarawela from Colombo Fort Railway Station , many times , during the April and August school holidays.
    Again, I love when the train takes the curve on those lovely tea estate and the magic of those rides, still linger in my neuronal memory card !!
    Back then, I hardly knew what a camera was !!!

    Thanks a lot for the lovely photo and waking up my memory chip card in the head !


  2. Thanks Deepthie. Kathy and I took a short train trip from Colombo Fort to Kandy. They now have a luxury car with TV WiFi and food service. It was quite enjoyable.


  3. Dear Sam,
    We too took a similar train from Colombo to Badulla
    Thouroughly enjoyed the scenery and the hospitality
    Passing through endless tea estates and water falls
    Countless tunnels, felt like kids in a world of candies


  4. Thanks for the lovely picture of the train to Denali. This is in my bucket list , I mean Denali. I have been to Alaska on a cruise but not Denali.



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