Pertinent Question- Ariya

Who or What am I?
There is virtually nothing ‘I’ do to form me
Contrary to my thoughts, high & grandiose
Birth, growth, sickness, ageing and death
Happen due to factors beyond any control of me
A male and a female cell do combine
With correct warmth to make me
There is little or no input from me
Though proudly identify as ‘I’ or ‘ME’
To cry when born to get a breath of air
‘I’ did nothing just an apparatus, not the heir
Hunger pains signalling to brain makes me cry
Seeking milk and warmth, as well to remain dry
From then onwards up to the point of death,
‘I am’ not the provider but plants or milk & flesh
Everything from outside, none is of my making
From youth, middle and old age up to my death
My hunger is not under my control
None of my desirers not even the anger
Good health or ill health isn’t my doing
The concept ‘Me’ is a work of the brain
It tricks me to take control of events
And thoughts and to react to objects
A false sense as the load and master
Bestowed on, to protect & gene transfer
Ariya De Silva

6 thoughts on “Pertinent Question- Ariya

  1. Buddha’s teaching in a nut shell , put eloquently by Ariya in simple language. Brilliant as usual

    I or my boils down to a bunch of molecules, atoms , protons , neutrons all put into a cage.



  2. Very true Ariya.I always think there is a super natural
    Power that controls us or guides us .This brings to my mind that Jim Reeves song” This world is not my own I am just passing through” Praxy


  3. When we were born, our mind had no control of physical body devolpment. But with our mind when fully grown, we are like a driver of our own car. – Indragee


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