More Nature Photos- Deepthie




This was my Christmas greeting for 2015
It was minus 20 deg C ,on that brilliant sunny winter morning , when me and
my friend,Wendy Maurice set out to see the Snowy Owls in the farms/ fields of Springwater
Township, about an hours drive from home .
We got lucky that day- with spectacular sightings and photos .
These owls seem to come to the same farms year after year, and are very
predictable .
Snow Angel- never fails us- the farmers are our friends and this is a
social outing for me and my friend  to sit in that old farm kitchen and
drink hot tea and eat home make cake on a cold winter day !
The Spruce tree that the bird is on, is the tallest spruce tree in the
area- so, it is easy to spot the owl on top of this tree from quite a
distance .
If it cannot be seen from the road, then we drive around the street- and we
are sure to find it around the farm yard !


Enjoy- eagleD

6 thoughts on “More Nature Photos- Deepthie

  1. A mesmerising scene
    The ambience is serene
    I have never seen
    Such a pretty site!

    Thank you, dear ‘Bald Eagle’
    For sharing the photo of Snow Eagle
    Your valiant efforts & Photographic skill
    Are blessings to the batch mates, us all


  2. Thanks Deepthi for sharing this picture. You had sent it to me in an email before. Never get tired of seeing this beautiful bird again and again. How lucky you are. I have seen other kinds of owls , but never a snow owl. May be one of these days.



  3. Thanks folks, for all the good comments .
    Nisantha – I saw a Barred Owl a few days ago, with decapitated snake in its tallons, while on a guided hike with the local park rangers !
    will send you a pics later too gory for public consumption !


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