Sam’s Photo Challenge


“Snowy Peaks”


Snowy Peaks copy


This is Day 1of my 7-day photo challenge. I was nominated by a friend to post one nature photo a day for 7 days on Face Book and nominate a new person every day. Photos don’t have to be recent. They can be sometime during your lifetime but taken by “YOU”. The goal is to flood Facebook with beautiful nature photos.

This photo was taken in Alaska when we were on vacation celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary



Mt Everest



Picture of Mt. Everest taken by me from the base camp , before my climb 15 years ago. As you can see the base of the mountain to the top does not look very tall. The base is at 14000 feet above sea level.  From the base to the top is only 15029 feet.
Mt. Denali  base is at 2000 feet above sea level. Therefore from the base to the top of Denali is 18320 feet. As a mountain Denali is taller than Mt .Everest. However the peak of Mt. Everest is at 29029 feet above sea level and is the tallest mountain peak in the world.
Just kidding guys I did not climb  Mt.Everest. If I did attempt it 15 years ago , I would not be giving you this information and would never have met all you nice folks at RU 64.


10 thoughts on “Sam’s Photo Challenge

  1. Sam – This is a beautiful picture. Colors are stunning. Starts with green in the fore ground, to white , black, shades of blue ,to shades of orange and red. The picture is well balanced. The trees in the fore ground balances with the heavy mountain.

    This is Denali mountain ( Mt. McKinley ) from Denali National park. Denali is one of the most massive mountains in the world. Technically it is taller than Mt. Everest , Why ? The base of Denali starts at 2000 feet above sea level. The base of Mt .Everest is at 14000 feet above sea level. Highest peak of Denali is at 20320 feet. Now it is up to our bright RU 64 group to do the math.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful picture. You are quite a photo catcher.



  2. Thanks Nisantha. Yes you are right this is a great capture of Denali mountain. We visited in late May and I was lucky to get a clear shot with beautiful cloud formations. It has two peaks N.Summit is 19,470 ft. It has 5 glaciers flowing off of it.
    Barack Obama recently renamed it “Denali Mountain” from “Mount McKingly”, during his official visit to Alaska, ending the longstanding name dispute.


  3. As Nisantha alluded to, it is a brilliant photograph
    Appears so colourful looks like a great artiest’s work
    Gosh the guys and gals in our batch are so talented
    We Thank you Sam, for bringing all these to our eyes

    I have no proficiency to describe the magnificent scene
    Nisantha does that job well with his knowledge paramount
    Of course we all can admire the beauty and be gracious
    For willingness to go the extra mile to thrill and educate us


  4. Dear Sam what a wonderful picture. Gosh what a talented lot we have in our batch ranging from photographers of a very high calibre, poets, photo identifiers to name a few. We are a specially blessed batch😀😀😀😀😀Praxy


  5. HI Sam- You captured the image of Mother Natures Creation at its BEST !
    Thanks Nisantha for the ID of Denali- and I have no brains for math- leave it to the experts .
    I am just glad, that Sam posted the lovely image and enjoy it for what it is and not bother with numbers at this stage in my life !!!!
    Many thanks Sam and Nisantha
    – eagleD


  6. Fabulous picture Sam, The colors and composition are perfect. You are indeed a fantastic master photographer, hats off to you. Keep it up, share more. dharma


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