7 thoughts on “Ariya’s Thoughts

    • Thank you Nisantha, for highly encouraging words
      You are a true friend who supports my literary works
      It is a huge honour from a true friend to hear such praise
      I am indebted to you for helping me all the way with grace



      • Oh Ariya oh Ariya where did your talents go?
        When you were in the Faculty so many years ago ?
        To compete with Wordsworth Keats and the likes of Tennyson
        You have to be a genius in the twenty fifth century edition .
        Lovely poem with lovely words


      • Thanks Praxy for raising me to dizzy heights
        I am an ordinary bloke trying to write four lines
        64 batch benevolent great friends like yourself
        Inspire me immensely to sharpen literary skills


  1. Thank you Ariya for the very lovely poetic writings of the Night Sky .
    You sure hitched your wagon to a star and reached the stars !

    The lyrics seem to fall out like a meteor shower, out of the night sky, holding the reader captive, wanting to see more and more of the starry showers .

    Then, the reader finally reaches the Last Verse , when the true Wisdom of the lyrics seem to hit out like a Big Bang right out of the Stars , so to speak — The Need Vs Greed , that holds the beings of the 21st Century , captives of another realm …

    Take What you Need, not what you need out of Greed .
    Leave some for others, who need it more .

    Let them also enjoy the Stars of the Night, without Light Pollution- a 21st Century insult to the Heavenly Beings …

    I used to be a avid Star Gazer – not too long ago, equipped with a big Telescope,and I would lug it outside, even at minus 20 deg C to see The Other Worlds .

    Any one passing by was enthralled to see the Moons of Jupitor, Rings of Saturn, Ice cap of Mars, Star clusters of the Milky Way- the Orion, Pleades, Andromeda Galaxy, and on and on it goes ,

    Indeed, I was in Srilanka about 15 yrs ago- at Uda Walawe, in a nice jungle setting, virtually sleeping under the tropical starry sky, at a lodge with a few of my HFC girl friends .
    I was totally fascinated to see Orion- The Hunter so clearly with the naked eye, amidst the sounds of the tropical jungle, and later with my Binocs .

    I woke up my mates- who only cursed me and rolled back to sleep , saying ” Oh My God -Deepthie has gone mad in the night “!!

    I was a bit sad, that they could not enjoy The Moment of Joy I was sharing with them, all was lost on them .
    I guess, ‘different strokes for different blokes !

    I stayed up watching the dark starry sky, of the warm tropical night, and watched the day light break into another tropical sunrise in the Island in the Sun .

    Enjoy the Night Sky- for it will be sooooon invisible with Light Pollution .

    Thoughts from a ‘ Aparadiga Lovehi Dilisena Tharuwa ‘– aka eagleD


  2. My dear Aparadiga Lovehi Dilisena Tharuwa,

    It is a joy and an honour to call you my friend
    How far the list of your talents would extend
    Fantastic dancer, indisputable baila Kumari
    Karaoke Queen, a star gazer and a nature buff

    Poetry critic enthusiastic supporter of good deeds
    Flutists, a great conversationalist and a journalist
    Knows on everything, one should really know about
    Proficient in many languages including that of Inuit

    Special subject of course being the feathered friends
    Acuity of vision of that of a Bald eagle & the sharpness
    With your heart of gold can charm even a cold serpent
    To your narrative and literary skill no match in our batch

    Compassion is limitless so is commitment to the batch
    Sincerity is second only to fabulous smile on your face
    I am in debt, with no skills to write the deserving praise
    Thank you for praising my work, which you do always

    Thank you


    • Hey my dear Poet Ariya !
      I dont think I deserve all that praise- I am just who I am, lucky to be at the right place at the right time, ( camera in hand !! ) with a very open mind to soak it all in !

      I have since sold the telescope as it got too heavy for me to lug around, and after catarract surgery, it was difficult to see through the T-scope as the light from the scope would reflect off the artificial lens .
      I still use my good binocs for star gazing / bird watching .

      But, I had my fun, with the Telescope, seeing Other Worlds!!

      I dont know many languages- certainly NOT Inuit, know a few words – thats all !
      Trying to learn the Inuktitut script- that is basically the old fashioned Short Hand notations ,
      that seems a bit similar to the way we write in sinhala , with the alapilla, papilla etc .

      Know a bit of Ojibway- lots of songs specially, and a few words here and there to get by.
      The songs taught me the language , helped with a bit of reading .

      Anyway- Thanks for the lovely Starry Sky !
      Aparadiga Lovehi Dilisena Tharuwa !!!


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