Batch 64 Photo Quiz- Sam


Lamissi’s  then Kello now

I found this photo on the internet. Purpose is not to identify photo but open it for your comments. Do they look happier then or happier now. Do you think if we didn’t embrace other cultures the dress code would have stayed the same or evolved in to something different ?

5 thoughts on “Batch 64 Photo Quiz- Sam”

  1. Dear Sam,
    Thank you for the beautiful pictures of Sri Lankan girls then and now.
    Those who have covered their proud possessions do not look as happy as the recent lot.
    If you ask me for opinion I am happy to look at the newer version of the attires.

    Just a passing comment on the word you used ‘Lamissi’ was a composite word
    Lame – in Sinhalese is chest and Isis means raised or profound
    So when the breast buds developed and pronounced they were called lamma+ Isis = Lamimissi.


  2. City girls look much happier in the photograph. I definitely think even if did not embrace other cultures dress code would have changed. Swarna


  3. First of all Ariya’s definition of Lamissi is absolutely correct. Thanks Sam – for the picture.

    Now to the picture . The lamissis in the old picture are perhaps from a village. The modern Lamissis are from a big city school from affluent families. Obviously they are happier. We really have to compare the Lamissis in the old picture with lamissis from a village school for a proper comparison.

    I am sure the outfits would have changed over the years in villages and cities. Look at the Tennis out fits of today and in the early 1900’s .Women wore long skirts and men wore trousers to play tennis. What about the swim wear , same story. I think in Sri Lanka too the outfits would have changed over the years.



  4. Thanks Nisantha for confirming the definition of ‘Lamissi’
    In the village another Sinhala word used for young women
    on the same basis is ‘Gatissi’
    Developing breast bud is called a ‘ Gataya’ or a blob.
    To indicate the prominence of the chest, the word ‘gatissi’ is used.


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