Birthday Salutation-Sam


Message from my grand son Max.

Yes it is Web Master’s Birthday.

The selfie was taken last year when I visited him in LA


Dear Batchmates,

Thanks for supporting the Blog. I hope you are having fun browsing as much as I enjoyed creating it.  This blog is now  2  years old. We all should be proud of  Blog Stats shown below, 25,839 views in 2017! 






My dear Mates of entry batch sixty 

Sam has given a great opportunity, through a wonderful product

For informative out bursts, gossips, ‘our own dedicated web site’
Events, greetings, to get through free & fast whatever one wants
Ideal vehicle for the entry batch sixty four, please use it my mates
One does not need to be a computer expert, to participate
Once you get going everything will gradually fall into place
How wonderful it is to be able to renew our old friendships
Those joined have not looked back it is so infectious, mates
Less than half mates, had informed their precious date
Of them only a fraction at present do regularly participate
Hence there is ample room to improve, worth giving a chance
Steps to open batch web site is simple do give it a go, my mate 
Access via Google, ‘News views and more class of sixty four
That is all needed to do to experience illustrious past will flow
Can you imagine the thrill when is reminded of the golden past
The ideal rejuvenating syrup for us, the septuagenarians, mate



      As you can see the popularity of this blog has increased by leaps and bounds in 2017. I must congratulate our editorial board, most importantly Ariya De Silva who came up with some great ideas to make this endeavor  lot more fun for all of us.

My Dear Sam ,
It is with great pleasure that I am wrting this Happy Birthday Greeting to
you  – 22nd July .

I wish you ALL the Very Best of The Best of Birthdays this year and many
more to enjoy, in the years ahead .
May you enjoy this day, with  Kathy , children grand children , and  the
many friends you have over where ever you are today,  and have GREAT day .

Many Blessings and many thoughts of Gratitude to you for all that you are
to the Class of 64.
I really have no words to describe ALL of your talents – so here are a few
pics that speaks volumes about Who and What  YOU are !

1. Sam- The Spider Man .
You actually signed off one your e-mails to me with this caption- and I said
to my self ” here is a good one ‘ !
I took this photo one morning, as I was having my morning coffee on the
deck- and there were all these mosquitoes trapped in the spider web- like
the way you virtually hold us as a captive audience in your wonderfully
created Web .
By afternoon- the web was all broken up by the wind .
But I can assure you, that The Spider Man’s Web with all of its captive
audience, from sea to sea, across the globe,  will be there for ever, with
no winds from near of far, to break it up  !!

2 Sam- The Dream Catcher .
You are what we have been  dreaming of, all these years- someone one to
‘Hold   Together, The Class of 64  ”
Your web seems to capture the beauty of the Class of 64-  each one of us
like a  dew drop, a precious gem,  glittering in the morning sun,  hanging
on the spider web — as it is in this photo I took in my garden, some years
back .
Believe me Sam, we will be hanging on to this Dream Catcher for many years
to come …..
It holds  Our Dreams, Our Thoughts,    Our Joys,   Our Sorrows ,
Our Wisdom of  The Ages,   Our Memories of  Fun and Laughter of Med School

3.  Sam -The Anesthetist .
I love this photo !!!!- shows you ever sooo serious on the job of being the
Anesthetist  !!
This is what I mean by saying you hold in your web  all  ” The fun and
laughter of the Class of 64 ” !!
If it were not for The Spider Man, how could we ever share these fun times
and jokes ! ??

4. Sam – The Photocatcher — always there , ever ready to capture that
moment in time, without missing a beat , and ‘doctor’ them up to suit the
occasion !
The  lovely serenity of the photo  you put out for the Sinhala- Tamil New
Year Greeting was one of them- , which I have on my ‘desk top ‘.
Then,  the lovely village scene of the ‘photo appreciation  ‘ post,  and
the Sandhill Crane  family photo post  , to mention a few , that touched a
chord in my soul, ….
These  are a few of  your wonderful photo creative talents, that you sooo
wiillingly share with the Class of 64 .

5. Sam – The Fun Guy !!
THIS is a real  prize shot- I don’t know who took it ( perhaps Mahesan ) at
the RU  ’89 in UK .
I have to thank Selvarani for the Photo Slide Show she had running  at
Beruwala, in the foyer,  just outside the dining room, on the day of the
Saturday Night Dinner Dance .
She was kind enough to send me a CD of this Slide Show , of previous RU’s
and some other photos .

Well my dear Sam, I think I have said ALL I want to say, and again,  let me
Wish You a Very Happy Birthday  today !

Deepthie- one of the S group mates- who is still in  The Dream  Catcher
Land of Class of 64 !


Birthday wishes to a supportive friend
Whose talents do not ever seem to end.
You established the wonderful web for the batch,
Which enables us to communicate with friends difficult to catch.
The trouble you have taken to ensure that wishes are there,
For all our friends on the web to share.
We fully appreciate all that you do,
And feel completely blessed to have a web master like you.
So we wish you lots of birthday fun.
To last until the day is done.
We hope and pray that wishes come true,
For some one who is a great friend like you.
Praxy and Ranjit

56 thoughts on “Birthday Salutation-Sam

  1. My dear Sam,

    Wish you a wonderful Birthday and a future loaded with happiness
    With Good health, Peace of mind and a contended long life, joyous
    On your big day I let you know my mate, you are a great boon to our batch
    An immense meritorious deed we must have done, to have you amongst us

    To keep our mates together You have given us the greatest gift
    As Praxy often says, ‘our own dedicated, hugely pleasurable Facebook’
    Not only the five years at the faculty, I had an extra bit of luck
    To be with you in Kurunegala, during our most memorable youth



  2. Happy Birthday – wishing you again my dear Spider Man !

    Many thanks for the Web Stats .– just goes to show, that there are sooo many viewing it , but, stay in the shadows so to speak .
    I hope everyone enjoys it as much as we The Class of 64 enjoys it .

    I see May had 6479 viewings and June had 6050.
    What was special about those two months I wonder .
    I do remember you indicating that Kumi’s Obituary ( june ) was viewed by many .

    What was going on in May I wonder .

    Anyway- this is great that so many are viewing it .
    Many Thanks and Have a Very Happy Day today, with Family and Friends in Sunny Florida !

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear 🦅 D
      Having had a look at Sam’s stats you wondered why May had the largest number of viewers. Look no further, my dear, that was because my birthday was in Thst month…ha ha just joking!!😉😉😉😉


    • Deepthie
      What a literary masterpiece, you have created to go with each picture, just for me. I enjoyed reading through all of it. Thank you very much for taking the time to do it. Your contributions to this blog is appreciated by all of us. You are the queen of the “S” group still shining through with plenty of neurons left. Thanks again for your support.


      • My dear Spider Man !
        Why wouldn’t I take the time of day to do something Special for your Special Day , when you have spent a lot of your time to start the Web Page and keep it going ??

        It was such a pleasure for me to go through the pics etc , think of something nice . funny, touching, meaningful to go with the pics .

        Queen of the S gp ?– Thanks for the complement !

        Marina thinks me and Paul and a few others were the row lot of the back row !!’
        I like that- not that I am not any better now , but I dont know about others in the S- Z gp .

        Why would I want to change, when Life is Short ??

        Have a Good Year My Dear Spider Man !


  3. Dear mates,
    Going on the clicks to adjudge the popularity
    No one can beat Nisantha, seven plus sixty
    Of course Praxy’s surgery too added soo many
    As long as chit-chat goes, Sam is a happy bunny


  4. Dear Sam,

    Iranthie & I wish you a very happy Birthday. I have sent you a gift , tied to a Pigeon, to fly North of us [ only about 150 miles due north ], Hope the pigeon will not die on route due to the weight, or decide to fly East as it is shorter. We would have “Crashed” at your home ,if date was known before, for Wine & Home cooked dinner [ so scrumptious!! ]. May be another day.

    You & Kathy are great folks & good company. Have a great day before you become 59+ years!!!, tomorrow.

    Love, from WIMAL & IRANTHIE.


  5. Hello Sam,

    Have a wonderful birthday any many great returns.

    I am reminded of the happy five years I had with you at Jeevaka.You played the base for our musical group! Those were the happiest times we had as a group.

    You are wonderful person and a true gentleman.Kudos to you for setting up the web site.So many nice friends are now in communication.

    Chandrika and Esiri wish you and family the very best in life


    • Thanks Esiri & Chandrika. Your remark about the “Base Play” made me laugh, because I almost forgot about that.
      Best regards


  6. Dear Sam
    I can still reminisce those happy Medical School days
    spending quality time in the company of friends like Tissa
    Sam, Paul Selvadurai, Satha and several others. Now in
    our 70s but still feeling young at heart ! As our web master,
    you are doing such a fantastic job, my friend.
    Have a wonderful birthday.
    Best wishes – Mahilal


  7. Dear Sam

    Wish you A Very Happy Birthday Sam . Only today when I went through the photographs Deepthi had posted I was. able to recognise you. I remember you as a very quiet and soft spoken person compared to Paul ,Deepthi and the others who were seated behind us on the last row during Physiology,biochemistry and Pharmacology lectures. Never knew that you were going to bring us all together by creating thisweb. Wonderful job!! Well done Sam. I enjoy the comments posted daily and learning all the different talents each one has apart from practicing medicine.Are you still working? Or retired.

    Good Luck with all your endeavours.



    • Marina
      Thank you for your comments. Yes it has been a long time since we missed each other during the last two RU’s. I am retired and having the best time enjoying 4 grand children and playing golf! Please keep in touch. Best of luck to you and your family.


      • Dear Sam,

        In your retirement not only you are having the best time in life

        You have created a product, giving us some thing very precious

        Reading through the interesting gossips in the ’64 batch website’

        Has wriggled into the position first, in my sedentary retired life!



    • Hey Marina !
      So, it seems, I was not that quiet convent girl, nor was Paul and others compared to that ‘soft spoken quiet ‘ one called Gunasiri Samarasinghe !
      We were the ‘row lot ‘ at the back seats of the Phys lect hall ,and Gunasiri was one of those goody goody quiet Jeevaka boys that got stuck with the noisy S gp !
      Those Were The Days !!!!


    • Dear Maithri

      Very Happy Birthday Wishes To You from Maha and myself.

      Dr.Loshani Beddage [ Retired Psychitrist from Northbay] and her husband Ratne Beddage are visiting us for a couple of days.

      This prompted us to go through our albums.As my scanner is not working I took photos of these by my camera and sending as attachment to Deepthie and requesting her to forward them to you.

      Two of them were taken at Rajes’s house and the other two were taken at a restaurant near Niagra Waterfalls.

      Kind regards



  8. I was just thinking , if not for this web site I would have missed your birthday completely. You and I knew each other long before Med School. Then we were in the same hostel Jeewaka for five glorious years.
    I take this opportunity to wish you many happy returns of the day. All the best today and years to come.
    Thanks again for setting this web site to keep all our batch mates together.



  9. Thank you Deepthie, for raising the issue,

    In favour of bringing forward, our batch RU

    To my knowledge None of us are ‘spring chickens’

    How does late October this year, sounds for you?

    We are in a stage of lives, today is just about the reality

    Tomorrow may be a luxury for physical and mental agility

    Even though breathing but memories may not be quite sound

    What could be the purpose of gathering for sake of being around?

    The proposal of the lady with two bionic knees and a sharp mind

    Seems right, for us to meet annually till the last few could stand

    See the closeness brought about by Sam’s creation, of our web!

    Fruition of his project be the opportunity, for us to meet and hug

    I am not a dreamer to expect that everyone will be free to gather

    Specially at short notice it would certainly be a task of high order

    It has been the practice in months of the hind quarter of the year

    Many to flock to Lanka, why not choose to meet on a basis regular?



    • Well said Ariya. I don’t know how long my bionic knees will last.Anyway I am happy to travel to Sri every October to meet and greet our friends.Definitely having the blog and reading all the comments has made me realise what a wonderful batch ours is😊. May I suggest that we decide on a particular weekend every Ocotber to meet in Sri Lanks and we circulate this to every one, so that those who intend to travel to Sri Lanka can plan to visit on that particular week end. Praxy


  10. Hi Sam
    Thanks for posting your photos on Facebook. Looks like you had a wonderful birthday best wishes for many more birthdays to come


  11. Dear Sam,
    Many happy returns to our indefatigable webmaster, and may you have contentment and happiness in the years ahead. We cannot forget your intervention to get a discounted rate for RU’64. Our best wishes to you and Kathy.
    Narme and Nirmali Wickremesinghe


  12. Dear Sam,

    Wishing you a very happy birthday and Many Happy Returns of the day.

    Sorry for the late wishes.I opened the emails only now was out most of the time during the week end.



  13. Dear Sam,
    Wishing you a very happy Birthday. With God’s blessing many more to come. I am sending this message from a coach – touring in SL with my in-laws


  14. Happy Birthday Sam,

    Thanks for creating the web , Class of 64. It gives lots of news of all our friends around the world and to be in touch with them. Great work.Well done Sam.

    Ranee Gunawardene, NSW Australia


  15. Dear Sam, Sorry for the belated Greetings. Hope you had a great birthday. Wish you many more.
    Hope we will have a game of golf again in Sri Lanka in the near future like we had after the RU.
    Thank you being the web master for RU64.
    Best regards
    Ana and Indira


    • Dear Simone, Where are you ? I miss your comments on photos on the blog . Praxy

      On Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 10:49 PM, News ,Views and More from the Class of 64 wrote:

      > painrxsam commented: “Thanks Ana. Feel free to visit Florida for a round > of golf! Sam” >


  16. happy bday sam and many more fun filled days in the future,you are lucky to have Kathy as your companion for all these years and encourage you in all you successful endeavours,.I do remember your wedding and Kathy and her family. she must deserve some credit for your computer skills and organization.thank you very much for all your effort .hope to meet again and best of regards to you and Kathy


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