Best Wishes to Maithri Muttathamby (Rasalingam)







Happy Birthday to you Maithri- on this very special day !
May you have a very Happy Day today, with your family and friends, and go
on to have many more Happy Days like this , in the years to come .

I do  remember so very well,  the times we were together at Holy Family
Convent,  ( where  you were that goody goody one and I was something else !!
) back in the  mid 50’s, in the so called ‘Science Class ” reserved for the
brighter sparks , even though we did not know that much English, but we had
the brains !!! .
And English- we learned to read and write ‘science ‘ as we went along,
because we had such good ‘science teachers ‘ to guide us .
Those were real good days to remember – when we were sooo young and never
realising how the future would unfold to us .

Then, we were in Med school , and we went our separate ways, and met after
45 yrs !!!
It seemed , we did not miss  a beat   and it was really, really nice
meeting up
with you after all those years .
The photographer captured that moment very well indeed — ‘convent girls ‘
now matured out to Septugenerians, without missing a beat !

Love the photos of us ‘ Kellas of the 60’s ” that I got someone to take pic
out of my camera – and I love that sweet , sweet gentle smile in your face,
with that  “aura of peace …  “
that I remember so very well, even after all those years .
I am happy that we met again, and I do hope we meet again , some day sooner
rather than later .

Again- let me wish you my dear old school friend from a long time ago-
Happy Birthday !

Your old friend- Deepthie .


A friendly ”hello” on your birthday,
And wishes for everything bright.
May be blessed with health wealth and happiness,
Morning noon and night.
Praxy and Ranjit

25 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Maithri Muttathamby (Rasalingam)”

  1. Dear Maithri,

    It is with great pleasure Thavam and myself send you greetings
    For a wonderful birthday, full of contentment, joy and happiness
    It was very nice meeting you in Beruwala, in an exciting setting
    We pray for your good health and a stress free, very long life

    Thavam and Ariya


  2. Happy birthday Maithri. I still recall fondly how rani,you and I used to study in your home for those medical school exams. Remember the astrologer who looked at our palms and said that our faces look towards the west.


  3. HI Piching and Maithri !
    Than Astrologer did say something really, really right – to think, that you three, and most of us for that matter, are now in the West .
    Which Rani is this – Rani -‘ simone ‘ from Visaka or Rani Kumaranayake from Castle Street Girls Schook ?
    who ever it is- we are all now in the Western World – for better or for worse .
    See you all again at the next RU- Perhaps Oct 2018 I hope .
    Deepthie .


    1. Hi Deepthi,

      You have got my married name wrong .Never mind . I never changed my name for professional purposes. As I needed my UK medical registration on which my Australian medical board registration was given. It was too complicated to change names in the western world , so I stuck to my original name I am Ranee Gunawardene for ever.


  4. Hello Maithri

    Here is wishing you a wonderful birthday and many great returns!

    It is always a great pleasure to give birthday wishes to a batch mate.

    Esiri Karunaratne from Washington DC.


  5. Hi Maithri

    Wish you A Very Happy Birthday. May you be blessed with good health and happiness. In the 2014 reunion picture which Deepthi had taken you look the same hardly any change. Though I have met you many atime lately we have not. Hope your daughters are doing well. Occasionally I hear from Raji but I gather she has moved away from you. Please keep in touch.
    With much love …Marina


  6. My dear friends i thank you all for all the best wishes flattering comments and the funny insights.
    With Gods grace I had an enjoyable day and all your wishes made it more enjoyable.My theme
    For this year is try to be mindful and to to be present and enjoy each moment..Any one can join and
    Will let you know next year how much I have progressed. I have tried in the past and only lasts few days.Thanks again Maithri


    1. Thank you my dear old school friend Maithri- for your words of wisdom .

      Time and Tides have not changed you at all .

      Marina is dead right- you have NOT changed at all !!
      You are the same sweet girl, that you were when we were just 16 yrs old, and I love the look of peace and serenity that seem to radiate out from on your lovely face .

      Today, I am going for a long walk in the Old Growth Forest, where the trees are over 200 yrs old, in the local provincial park, and I am going to take my flute into the forest and play for the ‘spirits of the woods ‘. and enjoy The Moment … and be Mindful of the Present .
      Perhaps the Old Trees of Life may tell me something ..

      Thanks my dear friend, I am happy to have you among us and I wish All Good Wishes for the next year, and the years to come .



  7. Many happy returns Maithri. Best wishes for happiness and contentment in the years ahead.
    Narme Wickremesinghe


  8. Dear Maithri

    Very Happy Birthday Wishes To You from Maha and myself.

    Dr.Loshani Beddage [ Retired Psychitrist from Northbay] and her husband Ratne Beddage are visiting us for a couple of days.

    This prompted us to go through our albums.As my scanner is not working I took photos of these by my camera and sending as attachment to Deepthie and requesting her to forward them to you.

    Two of them were taken at Rajes’s house in July 1990 and the other two were taken at a restaurant near Niagra Waterfalls in July 1990.

    Kind regards



  9. Happy Birthday Maithri , Enjoy your day. Nice to have met you at the reunion.
    Ranee Gunawardene , NSW , Australia


  10. Dear Maithrii, Belated birthday greetings! Hope you had a lovely day, and we wish you many more years of happiness and good health.

    Indira and Ana


  11. dear maithri many happy returns on your special day,have read with interest the many complements
    may you have many more happy and healthy years.


  12. Dear friends thanks again for all the birthday wishes.One of my friends recently stated life is a journey and we all have our own journey enjoy the ride.Maithri


  13. Dear Maitri,
    ‘Life is the journey’, Your friend is absolutely right
    Must use it well and enjoy remaining every minute
    If one awaits for a sunny day, it is a foolish thought
    A good part had slipped through, what’s left is short

    In most journeys one expect the destination to be jolly
    We know in the game, call ‘the life’ wait, would be a folly
    Never regret, do not keep hatreds calmly enjoy the ‘Gift’
    It is the Greatest gift for each one of us this journey of life


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