Best Wishes to Damayanthi Gunaratne (Wijedoru)







Happy Birthday To You Damayanthie !
I wish you all that is Best in Health and Happines on this Special Day –
your Birthday Day !
The photos I have posted- says it all — you never missed a singe RU – ’89
in UK, ’94 in Bentota , and 2014 in Beruwala.
We – the Class of 64- are fortunate to have you among us – your generous
heart, charming personality and your ever sweet smile .

I will never forget the day you rang the door bell at my home in
Mississauga , I open the door and there you were !!!! one Sunday morning ,
some 25 or more yrs ago , when you and your late husband was doing a trip in
Both of you spent the night at Niagara Falls, and then got a map, found my
place and just drove right on to the driveway !!
Back then, we had no GPS, no Cell phones etc just a road map and lots of
luck and guts !

I am just waiting for the day, when you will do the same thing again sooner
rather than later .
But, now we have GPS and Cell phones and Internet !!!

I remember the good times we had together at Med school, while in S L as
young interns, and for the short time we were in SL after that , and even
after we had left SL and went our separate ways , living half a world away
from each other , you still remembered me and wrote to me, from where ever
you were living and we would exchange photos of our kids etc !
Those were great days Damyanathie … and I will never forget them …

I know you are not much of an internet person- but try to keep in touch,
even occasionally, via the Web that Sam has started for us to stay together

Anyway- let me wish you ALL Good wishes for this Birthday and those to
come in the years ahead .
Your good friend for all time !!

– Deepthie

Damayanthi your birthday is here
It is a pleasure to wish you happy birthday dear..
May you be blessed with health wealth and prosperity,
With many more years and longevity.
Praxy and Ranjit



19 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Damayanthi Gunaratne (Wijedoru)

  1. Dear Damayanthie, as your name aptly suggests

    Your are a brilliant diamond of our 64 entry batch,

    A valiant trooper, a blessing to have you amongst us

    Wish you good health, and a very long life of happiness


  2. Dear Damayanthi,
    Wish you a very happy birthday. It is also an occasion for me to thank you for all the kindness and the generous support you gave me during what was the most difficult year in my life.
    With lots of love and good wishes for a long and healthy life,
    Theruwan saranai,


  3. My dear Damayanthi
    Wishing you a very happy year.Wish you good health and happiness.Be your cheerful self as you
    Are.It has been my happiness being with you and spending time with you.loving Maithri


  4. Dear Damayanthi,

    Wishing you a very happy birthday for the 21st of July. This message was only received by me today. Anyway we have been friends for 50 years and has done many holidaya and a African safari together . I have spoken to you on your birthday so I did not forget you .How can I forget you with such a long friendship with you and your family.

    With Love,
    Ranee Gunawardene, NSW Australia


  5. Dear Damayanthi
    I am sorry I missed the date of your birthday. Please accept my belated birthday wishes. I hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration with your family and friends. We had an interesting time with some of our batch mates when I was in Sri Lanka during early part of this year.Hope to see you again at the next batch reunion.


  6. Message from Damayanthi

    My dear friends,
    I thank you most sincerely for all those loving wishes sent on my birthday.

    Sam, Selva, Deepthi, Ariya , Praxia / Ranjth, CJ , Abey / Mala, Simone, Piching / Nishantha, Maithri , Ranee , Indragee, Shanthi, Ranjani ,Raja Balendra,Swarna , Seelan ,Paul , Sathanandan thank you once again for taking time & writing those special words which cheered me up.

    Will the next 64′ batch reunion will be in October? (I’ll be away from mid Nov till mid Jan 2018)
    let us get together & and make it happen.

    Please apologize for my late response.




  7. HI My Dear Damayanthie !
    It was just great to hear back from you, as I thought you fell off the planet !
    yes- we will most likely have another RU- Oct 2018– seems like a good time to have another RU- 64 !
    Blessings to you- how can I ever forget you !!!
    loving pal- Deepthie .


  8. Damayanthie, Dear.

    Wish you a very happy birthday & many more great ones to follow, over years. Remembering the great Med School days, where we had good times, crazy activities, violent studies & painful lectures ; together, Cos G & F , were not that apart. One secret I want from you; How do you keep yourself looking SO SO YOUNG!!. You do not look too different from days of 1964- 1969 !!.

    Have a great life. WIMAL FERNANDO. [ L.W.S.]


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