Loving message to Praxy from Sreetharan

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Dear Praxy
I sent via WhatsApp my photos with :
1.The 92 year old genlleman [Dr.Madan Bali who came from Montreal,Canada]  who took one and a half hour Yoga class on 09.07.17.
2,This almost 99 years young lady [ 2012 Guiness World Records holder as the “Oldest Yoga Teacher”].After 3 hip replacements she had recovered. She also conducted the classes for one and a half hours on 08.07.17.
Both my knees are moderately affected .Two members of my family had knee replacements.I told my Consultant that if I also have to go for Knee Replacement that I would prefer to be in the other world.He straight away printed out some medical evidence that if I could maintain the strength of muscles around both my knees I can avoid knee replacement and enjoy my 7 days a week Yoga Classes Attendances.
This 99 year young lady’s advice at the end of the class on 08.07 17 in Beale Park,Near Reading  by the side of River Thames at The World Yoga Festival there [ 1200 people from U.K,Europe,USA,Canada and India were there] was :
We have what is called Chair Yoga.If you are inclined in that direction I am sure during your recovery period you can do research and benefit by it.The Endorphin level will increase and you may come out of your analgesics also.
A young school boy known to me ,here , when he had a major surgery and recovering took up medical subjects and was helping with research and getting prizes.
If you find Chair Yoga interesting  I pray to The Almighty for him to Bless You With All The Strength so that your knowledge and skill could be of benevolence to our group and also to the entire world population.
Maha knew my situation in 1979 when I had my left Patella Dislocation,cofined to bed for 3 months and managed to work at Kingston Hospital travelling from Virginia Water taking two trains and a bus with crutches all the way.Maha is praying for your quick recovery.When Dr,Sat was alive we all met at The Angodians get together I think.Is my recollection right?
I hope this video will inspire you and many of our friends.
Kind regards

NB : Would Gunasri kindly forward this to all as I find it very difficult to copy and paste all the e mail addresses.

3 thoughts on “Loving message to Praxy from Sreetharan

  1. Thanks a lot Sree for your very informative notes on Yoga , and your wishes for Praxy .
    I have seen the video of this 92 yr old- truly a wonderful woman, and quite the role model of us who are 20 yrs younger than her .
    Thanks to Sam- for the Web- so we can all share this kind of good news, that helps our well being .
    Anything that helps us to put one foot in front of the other is well taken .

    I visited Rajes a few days ago- and she is doing well- family visiting her from Aus , and we talked about both of you and days gone by !

    See you and Maha at the next RU !!


  2. Very inspiring video. I have seen a video of her dancing , but not the Yoga video. To be that flexible at age 98 is amazing.

    Thanks for sharing the video Sree and thanks Sam for putting it in our web site.



  3. I want to try this, but my joints are already stiff ! May need oil & grease service first. I like the idea of living to 100


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