Best Wishes to Kumar (NK) Fernando





Happy Birthday to you Kumar, on this Special Day !
May you have Good Health and Happiness in the years to come and may you
enjoy many more Happy Birthday Days as the years go by .

It was so nice to see you and Priyani at the RU 64 in Beruwala .
The pity was that it was sooo short- I wish we had just one more day !

I have heard so much about all the good work you are doing in Srilanka and
I must say, Srilanka is lucky to have someone like you, who is ever ready
and willing to give your time and expertise to who ever that needs it .

The Class of 64 is proud to count you as one of us .

Have a Very Happy Birthday and enjoy this day with family and friends .

Deepthie .


Dear NK with it being  your birthday today
 I am sure you are having a joyful day.
So Ranjit and I wish you the very best,
For the coming year and all the rest.
Praxy and Ranjit
My Dear Kumar,

This card comes to you with love and admiration
All the way from the ‘Green Pleasant Land, London,
To wish you a fantastic birthday ,full of joy and fun
For being a rare, noble friend with a heart golden
Your empathy, care and mannerism for the souls ailing
Has already made you a living legend, a true Christian
Ideally suited gentleman for the chosen field, healing
To lessen suffering, with qualities of a caring brethrenIt has been our good fortune to have you among our midst
As you have enriched many of us,  with qualities excellent
May you have good health, peace of mind and a life joyous
And Strength to continue the selfless deeds, truly virtuous

Best wishes

Wish you a wonderful birthday Kumar, my occasional health consultant during many visits to SriLanka. Best wishes for good health and happiness in years to come.

21 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Kumar (NK) Fernando”

  1. Dear N.K.,

    Happy Birthday to you. It must be nice to be 59 years of age!!. We recall those “Golden Days ” in New York & New Jersey, when we visited you , Priyani ,Shanika & Rukshan , in my “Red Charriot” [ The way you identified my red Cutlass ], Birthday parties we visited each other.

    Iranthie joins me in wishing you the best, May Our mighty God Bless you, keep you in good health, & Shed light on your path & use His powers to protect you & guide you in life.



  2. Dear, N K,
    Many Happy Returns . Thank you & family for the generous service to Sri Lankans in need.


  3. Dear N K
    These wishes come to you from Maharagama in Srilanka .Very Happy Birthday to you!. Hope you enjoy your birthday.


  4. Happy birthday NK. I am happy that you are in Srilanka and practicing medicine. Srilanka needs more physicians like you.


    1. Dear Kumo,
      Happy birthday to one of the finest human beings I have ever met. You made a mark in N.J and then in Sri lanka. You give the best possible care to your patients, whether they are rich or poor.We always cherish our friendship over the years.
      Wishing you the very best
      Asoka and Arun


    2. Happy birthday Kumo,
      You are one of the finest human beings I have ever met. You made a mark in N.J and then in Srilanka.The best possible care is given to patients whether its rich or poor.We cherish our friendship over the years.
      The very best
      Asoka and Arun


  5. Belated best wishes and prayers to Kumar my friend and doctor for contentment and happiness in the years ahead. Every birthday now is a gift from God. You gave me strength at a time of grave illness and the gift of Yancey’s book which I will never forget.
    God bless you and Priyani.
    Nirmali and Narme


  6. Dear NK,

    Many happy returns of the day .Wishing you all the very best for today and days ahead. Enjoy your day.

    Ranee Gunawardene, NSW Australia.


  7. WISHING YOU A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY KUMAR.Wishing you a happy healthy year
    filled with God’s grace.With best regards Maithri


  8. Hi NK, Wish you a very happy birthday and many happy returns of the day. Imagine contacting you after nearly 50 years! Hope all is well with you and your family. God Bless.


  9. Hello Kumar,

    This is wishing you a wonderful birthday.You are one of the nicest people I have come across.

    Many more happy returns!

    Esiri Karunaratne


  10. Happy Birthday NK. Wishing you many more happy ones. Thank you for taking care of Yogamany when she was in SL. I think you are the kind of physician all of us should emulate. Nice meeting you and Priyani at the RU.


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