9 thoughts on “Batch64- Photo Memories”

  1. Yes, How I do remember this !!

    I still drool, when I think of it , as some girls in the Girls Common Room used to get their lunch this way , and I think, Damayanthie was one of them .

    Being one from the Girls Hostel- I would just look and drool at this ‘ Made with love by Amma ” meals !

    If I remember right, some years back, there was an article in the Nat Geo on this amazing feat of accuracy – not one plate got missed, or mixed up , and most of the Bath Karya’s did not even know how to read in Sinhala, let alone English- yet they go through these motions with such accuracy, it boggles my MD brain !!

    Sam- this is homework for the Web Master- to do a google search on this article !
    By the way- I wonder, if this is still done this way ???.
    Thanks Web master- for this lovely trigger on the memory card !
    eagledeepthie .


  2. Dear 🦅 Deepthie
    This is your symbol for the eagle and I will be using this whenI write to you or about you. Well I enjoy your input to the blog and the photos you put there.
    Yes any day is good for a phone chat as I am at home all the time now . Praxy


    1. Thanks Praxy – I LOVE my New Image and it is niice- how you have been able to do this.
      I will try to do my best for the Class Blog .- thanks to the Spider Man !

      eagledeepthie .


  3. I remember the place quite well. However our lunch was delivered to the college Cafeteria by the Jeewaka hostel staff. We had it made. Not Amma’s cooking but it still tasted good.

    Praxy hope you are recuperating well with minimum pain and discomfort.



    1. Yes Nisanths I am home now and in a lot of pain which I expected. Still unable to left the leg up from the bed but hopefully in a day or two should be able to do so . Physio is very difficult and painful but plodding along. Thanks . Praxy


      1. I do take Codeine and Paracetamol but they wear off after a couple of hours. It is one week today since the op so hopefully things will improve. Cheers. Praxy


  4. Hi Praxy

    It’s early days but keep up with the physio after six weeks you will see a remarkable difference. While it’s still summer go for walks Whenever you can . It speeds up recovery. Plenty of ice packs at regular intervals with some oromorp at night will help.
    Thinking of you.


    1. Thanks Marina for your advice.Yes it is only 10 days today since I had the op so hopefully should improve.Since it is painful I walk only inside the house with crutches and will try to put ice packs more often. Thanks for your advice it really helps .


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