Floral extravaganza- Ariya


Splitting colours of a beam of pure white sun ray
Beautify differently each petal in nature’s own way
Floral extravaganza brightening the Summer scene
How nature works, no human could fathom nor see
Sort out each exactly from a mixture VIBGYOR
Apply carefully like workings of a great maestro
There are no gaps, smudges or missed places
Each petal is uniformly and accurately painted
No paint brushes, spilt paints and uniformity is amazing
Even if one sits by the side and watch no painter seeing
Like by magic when folded petals open, job is well done
Dear friends please let me know who is doing the drawing?
One more question is bothering me swiftly  like an answer
Happenings around us so marvellous who or what is nature
Shouldn’t there be a model, raw materials & a good teacher mail

9 thoughts on “Floral extravaganza- Ariya

  1. Thanks Indragee and Seelan for appreciating Thavam’s garden
    To see and admire both of yours gardens we had the good fortune
    No doubt beautiful flowers do represent Nature’s highest creation
    Thavamani is over the moon, having read both of your evaluation

    Ariya and Thavamani


    • Thanks Nisantha for your appreciation
      Of my poetry and Thavam’s flower garden
      Our batch too is full of intellectual blooms
      You are an example with brightest thoughts


  2. HI my dear Ariya and Thavamani !
    I am a bit late in my response due to unavoidable reasons, but, I am glad to be ‘back on track ‘ !

    What a lovely garden – a true English Garden in every way .
    Big Congrats to Thavamani – who I believe is the REAL gardener over there !

    Ariya- your poetry- I really, really enjoy reading — truly complements every flower in the garden .
    I remember the lovely set of verses you wrote to me, on my garden, about an year ago, and I have printed it out, in all the rainbow colors that you used in your poem.
    I carry this little treasure with me, every time I go to Arizona for the winter, and I read it- and it ” take me home, country road , to where I belong …. ‘ as this lovely song goes .

    I am amazed at the variety of flora all blooming at the same time over there, where as in my place along Lake Huron, where the temps are colder, this variety is not see even as yet .
    However, in ‘ town ‘ ( Penetanguishene ) a mere distance of 20 km south along the same road as I live- I cannot imagine what I see- much like what I see in your garden .
    The temp is about 5-7 deg lower at my place, so the flower come to bloom later, but, I seem to have the longest blooming period .

    The flowers – like my self- are late bloomers !!

    Right now, my place is like a real rain forest- after all the rain we have had .– almost tropical as some people would say, with big Cannas and Habarala plants in pots on the verendah !!

    Thanks my dear Ariya, for the wonderful soul touching way you touch Mother Natures Bounty .
    eagledeepthie .


    • My dear Deepthie,

      Thank you for the beautiful words and encouragements
      I write a lot no doubt, but are more verbose no delicacy
      Your descriptive powers of nature like relating a story
      My dear friend you are the blessed one with talents literary

      How you praise me as a poet, while you do write real poetry
      The descriptive elegance and richness of beautiful vocabulary
      Reflected in every word and phrase with awesome sincerity
      You are the gifted artist with narrative skills mine is just mimicry



  3. Thanks Swarna, for your encouraging words
    It gives this struggling lad needs such boosts
    You’re absolutely right I have no green fingers
    Thavamani’s work my photography and words



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