Best Wishes to I.C.M. Fernando







Happy Birthday to you Cletus- on this 7th Day of July—– ” julie hatha’
seems to be a powerful day it seems in SL for some reason, as an old saying
goes .

So, you have ALL the Power , being born on this day !

Have a very   Happy Birthday today, with family and friends and may you
have many more Happy Birthday Days in the years ahead .

It was a pity that you could not make it to the RU 64- perhaps see you at
the next RU .
This Sunset Over Beruwala- I took this photo- as a reminder of the Sunsets
over 50 yrs of our Celebration of RU 64, .

I wish you  many more  Sun Rises and Sun Sets  , to Celebrate Many More
Happy Birthday Days !

Deepthie .



My dear Cletus,

It gives me great pleasure
to send my sincere greetings
Wishing the most wonderful Birthday
To a fantastic batch mate and a friend

We not only spent five lovely years
Learning and enjoying at medical school
Had a fabulous memorable time
at our spiritual home at Bloemfontein, the great

Still remember on the occasions we were allowed
Free access at St Josephs famous swimming pool
Where you became a great swimmer
And a high class water polo player
May you have peace, contentment and good health
And with your beautiful wife, a very long contended life.

Ariya De Silva


Though we did not meet you at the RU
It is good to wish a friend like you
May health wealth and happiness be on your way
To make you day happy and bright we pray.
Praxy and Ranjit

13 thoughts on “Best Wishes to I.C.M. Fernando

  1. Dear Cletus, the quiet achiever from Bloemfontein,
    We wish you a very happy Birthday.
    Your always smiling baby face is unforgettable.
    Hope to see you again at the possible Bloem reunion
    Seelan & Jean


  2. Happy Birthday, Cletus. May you be showered with blessings of happiness and contentment for many more years.
    God bless,


  3. Dear Cletus,

    Wish you a Happy Birthday & Many Happy Returns of the Day & Many more to follow.
    Missed you at the RU 64.Hope you will be there next time.



  4. Thank you very much to all of you for the kind birthday wishes. I am humbled and honored that you remember me even after almost 50 years. God Bless you all.
    Cletus (ICM).


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