Batch Reunion- 2018 ,Survey





Dear Batchmates,
Lately I have been  receiving some serious enquiries about  the possibility of organizing another RU, without having to wait for another 20 years. October 2018 in SriLanka  has been suggested. I thought the best approach would be to have you all respond to the questionnaire  below, to see if there is sufficient interest before we proceed any further. It will only take few minutes of your time. Make sure you click “Submit ” after completing the survey.
Please use the “leave a reply” section also for additional input.
Thank you for your participation,
Gunasiri “Sam” Samarasinghe
Web Master




16 thoughts on “Batch Reunion- 2018 ,Survey”

  1. 2018 is fine. location any where in Srilanka except Colombo.THree days in one place in the east. How about Batticlow ?


  2. I filled the form and submitted .hope it came thru. as I’m not so good 28th such.can suggest Kandy as a venue.anyway I agree with the majority.but definitely SL please


  3. I filled the form and submitted .hope it came thru. as I’m not so good 28th such.can suggest Kandy as a venue.anyway I agree with the majority.but definitely SL please


  4. Dear Sam,
    We must definitely have a Re Union next year. I think most will prefer Sri Lanka as this is their country of birth. I think the sooner we start planning the better it would be. Since it is too much to ask the SL crowd to organise it, as they did a wonderful but tiring job, once we know the venue , each one of us can book the hotel on our own.
    I think last time after you gave the contact, I spoke to Shehan at Eden and,managed to negotiate a discounted rate. After this Ranjit A took over and went and saw the hotel and met him . But now that we know the hotel is good why don’t we decide on it as the venue. I am sure every one was satisfied with the standards of the hotel and the food.
    We have to keep it simple, no souvenirs, no academic sessions no visits to the faculty but just a nice ‘Get together’ as these are the things that take time and effort. As Ariya mentioned we can ask Faizal and Esiri to provide the music and we can get a small bans also.
    Well these are my two pence worth of thoughts. Praxy


  5. Venue for the Next Reunion

    With much pomp and ceremony, in Beruwala we were escorted
    Three full jovial days, during the stay as Royals, we were treated
    Beautiful scenery, immaculate hospitality and marvellous food,
    Eden Resort and Spa,for our next RU too, deserves my vote

    I am afraid to consider Colombo, these days full of Dengue
    Kandy is the second choice, beautiful scenery and climate
    Pasikuda beach why not, I will put as third choice, no doubt
    Wherever my chums gather is heaven for me,
    Hence count me in with a proviso, health permitting

    Considering overcrowding of departure lounge
    Just to put a spanner in the works,
    Without sounding morbid too much,
    A question, let me humbly ask,
    Instead of next, what about October this year?



  6. Ariya – I understand your enthusiasm , but this October is too soon as people including Piching and I have prior commitments. I think October 2018 will be fine.
    My choice is SriLanka and Beruwela will be fine with us. Kandy is also a nice venue to have a reunion.
    Let the majority decision be the Venue.



    1. Dear Nisantha,
      The appeal to bring forward is based not merely on enthusiasm
      It is to do with reality based on vulnerability of ‘Human organism’
      Completely understand if many have unavoidable commitments
      Let’s await to see the response to Sam’s post and take decisions


  7. Although I opted for a RU next year ,I can understand Ariya’s vision for RU this year. At the rate our friends havevd departed this year, waiting for another 15 months might be too long a wait.Having read his poem I feel a RU this might be good but I am quite happy to go with the majority.💃🏼🕺🏽Praxy


  8. Dear All
    If the majority likes Eden its fine by me too. October 2017 is too early for me .I too have other commitments.I am in Srilanka till October this year but have to get back to UK at the end of September. Sorry Ariya.


  9. Having read various comments I suggest we have one in October this year and one next year and one the year after too. Then we can have one annually. May be those who can visit SL this year can get together in October and then next year too we can meet up.Praxy


  10. Dear Ariya,
    You are the man for new ideas. I would ask you to put your thinking hat again. If there is an overwhelming request for RU 64 soon, what do we do about the Bloem RU – timing wise ?


  11. Dear Seelan,
    For those who come for RU from abroad like us
    Would plan to stay in SL at least a couple of weeks
    No dates are fixed for Bloem RU and would try to accommodate
    For both reunions to hold close dates as few of us are Blomites too

    I very much approve Praxy’s proposal
    As among mates of class ’64 there is LOL
    If a reasonable number would show their will
    Have no objection to making reunions Annual



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