4 thoughts on “Batch 64 Entertainment-Narme

  1. wow- that was great – the old song with a new twist !’
    I wonder what Sunil Shanta has to say about his great old time top song, that we all sang as kids in KG !!!
    Love it – and it took me back ‘to the bus ‘ on the way to Beruwala from Colombo, when Esiri sang it and we all joined in .
    So, this this brings to my mind the next BIG Q– when is Esiri going to sing it ,for all of us , in the Island in The Sun , again in a bus / dance floor stage ?,.

    Keep singing, keep thinking !!!

    Olu male suda nala …. will be singing it for the rest of the day!’

    Thanks Narme for that lovely old memory.

    eagledeepthie .


  2. It is amazing how a song can be sung with slight variations and still come out sounding great. A very good rendition.

    Thanks Narme.



  3. That was a lovely song from the golden oldies era. The wonderful thing is even with a slight twist we can still enjoy it.Praxy


  4. Beg to disagree, my mates, it is a great tragedy

    No match to the old version as this is a malady

    As Deepthie said, in Esiri’s voice our familiar tune

    Give us any day, we will be dancing in the heaven



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