Best Wishes to Sangarapillai Asokan !!





Happy Birthday to you Asokan , today 28th June .
It was great meeting up with you at the Beruwala Ru .

This walk on the beach we did that sunny morning- I can still smell  that
warm salty air and feel that tropical  sun on my head , with such nostalgia

If I  remember right- we did meet here either at Raje’s place, or at
Indira/ Ana’ daughter’s place some 16  yrs ago- when Indira and  Ana had
their first grandchild , and most of the A group met there , along with
Selvarani , my self and Rajes .

Anyway- the Beruwala RU was great
Thanks to  the  Web page by Sam and Ariya’s brain working over time on ‘what
to do next ‘. we have this great Birthday Salutation to keep in touch .

Have a Happy Birthday today, and many more Happy Days in the Years Ahead .


Dear Asokan today is a day to be happy
And smile the whole way through
Blow out all your candles
And we wish that all your wishes come true.
Praxy and Ranjit


Many happy returns of the day Asokan!

I hope you are shooting your age by now. Missed golfing with you this year. Let me know when you ready to get away from winter weather again.



23 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Sangarapillai Asokan !!

  1. Dear Asokan,
    After making you, I bet,
    God must have been very pleased
    And given the model, a long rest

    A handsome bloke
    With looks of gladiators’ Greek
    Immensely intelligent
    Sporty, dexterous and polite

    A popular mate in the batch
    Clever and industrious
    To enjoy the big day with children and wife
    Wish you a birthday magnificent & fabulous

    To continue the commiment & service
    You provide, to the less fortunate
    Wish Almighty will give you strength
    Excellent health and a very long life



  2. Hi Asokan wishing you a very happy birthday and god’s grace.Congratultions for all the service
    you undertake.Wishing you health wealth and happiness in this life journey. Maithri


  3. Dear Asokan,
    Many happy returns of the day & we wish you many more to come. Do you count the candles on the cake? Just 7 will do. Jean joins me in wishing you the best.


  4. Dear Aso,

    Happy Birthday to you. It has been a pleasure knowing you & we are happy with your achievements in life. We have had constant contacts with your family, your parents Brothers & sisters. All of them are true examples of great parenthood of Mr & Mrs Sangarapillai, both of whom we adored. Thank you for SEVERAL personal favors you did for us, & always nice to see you at our home.



    • Just a question- what is the difference between aged wine and aged cheese ??.

      Iam a godaya lanka kella that never had wine or cheese in my years as one of the class of 64- so, I have no idea of these things !!

      so- teach me please the difference !!
      anyway- Happy Birthday Asokan ,
      eagledeepthie .


  5. Dear Asokan, Our very best wishes on your birthday, and wishing you many more.


    Ana and Indira

    PS. Time to switch to the forward tees (red tees). I have just done it.


  6. How wonderful to see so many taking part in Birthday salutations project, and especially to see Ranjit Almeida taking part after ( I presume ) a long silence. Well done Ariya! you have got the batch mates closer than ever after our wonderful RU. Praxy


    • Praxy,
      You are absolutely right it is a delight to see
      Many mates joining with willingness and glee
      Our batch really Deserves to call, ‘The Best’
      Pleasing to see a plan gives the right result

      Credit of keeping RU64 batch mates together
      Should fairly and squarely go to the web master
      His foresight, tenacity and the commitment, dear
      Given opportunity to relive our golden ‘five’ year

      Idea is only an idea till it is put into action
      Deepthie and yourself deserve the adulation
      For been supportive and the ‘Guiding angels’
      An egg needs to be hatched to give a new bird



  7. Dear Asokan,

    From a fellow radiologist, here is wishing you a wonderful birthday and many more happy returns.



  8. Dear Asokan,
    Many happy returns of the day and best wishes for Good health and contentment.
    Every birthday now is a gift from God. It was good to meet you last year in Colombo.
    Narme and Nirmali Wickremesinghe


  9. Dear Asokan,

    Wishing you a happy birthday. Enjoy the day with your family and friend staying close to your residence. – Indragee Amarasinghe.


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