Kumudini (Alahakone) De Silva



Kumudini “Kumi” DeSilva, M.D. Peacefully passed away on Wednesday June 21, 2017, age 73, of Gibsonia. Born and raised in Sri Lanka September 14, 1943 to Abraham and Sylvia Alahakoon, with her brothers Ranjith Alahakoon and Sunil Alahakoon, M.D. After completing her doctorate of medicine, she immigrated to the United States with her beloved husband Siri DeSilva, M.D. Loving mother of Thushan (Danusha) DeSilva, M.D., Ranil (Maricel) DeSilva, M.D., Dilini (Ruwan) Karunaratne. Loving grandmother to Juliana, Keilani, Trevyn, Nayana, Gabriela, and Nyali. Dr Kumi served the community of Northview Heights clinic. Services will be held on Friday June 23, 2017 at 2:00 PM in Sperling Funeral Home 700 Blazier Drive Wexford, PA 15090, visitation till 4:30pm. Cremation will be private. Sperling Funeral Home, Inc. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to the Pittsburgh Buddhist Center 111 Route 908, Natrona Heights, PA 15065 or Light of Life Ministries -Northside http://www.lightoflife.org


Kumi  My  Dear,

You have left us in this world, but you are now in a better place in an
Eternal Garden of Flowers ….. May  You Rest in Peace ….
You will be lovingly remembered and sadly  missed by the entire Class of
Your beauty , charm  , your particular sense of humour ( !!! ) and your
lovely gentle personality – will be with us for always .
Your courage in the face of adversity- your strong will power and  brave
survival attitude towards your health issues is what teaches all of  us a
lesson at this stage in our lives .

When  Kumi / Siri and daughter  visited my old cottage back in the summer
of ’98-  Kumi  told me ” Aney deepthie- mage pinturayak ganna oyage mal ekka
‘ !!! and you look  just gorgeous in this- better than the flowers that are
around you …

She was soooo happy to  be with Rajes and my self, and we had such a
wonderful weekend together .

I remember like y’day- the time we used to meet in Piitsburgh- for the New
Year Celebrations in April- that Picing- Nisantha  and others used to
organize, and there were times when we would be spending the weekend with
Kumi/ Siri , Piching / Nisantha  homes

Those were the days when border crossing was a fun thing to do , and  we
did this many, many times in the past .
We all had such good times back then, and I am sooo glad that I had the
opportunity to enjoy these moments back in the day at Pittsburgh .
I must say a special Thank You to Piching and Nisantha for giving me the
chance to participate in the New Year events , for it is beautiful  memories
like these, that makes life worth while, in the twilight years of our lives

Kumi- May You Rest in Peace in the Eternal Garden of Flowers ..

Your good friend- Deepthie .


My dear Siri and Family ,

Please accept my Deepest Sympathies on the passing of  Kumi…

It was such a joy to be around both of you , the very many times  in
your home, and again when both of your visited my place back in 1998 .
I love this photo of you Meditating on The Rocks — that I took of you
behind my home on Georgian Bay .

In this moment of grief , try to find Joy, Peace and Harmony through
the wonderful memories you and your family have had with lovely Kumi ,
over the long years she was with you all , as a loving wife, loving
mother and grandmother .
She was not only All of the Above, but also a  Wonderful Friend to all
of you .

Blessings to you and your family- Deepthie .

22 thoughts on “Kumudini (Alahakone) De Silva”

  1. The deepest sorrow felt by everyone of us
    Well expressed by Deepthie depth of our Loss
    Kumidini was a great lady with a heart of gold
    May she achieve peace through Nibbana bliss


  2. Message from Maithri
    Dear Gunasiri
    thanks.I read about the sad news.Please convey my deepest sympathy to her husband and family.thanks with kind regards .Maithri Rasalingam(Muttuthamby).


  3. Message from Piching

    Nice pictures Deepthie. You have echoed our sentiments beautifully with regards to Kumi. We will miss her and treasure the memories we have made with her.we allso miss your trips to Pittsburgh. Come and see us anytime, there will always be a bed and fresh homemade bread waiting for you.


    1. Thanks my dear Piching/ Nisantha for the invitation to come to Pitts , and eat fresh homemade bread !!! oh those were the days !!
      I am ok driving long distances within Canada, but border crossing makes me a bit nervous .
      So, you both will have to make a trip here to meet up with Rajes and my self !

      Deepthie .


  4. It is with great sadness we received the news – Loss of an honourable & humble person.
    Our deepest sympathies to Kumudini’s family.
    Seelan & Jean ( Sydney)


  5. Comment from Rajes

    Hi Deepthi’

    Thank you for sharing those photos. Yes i remember very vividly, her visit to your place. She was such a beautiful woman and such a pleasant person. i always remember her smile and have never seen her angry. It is so nice to know that all her batch mates remembering her. Once again thank you for sharing.



  6. It is with great sadness I heard the passing of Kumi even though I knew she was ailing for a while. I distinctly remember meeting Kumudini, then Alahakone, on our first day of medical college in 1964. We were assigned “signature groups” in alphabetic order. We were both in the same group thru whole of med school. We survived the trials and tribulations of medical college. In addition we were assigned to be “Body partners” for cadaver dissection. She was elegant, a great colleague and moral supporter . She was at the brunt of many practical jokes including lifting her small car and placing it on culvert over a drain in front of the anatomy block. The car could not be moved forward or back! She took it in stride and charmed the guys into putting the car back on the road!

    Eventually we graduated and we went our separate ways. I met her once when her family visited Chicago. I remember her husband Siri got a kick out of introducing me to their children “This your mother’s “body Partner” . In 2010 I had the pleasure of meeting Kumi and Siri at the Melbourne Reunion. It was a very happy time.

    in 2014 I spoke to her by phone to get her permission to submit an article “One way conversation with a cadaver” for the 50th class reunion Souvenir as I had mentioned her by name. As a “good sport” she always was, said ” It is a great article, serious and hilarious. I am honored to be part of it. You have my unrestricted permission”. Also for the RU to get biodata and recent photo of her, I had multiple conversation. Sadly, that was the last time i spoke to my “Body Partner” . May her soul rest in peace. May her voyage beyond be glorious.

    We also express our deepest Sympathies to Siri and the rest of her family.

    dharma and yogamny


  7. I just realized I misspelled Kumi’s maiden name, Should be Alahakoon. My apologies to the family


  8. It is sad to hear about the passing away of Kumi.According to what we believe as Catholics she is in a better place away from the suffering. Our deepest sympathies go out to Siri. Praxy and Ranjit


  9. HI Dharma,’
    Thank you very much for the lovely note on Kumi as your ‘ body partner ‘ !
    it was sure a ‘trip back in time ‘ to read through your memories of Kumi .
    I think, she is ” up there ‘ looking down at us and still laughing away- the good sport that she is !!!

    Yes, I do remember her little car,as we girls always had good rides about town in that- no seat belts back then .
    She used to tell me later on , on the many times I met her , when I asked her , how on earth she ever put up with Raniith Almeida sitting next to her – she laughed, rolled her big beautiful eyes and said ‘ Oh my god deepthie- he will be muttering to him self, and telling me all kinds of jokes, right in the middle of lectures at the phys lect theater’ !!
    Yes- she was a great sport for sure , always ready for a good laugh , and I really, really enjoyed her company , back at med school, and later on the many times we met after we moved to America /Canada .

    We – the Class of 64 lost a very good friend …
    May you Rest in Peace My dear in the Eternal Garden of Flowers …

    deepthie .


  10. Its with deep sadness I heard about the demise of Kumi. She was a close friend of mine and she was the person seated next to me in the 5 years of medical school sitting in alphabetical order. I know how well Siri looked after her during her CVS problems, eternal rest grant unto her oh Lord and may his perpetual light shine upon her, may she rest in peace.

    Ranjit and Roshani Almeida


  11. Siri it is with great sadness I write this note ,to give my deepest heartfelt sympathies to you and family . My sisters Mallika, Surangani , Jayanthi & Anoma are joining me in sending their deepest sympathies to you, Sunil and Ranjith. May she rest in peace.


  12. Kumudini’s passing away is very sad. She was a pleasant person and we were together throughout our medical school days. Please convey my deepest sympathies to the family. She is at peace.
    Narme Wickremesinghe


  13. Sorry to hear that Kumudhini has passed away.May her soul rest in peace.
    Please convey our deepest sympathies to Kumudini’s family.


  14. Please convey our condolences to kumudini’s family. Thank you both for letting us know this
    Thangaroopan& Puvana


  15. Dear Siri, just learned that your dear wife Kumudini passed away last June. So sorry to hear this news and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family –

    Kind regards.
    Rosie Heyn (Bartholomeusz)


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