10 thoughts on “Photo Quiz- Rani

  1. Glacier National park- – A man standing on sharp Ice Needles at Glacier National Park .
    This kind of ice formation as sharp needles occur when there is alternate warming and cooling due to warm dry air and rapid cooling at below freezing at very high elevations.– the process known as SUBLIMATION .

    These sharp needles are called PENITENTES.
    This is well known image from Glacier National Park .
    Rani- can tell us the rest of the story .


  2. I agree with Deepthi. They are Penitentes. These occur in high altitudes in the winter. The ice formations looks like priests bowing their heads to offer Penance.

    I think this location is the Andes mountains.



  3. The freezer section of my Bar fridge is hardly used. Sometimes I see this needling ! similar effect but without the effect of the sun.
    -2 cents worth from Seelan


  4. Congratulations to Dear Deepthie, the snow queen,Once again ,, ,she has successfully struck gold or is it snow this time. She will never miss a quiz on Glaciers.

    Thanks to Nissantha and Deepthie for,explaining the description, formation etc of the Pentinents
    If I may .let me add a few more words ,about this” Natural wonder “of Penitents formation.
    For all those mates who come across these high Altitude snow Capped mountains eg Andes, and see it as just another mass of snow,, it’s time to refresh their knowledge of Physics ,” on Sublimation” which is not Rocket science, but a simple process where by the ,Pentinents are formed on the Glaciers on high altitudes ,when the Sun rays do not melt the ice , the rapid warming and cooling of warm dry air below freezing point,changes the ice in to water vapour,forming hard blades of ice or snow,rising upwards towards the sun can be even 10 feet high.

    To all those Ecofriendly people, a reminder that Carbon emissions do play a role in ,helping the Glaciers from melting as Scientists argue that Carbon plays a role in Penitents formation.

    Yes Seelan I have seen the white ones in the freezer, brown Penitents are the Belgian brown hooded religious participants??


    • Correct. Looks like you are hooked on to Belgian beer!
      I wanted to cool couple of beer bottles rapidly. So I put them in the bar freezer & I forgot to remove the last one — bottle cracked. After few days, I saw brown Penitents !!!


  5. There is Ice in my Veins !!
    A ‘seer’ told me, just a few yrs back, that once a long time ago in one of my many previous births- I was born and raised in the Canadian Arctic – and that I had a husky dog as a pet and ran a husky dog team .
    I was always fascinated by Husky Dogs – saw then for the first time, at minus 20 deg in Ottawa, in Feb 1976, during a Dog Sled Race that ran behind my home at that time .
    I got a very ” strange feeling “when I heard and saw the dog teams coming along, one after the other .
    I was with my three very young kids at that time, and I had my little one ( a few months old ) all bundled up in a sled,that I used to pull along in the snow .

    I was in the Arctic Tundra- just hiking alone with a back pack ( Iqaluit — sept 2002 ) , when I had this ‘vision’ again, if I may call it that way, when I ‘saw and heard husky dogs ‘.

    I must say, this was a very moving experience ‘ of another time in another world ‘.
    I knelt down, on the tundra, and broke down crying …

    Then I did the next best thing — I had no digital back then, so I took a photo of this exact spot .
    I still have this photo of my ‘epiphany’ so to speak, stuck on my fridge along with Ice Berg photos taken 12 yrs later on my Arctic Canada- Greenland Adventure !

    Then , just a few yrs ago, when an Indigenous Seer ( young Mohawk )and another Anishinawbe Elder Medicine Woman, told me a few things about ” past life’ , and then, the penny dropped !
    This Medicine Woman actually had a ‘vision about it- when she was very ill, few yrs back, and I was kind of caring for her , along with a few other ladies in the little town where I live .
    When she recovered she called me to aside and told me all about her ‘vision ‘.

    Thanks Rani for the quiz– you just woke up a sleeping memory chip- when you called me the ‘ Snow Queen !!!!



  6. Interesting story Deepthi. Now there is a reason why you went to Canada. The strong connections you had with your past life ,pulled you towards Canada and not any other country.



  7. HI Nisantha and Rani, ,

    Glad you both ‘saw ‘ the point in my story.

    On the same note, several different Indigenous Seers from Canada and AZ, who knew nothing about me, have told me another thing ” you are connected to the pueblo people , ” –indicating my very strong affinity to Az.
    Why I am attracted to the extremes of climates ?- who knows !

    The most recent visit to an Indigenous Seer was about 9 months ago in my town, at the Community Health Centre that has a Traditional Healing Dept with Medicine Men / Women from different areas of Ontario visit from time to time , and this service is available to ALL people, regardless of ethnicity, and funded by the Federal and Provincial govts .
    There is a huge demand for this service and I had to book my appt months ahead to see the Mohawk Seer .
    I had the occasion to meet with him , in a group session he conducted 4 wks ago- and again, he said some real neat things to me- that took the whole gp by surprise, after I mentioned about my ‘snake stories ‘.
    Things came a full circle when I attended the Barrie Pow wow june 9-10th , and it really spooked me out !!
    It was this that prompted me to write the ” Snake Charmer ‘ post !

    Thanks Rani and Nisantha for the feed back – ‘snakecharmereagledeepthie ‘ !


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