8 thoughts on “Parenthood- Ariya

  1. Thank you very much dear Ariya with your most wonderful poetic talent .

    The Aging parent today- is either struggling alone, or living in the adult childrens’ home , being the glorified domestic aid .

    This is a very sad situation all over the world and why this is so, I dont know .

    The old Sinhala Kaviya–

    ” badagini wela, mama giya kala puthuge geta,
    manala vee pathak dunnai mallakata ‘
    Gam do nogango kiyala sithuni mata,
    Manalada puthey kiri dunne, mama numbata …. ”

    One of the most beautiful poems I learned in grade 4- that still brings tears to my old eyes …..

    Thanks again Ariya, for this most moving set of verses .
    Deepthie .


  2. Dear Ariya .

    It is a
    A poem written with skilled selection of words and sounds to express the true meaning of “Parenthood”

    With the reader your poem creates an Emotional EVOCATIVENES and originality.


  3. Dear Ariya

    It is a poem written with skilled use of words and sounds,expressing the true meaning of ” parenthood ”

    Among we ,the readers, it creates an Emotional EVOCATIVENES, and originality.


  4. Excellent Poem . Its a reality.
    To avoid this, I keep reminding my Children & Grand children :- ” I came to this Country with 9 Rupees & I still got the same 9 rupees – Everything I have now is the result of hard work – Don’t ever think of sending me to the Nursing home.”
    I am still working – for the Son- in -law’s !! Hope the Buggers leave me alone.


    • Thanks Seelan for your enthusiastic remarks
      Lovely to hear, thoughtful appreciative words
      Fully in agree with you, present status of affairs
      A crematorium is preferred over a Nursing home

      Smoke may reach heaven piggyback on blooms of flames
      Only way I could reach there with my demeritorios records
      Senility, debility and dementia dreaded cocktail, to imagine
      Why are we born to this world, answer Illusive for everyone?


  5. I worked hard to earn the LMCC of Canada, with Rajes and me working in the same hospital as Unfunded Foreign Medical Grads and we were NOT paid for two years of Internship for me, and Residency for Rajes .
    Anyhow – we both made it.
    Ana, my self, Rajes- we three would follow ‘classes’ at Uof T- prior to the exam in July 1986 — a long hot summer it was , with two days of exams and one sleepless night in between !

    The Rest is History- !

    AGREE with Seelan- Dont send me to a N home- I am going to walk into the lake and stay there with the Water Spirits and Water Snakes !!

    Plan on Busting ALL my money- before I am done, and leaving NOTHING -yes Sweet Nothing for any one !!!

    eaglemd !


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