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Can you identify the location and describe this image?






These are a few of the photos I took on the 21st March- 2015- Spring
Solstice Day , in Sedona Arizona .

The entire Solar Panel is seen better in this photo , where my friend Dick
Jones ( blue T- shirt ) is seen .
This Solar Panel is in Sedona, Arizona, where there is this big slab of
sandstone – where the ancient Hopi People have marked out very intricate
writings known as Petroglyphs , on the desert varnish of the sand stone slab
This Solar Panel is estimated to be at least a 800- 1000 yrs old .
It is located at V Bar V Heritage Site 12 miles SE of Sedona, Arizona .


The Hopi Elders- knew , like the Mayan People of Mexico how the sun moves,
and worked out the Spring,Summer, Fall and Winter Solstice long before we
had GPS, Telescopes, etc .
This was their way of knowing that there was a Higher Power that governs
the Universe, and they used this as a ‘farmers almanac ‘ of sorts .
This is how they planted the seeds of various food items , along the Verde
River Valley and elsewhere .

The decendants of those who created this Solar Panel still live in the
Hopi Reservation in Arizona, and some of them are my dear friends that I
visit every year during my winter stay in Az.
The Hopi People are ancestral relatives of the Mexican tribes of long ago
, that gradually migrated north and now they have settled in the 9
villages in the Hopi Reservation in Northern Arizona .
Archeological evidence suggest that there was human habitation in this area
, along the Verde River Verde Valley area as far back as 11,500 BC .

Oral History- is a very powerful tool- much more powerful than Uncle Google
However today, the details of this V Bar V Solar Panel can be viewed on
Google, and I will not repeat it here .

I visit this site every year, on the 21st March and it is very intriguing
for me to watch the Sun Dagger hit the ‘sun’ in the afternoon .
Usually, a crowd gathers, and this year, ( 2015) the author of the book ”
Sinagua Sunwatchers- Kenneth Zoll was there to explain the phenomenon and it
was a real memorable occasion for me .
This book was published in consultations with the Hopi Elders .
The Hopi Elders still come to this site for Cermonies- and during this
time, the site is closed to visitors .

Archeoastronomy is a very intriguing field to study , helps to understand
the way Ancient Cultures Lived long before Hi Tech came to conquor the world

Hope this little addendum sheds a bit more Light !!

Deepthie .

14 thoughts on “Photo Quiz-Rani”

  1. Simone, as usual you have bowled us with your picture quiz

    This has been always my sad story, all words but no brains

    My reliable shining knight, Nisantha, too has gone very quiet

    Hence assume your picture is either a fake or an alien’s light

    You seemed to have silenced even the gifted lady from Canada

    If she cannot solve, has Inuit powers even to call upon the ghosts

    I am sure she must have sent her pet bald eagle on the search

    Only our clever Seelan been so far brave enough to hint a hunch

    Extremely sad Ariya😔😩😒😢


  2. Picture of a sun rise taken through a circular gap in a old prImitive structure. It may be an old Lime kiln.
    It is possibly a old Adobe building in a reservation. I see things sticking out on the sides of the building. Can be any where in the world.

    Need more clues to identify



  3. Seelan and Nissantha both of you are on the correct track ,needs a few more neurones to be activated?
    It is an ARCHEOASTRONIMCAL phenomenon?


  4. I think I got it. By George I think I got it. Let me start at the beginning.

    Winter Solstice occurs usually around the 21 st of December in the northern hemisphere and in June in the Southern Hemisphere. Because of the alignment of the Sun the sun rise will give rise to this Orange glow when viewed through certainarchelogical and even modern day structures in certain parts of the world..

    The picture Rani sent is The Temple of Seven Dolls in Dzibilchaltun. This temple is at the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza , Mexico.

    People from around the world go here to witness this phenomenon , an Archeoastronomical phenomenon. Thanks for the clue Rani.



  5. It is the Temple of Seven Dolls(Temple of the Sun)

    Location-Dzibilchaltun- is a Maya archeological site in the Mexican state of Yucatan 10 miles from the capital Merida

    Culture-Mayan civilisation

    Significance- EQUINOX-at which the Sun cruise the celestial equator, and the Earth equator passes through the centre of the Sun, the time and date (twice a year) between 22 nd September and 20 March21 at about 5.30 AM the first day of Spring ,when Day and Night are of equal length,the Sun appears or rise through the central window of the House of Seven Dolls,main door creating an amazing performance of light and shadow within the the antique Mayan complex.,A Mayan Astronimical accuracy


  6. Nisantha is too quick for me – like Clint Eastwood – with the Gun !
    I just had time for a beer to activate my neurones as suggested by Rani, but Nisantha was fast to stimulate his neurones. So I am forced to have a scotch to put my neurones back to sleep.
    While sipping my scotch, I consulted Googlananda – there you are– I can see the Monument in the Ghost town.
    Good night


  7. Sorry Seelan , Rani’s clue grave me the push to search for details immediately. With a 14 hour difference you may have been sleeping when I posted my findings.

    Thanks Deepthi for the addendum . It is very educational.


  8. Nisantha, Seelan and Deepthie, as usual you all are super
    So is the questions setter, forwarding them from down under
    My scanty neurones are slow, cannot match the speed of light
    Expressing delight to be in the same batch, I opt to keep quiet



  9. Hey folks- Special Hi and Special thanks to the Maharani of Down Under, !

    I thought I will add my two cents worth to the wonderful and very timely quiz coming from Down Under .

    Spring Solstice- March 21- and what it means to the Ancient People of America, and how they used the movement of the sun to plant crops etc .
    what I have shown is how it was for the Hopi People .

    Thank you very much Rani, for the wonderful idea of presenting the June 21 Solstice Day as a Quiz .
    Summer Solstice Day in Canada and America- is also the National Aboriginal Day – the Special Day when we all honour those who were here before Christopher Columbus got lost looking for me in India, and found some one else , when he ‘discovered america’ !

    America was Always There !!!

    In Canada, there are special celebrations, events concerts etc to mark this Special Summer Solstice Day , and to recognize the contributions made to make this country a better place by those who were here, The Original People , before we all arrived in the past 500 yrs or so .

    Today, in the morning there was a special presentation of Indigenous Order Of Canada Awards ( like the OBE Awards in UK) in Ottawa, the National Capitol of Canada, by the Gov Gen of Canada,
    where 30 people- mostly Indigenous – were awarded the Order of Canada , in recognition of their contribution to Canada, in all things Indigenous .

    In USA too, there will be special ceremonies,/ concerts, dances, events to mark this day as Native American Day .

    One year, about 10 yrs ago I was in Sedona, on this day- and there was a real lovely ceremony held with speakers, etc and dancing, drumming by the Hopi , Navajo, Yavapai- Apache people.

    Thought I will add another dimension to the discussion on Summer Solstice as it means to the Americas .

    eagledeepthie .


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