Best Wishes to Marina Rayappu (Benedict)





Happy Birthday to you Marina !
I wish you all that is Best In Health and Happiness to you and your family
today and in the years ahead .

It was a pity that you could not make it to the RU in Beruwala .
Anyway- it was great meeting up with you back in ’89 at the UK- RU ., and
this photo- is  truly a memorable photo .

I do remember when you came to Holy Family Convent- for the A Levels and my
Amma knew your sister who was a teacher at the Good  Shep Convent in
Kotehena .
So , we do go back a long way !

It is nice we have thtis Web page -thanks to Sam and Ariya- to keep in
touch with all of us , now scattered around the globe .
Please keep in touch and again- Happy Birthday !
Your old school pal-

Deepthie .

Dear Marina,
This message is sent with warm greetings
Wishing you a wonderful birthday full of joy
May you have good health and contentment
A long life of happiness and peace throughout



Happy happy birthday that’s our wish for you
I hope your birthday brings you success in everything you plan to do.
Praxy and Ranjit

23 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Marina Rayappu (Benedict)

  1. Dear Marina,
    We wish you a very very happy Birthday today & many more to come.
    Every now & then we get an update about you from your brother. I gave him a copy of our RU souvenir. When are you going to come to Sydney again.
    All the best.
    Seelan & Jean


  2. My dear Mareena
    Wishing you all the very best for your special day.
    When we were doing anaesthesia we stayed at the same quarters. When I got married you came to my place for the wedding. I have visited your house in Jaffna. We studied together in London for our FFARCS Finals and Passed
    When Thusitha my son came to Epsom college as a full time boarder you and your husband looked after him during the first half term holidays.
    We are not only batch mates but very good friends and go back a long time.
    So my friend I wish you a very healthy life in years to come.


  3. Thank you very much for the Birthday wishes. Yes Deepthi it was like yesterday when I joined you with Ranjani at HFC Colombo for A levels . I still meet Subadra and Sumi at functions who were with us. Swarna you had been very silent,hope you are not busy with your grandchildren. Please keep me posted ,we should try and visit Praxy who is convalescing after TKR. Praxy thank you ,I haven’t forgotten your invitation,I will try to visit you with Swarna . Hope you are doing well.
    Hi Seelan I think it is high time I visit Sydney my brother keeps reminding me. I enjoy reading your comments . Must thank Sam for the brilliant idea of keeping in touch with old friends.
    Many thanks once again


  4. Hi Marina
    A Dr Dennis Benedict practises and lives in Adelaide where we too live. He is a good friend of us.Is he a relative of your husband?


  5. Hi Marina,

    Wishing you a very happy birthday.Many happy returns.

    Always a great pleasure to send birthday greetings to a batch mate .

    Esiri Karunaratne,

    From Washington D.C.


  6. Hi Selvi and Satha

    Good to hear from you. Denis Benedict is not related to my husband but the parents are good friends and the sons Denis and his brother attended the same school in Wimbledon with my sons. Denis knows me very well. His mum visited him last month . Give my regards to him and his family.

    By the way are you still working or have you both retired. Remember the days you visited me at St Anthony’s hostel where we use to revise before exams. Gone pass the days.i have never visited Adelaide but Sydney where one of my brothers live.


  7. HI Marina,

    Many happy returns of the day and sending my warm greetings to you.

    I last met you when we were working as anaesthetists at West Middlesex hospital in London. We have lost contact with each other since . Are you still living in London ? Have you retired ?
    Hope you are aware that I now live in Australia in NSW close to Sydney since 1991.

    Enjoy your day and have fun.
    Kind Regards,

    Ranee Gunawardene


  8. Hi Marina, Justine labrooy,Roger Jansen,annesley Perera and Baathia are all in Adelaide. We would love to meet you if you come to Australia. We have family in U.K and visit London every year. My brother lives in Greenford, not far from you. during our last visit we met Bigga, Sunila,CJ and selvarajah. We will try to meet you at our next visit. Both of us are still working part-time and planning to retire end of this year
    Take care


  9. dear marina happy bday and many more will visit with you next time I am in London,it is so nice to hear from all our class mates thanks to sam ariya deepthi and so many unmentioned cotributors,my nephew paid me asurprise visit last wk for my bday celebration and we reminisced about you. hope to meet again when I vaction again .by the way I am still working and feel lucky for it. lovepaul


  10. Belated birthday wishes to you Marina and may you be blessed with happiness and contentment in the years ahead. So sorry to have missed you at RU ’64.


  11. Dear Selvi and Satha

    Delighted to note that you visit London on an annual basis. Please feel free to pay me a visit. My address is 56 Mostyn Road Wimbledon. I meet Ratnes at occasions ,she has moved from her earlier address otherwise I could have asked her to join us. Denis Benedict I hear is in London visiting the parents.
    Warm wishes
    Mari na


  12. Hi Paul
    Caught up with some of the mail after my recent visit to Toronto and Boston. Good to note that you are still working. Ajan would have mentioned that I retired from Barts. I miss the work and the company of all the surgeons. Your nephew used to update me about you. When is the next cricket match in Oval . I thought SL played and lost last week. Please do drop in next time.



  13. Hi Marina,
    Best wishes for your B’day. All the very best for many more B’days in the years ahead. Will look forward to catching up if ever you visit Adelaide.
    Kind regards, Annesley


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