11 thoughts on “Photo Quiz-Ariya

  1. This is a building between Scotland and England. The building is in a place called Graetina. right at the border This is built by people who believe in the reunion of Scotland and England before the Scottish referendum.



  2. I did not have a clue about the building but following on from Nissantha’s comments then the significance would be the ability for anyone to get married there.


  3. Dear Praxy, Indragee and Simone

    Thanks for responding taking a leaf from Banda’s book
    His incredible knowledge as in Sinhala called ‘බහුශ්‍රත’
    Picked & replied to him personally for others to guess it
    As you all have guessed, my answer below is the rest of it

    Dear Nisantha,
    Your identification of the location is perfect
    Situated England / Scotland border, in the past
    Significance was legal age for matrimony different
    England was twenty one & Scotland was eighteen

    English parents could object ‘Minors’ marriages
    If marriage executed in English soil those days
    Young people of Southern border of the kingdom
    Married by taking their partners To Gretna Green

    Even today the runaway brides of U.K. do go there
    Though legal age of marriage is equal everywhere
    Thus it has entered the folklore for underage marriages
    I wrote to you in person as you were too quick for others
    Kind regards,


    • Thanks Ariya – I did receive your private e mail message. I kept quiet until we got some feed back. Thanks for enlightening me and others about ignificance of the building and it’s history.

      I think this is a fun way of expanding our knowledge about ” Trivia ”



  4. You all are too Quick.
    I thought it was Ariya’s 1st (holiday) house in Scotland . I know he got another one in Mt lavinia. Where else?


  5. ‘Adding another page to encyclopaedic brain’

    Be gentle with your marvellous store of knowledge, Simone
    Already bears information, equivalent to brains ten, of human
    Out of jokes, guys like yourself, Deepthie, Banda and Seelan
    Have educated me so much, must thank Sam, times a million



  6. Hi Aria
    I am very impressed by your knowledge in all aspects of life.. Keep sending your quizzes.


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