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Since When did the concept of sex considered as immoral came to human thoughts?


I am not sure, if it is far too colourful to publish
A debate on yesteryear hot matters, hush hush
Will our ‘seen and heard it all’ mates, in the batch
Be shy to discuss, ‘by gone days, carnal practices’.
As scientists make us believe, the nature’s way of things
Survival and participation in progeny, vital for living beings
No animal is shy to show, its act of sex nor their genital prowess
Could our secretive attitudes to sex, be an evolutionary regress?
One school of thoughts put the blame on sexually acquired diseases
Being fearful in those backward era with no cure, ‘pre antibiotic times’ 
Disfiguring scars and ulcers were hideous, sexual acts deterring sights
Hiding with a leaf would have been the precursor, to us wearing clothes
In the pre Victorian era luxurious lives, were interesting to the rich aristocrats
Men hid bald patches with wigs and hourglass shaped corsets worn by dames
Gallons of gulped liquor, possibly made women frisky and men pretty useless
Willing servants, black or brown, happily obliged to fairer sex incessant demands
Society did not frown, if a coloured child was born to a Caucasian couple
No one knew the father as the substitutes changed, even in the same night
Aristocratic men, mostly were impotent, headless idiots, thanks to Rum
Sex starved drunken women allowed anyone, to fondle the nether region
Lack of sex drive, ‘prematurely ending the act‘ were demeaning words for men
There were no dildos, vibrators to satisfy the upper class highly sexed women
Self stimulation, bestiality, masturbation were then considered heinous crimes
Proof of man’s virility, a heir to family heirloom, were ladies expected burdens
There were madams running overpriced, high ranked prostitute dens
In twilight zones, alcohol and girls to comfort and forget man’s worries
Of course more they drank, bills went up sadly,  ‘business end went down’
Senseless and broke masters slaves carried home and everything forgotten
There was also a ‘great big elephant in the room’ deliberately unseen
Homosexuality was unseen, unspoken, dreaded demeaning condition

The wives and the in laws were embarrassed to become social outcasts
To admit men not attracted to feminine attributes and were avoiding fun
Genealogy had not reached even the stage of a ‘biology-piper’s dream’
An offspring with contrasting features & complexions was never a scam
Male servants to titillate ladies, pretty maids to help men were the norm
As aristocrats treated servants as objects of desire and used at their vim
Though stipends were mean they had accommodation, clothing and food free
No holidays, had to severe all links with their kith and kin, prisoners to a degree
Obedience, must and silence over matters to do with their lords and mistresses 
Just treated as slaves, bought to please aristocrats without descent or questions
Relationships were not always ticketty boo, unfortunately for the slaves
Occasional ladies with selfish orientated pride if ever felt their husbands
Attraction fell on a younger female slave with better physical attributes
Depicted in the film ‘twelve years of slavery’ choice be hell or high waters


9 thoughts on “More from Ariya

  1. Interesting facts Ariya. Kama Sutra was compiled and written about 200 Ad. The research to write the book apparently went back to 400 BC. All this started long before Christ and almost to the time of Buddha. The english translation of Kama Sutra was in 1883. Sir Richard Francis Burton with the help of the Indian archeologist Bhagwan Indraji were responsible for the translation. Kama Sutra is a manual on sex , but the major portion of the book is dedicated to the Philosophy of love , intimacy and only 20 % of the book is on sexual positions.

    If you have been to some of the temples in India like Khajurahu ( built in the 1400’s AD ) you would see all the different positions you can imagine. Therefore all this stated in the east, India and perhaps even in China.


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  2. OH MY GOD !!!
    What is this ? World is coming to an end OR is this the beginning? We have lived in this world for 70 + years. May be life is just beginning !!!

    I was educated in a Convent like environment !! Just like the convent girls.

    Oh Lord, please translate Ariyas Poem & teach me all the different positions Nisantha knows – it will save me a trip to the Indian temple in my wheel chair.

    Yours truly
    Most Innocent

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  3. Sorry Seelan I’ve read the book and saw the film, Kamasutra

    Heard of the temple but unlike Nisantha not been to Khajuruha

    News is bad of the positions described, none from a wheel chair

    May not be a bad thing to add on though, as now there is Viagra


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  4. Hi Seelan – Google Kama Sutra and you can learn all you want to know and more . Please remember I am trying to help you long before you are wheel chair bound.



    • Thank you Nisantha & Ariya. I will try to consult “Googlananda”, only when Jean is not looking over my shoulder.
      I wonder why the Convent girls have gone quiet.


  5. Convent Girl’s Response — No Comment – is the Politically Correct Response !!!!!!.
    Oh By the Way- I am too busy working as a Snake Charmer with the Tools of The Trade in the Bag from the Second Hand Store .


  6. Cannot help recalling a statement by a co-worker here ” You guys (Meaning Indians) don’t need Play boy or Hustler, All you have to do is go to your temple!” Many thoughts came to mind when I heard of the snake charmer. But decided not to go there!!

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  7. Dharma, glad you restrained on the snake charmer
    For not allowing your well disciplined mind to wander
    Vivid imaginations, Septuagenarians still do harbour
    Having replaced favourite read ‘Last’, by the ‘Hustler’

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