12 thoughts on “Batch 64 Entertainment

  1. May be I am old fashioned ,but I still have this Carpenters record in the 78 rpm format. My children told me to convert everything to CD. I still got the old Thorens record player in working order. Now this is coming back to fashion!!!
    Thanks Sam


  2. Dear All
    I was chatting with Ariya today about the wonderful, RU we had in Bentota. We both felt that without waiting for another two and a half years we should organise another one may be towards the end of this year. I do understand the amount of hard work done by the Sri Lankan batch mates to make the last one such a memorable one. Our batch is a unique one in the sense that we get on all very well with each other and now with Ariya’s and Sam’s birthday salutations project we get to interact with friends far and near. As we are all in our seventies and may be fast approaching the departure gates ( I don’t want to be morbid but is a fact ) I think we should get together sooner rather than later.
    Any ideas???? I think we could meet in Sri Lanka and we do not need to do it on a grand scale like the last one, but just decide on a month, a date, a venue,pass the word around and people can book individually in to the same hotel over a week end. May be we can organise a DJ in the hotel,and can have fun meeting our friends. Sri Lanka I thought would be better as that is where we really belong and it would be easy for most people to go there as it will be just like ”visiting home” Any ideas,comments??? Praxy


  3. Fully endorse the suggestion for another reunion
    It need not be as grand as the incredible last one
    Sri Lanka would be the best or a short cruise be fine
    My dear batch mates, time and tide waits for no one


  4. By the way Praxy last one was held at Beruwala
    Though we have had in the past, in Bentota too
    Remember only vaguely as it was many moons ago
    Colombo, or near, your hometown Payagala would do

    Our web master is a good source for locations
    He has all over the world good connections
    If we all agree and each can doing the booking
    Music Faisal and Esiri, why are we still waiting?

    What about a neutra country like Malaysia
    Seelan owns nearly half of the capital, KL
    Not too far from Sri Lanka, easily accessible
    A ‘jolly cruise from Lanka to Lankavi, be ideal


  5. Yes-” Time and Tide waits for None ” – some one said .

    Sri Lanka- my ONLY choice .

    Fully agree with Praxy’s choice and reasons , and how to have it- without much fuss , keeping it simple .
    All we need is to get together, have some fun , while we are still kicking around .

    Sam and his extended family, ” has a finger in the pie ” on most of the top 5 Resorts in Lanka .
    Lets ” keep it in the family ” .

    2014 Beruwala RU was a total HIT- loved every minute of it.– and it was over all too soon …

    eagledeepthie .


  6. Hi
    Sri Lanka is my choice also. But I would prefer next year. More time to plan. I am in Srilanka from 25th June till 2nd October 2016. If any one else is there we can meet up. Have a day or two to meet up. Love the idea.


  7. Dear Swarna, we do remember in 2016, you were in Sri Lanka
    And organised a trip to ‘Digana, consuming ‘Halape’ on the way
    It looks like you will return home for a long break this year too
    Why postpone, ‘Time & tide waits for no one’ as the clever ones, say



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