Best Wishes to Rani Goonewardene (Kumarasinghe)






My Dear Rani,
Happy Birthday to you  and I wish you all that is Best in Good Health and
Happiness  today, and in the years ahead .
It was great to have met you at the RU in Beruwala .

I love these photos – specially the one , where you are laughing at a joke
by Allaya !- must have been a GREAT joke for sure coming from him !
I love the way you laugh  showing such joy  in your face !!

I remember visiting your home in Maradana/ Borella in those days, meeting
up with your sisters and your Amma .
Also- can you remember how you, Kumar and your little son visited us here
in Ontario- some 37 yrs ago, when all our kids were soooo little ?
That was a good day for sure , and the pity is I have no photo to record
that memorable visit- as we were really not into taking photos back then ,
and also , we were too busy having fun !

If you are ever going to travel out to America/Canada , you know where you
can find a good place to stay – with me !

Please drop me a line now and then  just to catch up with news .

Have a Very Happy Birthday and I wish you ALL that is Best in the Years
ahead .
Your good friend-


Dear Rani it is with pleasure that we wish you
Many happy returns of the day especially for you.
May you be blessed with health wealth and  happiness
To follow you today and through out the new year.
Praxy and Ranjit
Dear Rani

It was nice been in touch with you,
while we were at Seelan’s in Sydney
Wish you a joyous birthday full of glory
May you have excellent health & long life
With peace and contentment
Please accept our greetings
Sent from an island of hope and glory


40 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Rani Goonewardene (Kumarasinghe)

    • Dear Rani, I never knew you as Simone . But now I know who that is . You were correct in clearing the confusion in the name . I have always been Ranee Gunawardene and still practise in that name . Thanks for all your comments and good wishes.


    • Hi Sam , I want to clarify the name confusion. !!! My first name is spelt as RANEE and my last
      name Is GUNAWARDENE . I am very much with this name as everybody at work call me so and I have not changed my name as I have been a globe trotter and a citizen of the world !!!.
      Call me RANEE and not RANI which avoids cinfusion.


  1. Dear Rani,
    I am now back in Sydney.
    Some of our batch mates were a little confused between the two great Queens in Australia.
    One in Victoria ( Ranee / Simone) & the other in New South Wales (Rani).
    Not only the similarities in the 1st names, they are both anaesthetists !
    The Victorian Ranee ( Ms SDR Gooneratne) married Goonewardene.
    The NSW Rani Goonewardene married Kumarasinghe.
    Only in 2014, when I contacted them both to inform about the RU, I discovered the similarities.
    (The “G” group would have known about the 1st name similarity)
    The Photos published by Sam/ Deepthie shows both queens(Ranis) together in two of them.
    The taller queen with the white Gucci hand bag & matching shoes is from Victoria & the relatively shorter queen cuddling Deepthie is from NSW. We are celebrating the Birthday of the NSW Rani.

    Dear Rani We wish you a very happy birthday.

    Incidental finding:- Dharma has managed to “Round up” both Rani’s & the Raneeee from Ontario during our RU !!!
    What was he up to???



    • Hi Seelan, I have always had my name as Ranee Gunawardene and I still uses it in my clinical practice. It is spelt as above . Thanks for calling me a queen !!! When I was living in London the guard of honour was held on June 12th Queens ‘ official birthday. Here I am now in NSW celebrating a public holiday on my birthday. Thanks Seelan for all your good wishes.


      • Dear Ranee,
        Thanks for correcting me on the spelling. Now I know that your name in the email address is correct. We in NSW enjoyed the public holiday. Long Live The Queen.


    • Hi CJ , nice to hear from you.and your slow recovery and settling down in your home . All the very best to you . like to catch up with you next time I am in the UK.


  2. Hey Seelan !
    Love your comments – you did not comment on MY hand bag slung on the shoulder- the one I got from a Toronto Second Hand Store- my BEST and most practical travelling bag !
    Yes- Dharma managed to ’round up’ all the fun girls for the RU – !
    I must be grateful to Lucky Fdo- who disproved every reason I gave ‘why I dont want to attend the RU ‘ .
    They were ALL lame excuses – and boy oh boy- I am soooo glad I made it there, at the last minute !

    Yes-Sam finally managed to differentiate between NSW and Victoria queens.
    He sure got trapped in the Spider Web- between the Two Queens from Down Under .

    Praxy and I helped him out and as for Sam — he was a good boy- who did not look at the girls- could not tell one from the other !!!

    But, he must have sure looked at the ‘Pretty Woman ‘ sitting next to him !– you know who I mean- the one that all you guys whistled at with Ranjani and me on either side as body guards !!t and he finally took a good look at the Girls !!!

    And now, we have this real fun story- Thanks to Rani Gunawardene’s ( Kumarasinghe ) Birthday Salutations, and many thanks to Sam and Ariya .

    See Rani- what a great favour you did to all of the guys– helped them to figure out a few things about us girls, who knew a lot more than them guys !


    Seelan –Good to have you back on the Web- I missed you- and your fun comments .
    keep them coming – and check out the Snake Charmer post , when you get some time . !
    eagledeepthie .


    • 1)Yes, you did the wright thing – purchasing that big handbag from a second hand store. You really don’t need an expensive bag to carry a snake & the charmer’s pipe !!!

      2) Did you say pretty woman or prettiest woman / girl? – Everyone knows who she is.

      3)From childhood, I am scared of snakes – both real & the “unreal” ones. If I see snakes on TV, I just close my eyes. You seem to be a Brave girl / woman


      • -Pl. ignore the spelling mistake above – right thing
        -I wonder whether Rani receives the News letters. The spelling in her address may be wrong. Rani Vs Ranee. Rani, Please clear this by responding to our messages.
        -Did anyone notice that the Queen’s birthday was celebrated in NSW on the 12th of June. So our Rani,s B,day was a public holiday here!


  3. Dear Seelan ,

    Thought of clarifying the spelling confusion
    My name is spelt as Rani Goonewardene

    I think my friend in Sydney is Ranee Gunewardene


  4. Many happy returns of the day. Wish you many more. Yes, remember the difficulty in tracking you down for the RU as Seelan pointed out. Also clarification of the Rani and Ranee. Glad to have met you at the RU.


    • Thanks Paul for your good wishes on my birthday. Never mind being late as I treat everyday as my birthday and enjoy it to the fullest.


  5. So- the Birthday Greetings Clarifies a Name Confusion !!

    Ranee Gunawardene – whose Birthday helped to clear the errors .

    Rani Goonawardene . – aka ” Simone ” — previously known to us as Rani Goonaratne in Med school

    Ok- finally I ‘got it ‘ !!!!
    Thanks .
    eagledeepthie — aka Snake Charmer, Deepthie Seneviratne ( Rajapakse )


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