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Enjoy this Video “The greatest Moment of Zubin Mehta’s life, conducting the LA Philamonic in 1994 with the Fabulous 3 Tenors at LA, for the LAST TIME”

Courtesy,  Nisantha B





11 thoughts on “RU 64 Entertainment

  1. Thank you Nisantha for the musical extravaganza
    Magical Three Tenors took me to a wonderful world
    I am glad in my old age there is so much to enjoy
    Must thank Sam and guys like you for generous gifts


  2. Thanks Nisantha for the 3 Tenors and Zubin Mehta concert .

    There was a time in my life, when I used to study Western Classical Music- and did practical and Theory/ History/ Harmony etc even as late as 1982 in Canada !
    I still love to hear this music and enjoy it very much .

    Actually, have seen Zubin Mehta in concert some yrs back and I remember going for the concert in Toronto i dressed in a sari , as I was sooo proud of an Indian that is a big name in the world of Classical Music .
    I think if I remember right he did conduct a concert with the London Phil Orchestra with Ravi Shankar- two great Masters on the same stage from the same country .

    Back in the day, when I had the money and used to live in the big city I would attend a lot of concerts, ballet etc .- and had year round subscriptions to the big theaters etc .

    Now, I have turned into a real Junglee Girl !
    However, I will attend a big concert in a few wks, in my little two bit town called Midland- when Buffy St Marie will come to town !
    If you dont know, who Buffy is , look up google .– very , very interesting life story , that started with nothing in a dirt poor Reservation in Saskatchewan, and ended in USA and the ‘rest is history’ as they say.
    She is my real role model now – there is really no one in North America for Love songs and Protest Songs !
    I sang a little part of one of her songs at the concert in Beruwala –” Darling Dont Cry “.

    A bit of musical history from another angle !

    Thanks Nisatha for lighting up some music in my head !

    Deepthie .


  3. Thanks Nisantha for posting the music video. Its so wonderful to listen to music of such calibre. I have CDs of the 3 tenors and have seen Mehta conducting in TV, but have not attended a live show I am not sure whether Mehta is still conducting


    • Hi Satha – Zubin Mehta is the principal conductor of the Israel Philharmonic orchestra . He has been holding this post for the past 50 years. He recently gathered all the musicians of the orchestra and in a very emotional ,moving ,ceremony announced his retirement. He will retire from this position in October 2019. I am sure he will continue to conduct as long as his health permits him to do so. I have no doubt he will be in great demand and all the the orchestras from around the world would beg and plead with him to conduct their orchestras.



  4. Glad everyone liked the music. Classical music is my favorite type of music. When I want to relax I listen to classical music which soothes my inner soul.

    Many many years ago when I was much younger, and had some hair on my head , one of the nurses at the hospital told me ” Doctor you look like Mebin Zutha ” I asked her who is Mebin Zutha. The Indian conductor she replied. Oh ! you mean Zubin Mehta . I thought to myself I wish I was as good looking as he is. Who wants to to dispute it any way I kept quiet , ” Thank you ” was my reply. Zubin Mehta had just completed a series of concerts in Pittsburgh.



  5. You are not alone to think like that, Sam
    Everyone in the batch thought the same
    Nisantha with Mediterranean ‘Greek looks and lyrical fab voice
    He no doubt, is the fourth Tenor to add to the three world famous

    Consider the height, complexion, built and singing
    With Luciano Pavarotti been the exception
    Nisantha Bandaranaike, Jose Placido Domingo
    And Jose Maria Carreras, look similar and sound the same



  6. Hi Sam and Ariya Thanks for the kind words. I used to sing Tenor in the college choir. Perhaps Sam remembers. I have to train my voice again to be able to sing like before. Now that I have the free time I might perhaps do that.



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