Update from Ariya

Battered but safely arrived, in London home

After a gruesome twenty three hour, long

Down with Jet lag, incredibly awesome

My main excuse for the delay in writing


Britain is rapidly turning from bad to worse

Statesmanship in politics, here too gone

Noble thoughts, putting interests of countries,

Before everything else, now is a piper’s dream


Only pleasantness I can report from here, if any

Bees on blossoms create a delightful bio-phony

Every creeper and twig of trees and bushes

Flowers in red, pink and blue with blushing smiles


Butterflies, flicker their multi colour soft wings

Similar to flashing eye lashes of Geisha girls

Having said goodbye to their winter blues,

Clad in summer dresses, do dance tiny tots


Young birds, just learning to fly out of nests,

Under watchful vigil of parents,  beaming eyes

Sweetest melodies the young beaks do impart

Heavenly lullabies for human babies in cradles


Long day hours and pure white radiant sun rays

Propel  winter chills to hide in shame

Spring is bevelling to long summer days

Imparting happiness as smiles on every face


8 thoughts on “Update from Ariya

  1. Ariya, thanks for the vivid description of the change in weather.Glad to know that a sunny spring day .is a tranquilising agent to you?


  2. Welcome Home my dear Poet friend !
    Have a good rest- after that very long journey , halfway round the world, and enjoy the beauty of nature that surrounds you .

    As Rani says- this must be like a tranquiliser to you – an iv valium !

    Stay Awake to keep all of us awake !!!!!

    Snake Charmer !


    • My dear Friends,
      Many thanks for all your fab, encouraging words
      Faced with aches, pains & fleeting memory losses
      As a distraction I started to focus on beautiful things
      Mother nature, inspires me providing fine examples

      The beauty and the privilege of being part of the 64 batch
      Is the enthusiastic encouragement my friends do provide
      Though all of you lavishly praise my poetic compositions
      Skills grew, nourished by my batch mates helpful remarks


  3. Hi Ariya, You are a very poetic person.It was a hidden talent I never knew. Also many thanks for your birthday wishes.I greatly enjoyed all your poetic compositions .


  4. Dear Ranee,
    Glad to know you too are an enthusiastic reader of the web
    Sam, our web master gifted for the batch, this is a blessing
    I do write poetry both in English as well as in mother tongue
    Will e mail a set of verses, if you feed back, would be මසුරං


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