Photo Quiz- Rani






Can you identify and describe the images and its location in SriLanka?


12 thoughts on “Photo Quiz- Rani

  1. My dear Simone,

    I am writing to get the dialogue going here
    Absolutely clueless, nothing really new there
    The silence of erudite friends, unable to bear
    ‘Dambilla caves’ is the wild guess, from Ariya


  2. HI Good morning to you The Encyclopedia of Down Under- trying to test my fast fading grey cells !

    At first glance- seems like a water hole in a cave , that has been cemented down to hold the water .

    Reminded me of Kannya Hot Springs of Trinco- that I visited and washed my hair during my solo trip to the east coast after the RU 64 events .
    Anyway- looks like some nice remote place, far, far from the maddening crowds- to enjoy peace and solitude in cave spring –

    Ariya- you are right too- I think- some nice cave somewhere to hide and day dream !

    I am off to my first Pow Wow for the season in a little while , to a near by town called Barrie, an hour’s drive from home .
    Will be spending all day there – a feast for the senses- eyes, ears and gastronomic !

    Gotta go now and get all dressed up like the proverbial Pow Wow Girl !
    Perhaps send some pics for all of you to see , what a Pow Wow is like in North America/ Canada .

    Hope the rest of the gang can ID it down- specially, the folks now living in the Resplendent Isle .

    Indrajee– you HAVE to know this – tell us all about it !!!

    Narme- go for a drive and find this place !

    Good luck to all ,

    eagledeepthie- aka Snake Charmer !


  3. I have to take a wild guess on this one.

    1) Cobra head cave Sigiriya , just as you enter the cave.

    2)The longest cave in Sri lanka ,and even thought to be the longest in Asia Tharulengala cave in ,Lahugala Sri Lanka.



  4. You Are The Participants My Friends
    So Please Keep On Trying Till The End
    It Will Not,, Be Revealed till The End
    So no , time for Losers.
    Cos you are the Fighters
    My,, Erudite mates
    ” Courtesy Queen”


  5. My dear SDR Encyclopeida !
    The third photo is a lovely photo of a cave opening into the ocean/ lake I think .

    I have seen this kind of thing , Limestone caves , here , where I live, in a National Park called Bruce Peninsula National park .

    This looks like a limestone cave – also- if I remember right saw something like that in Jaffna- was it Keerimalai? when we went on a school trip some 55 yrs ago !
    Praxy- were you on that school trip with us ?- when we went on that blue school bus all the way to Jaffna and back ?
    It was a great trip- sang in the bus- all the way to Jaffna and back – where I virtually dominated the back seat with the girls who could join me in a sing a long !!

    Anyway- dont have a clue where it is – let the folks in SL figure it out !
    waiting for the answer !!!! Might lose some sleep tonight over this !!!!!!
    eagledeepthie .


  6. I think it is the Belilena caves, Kitulgala Sri Lanka. This is the cave where the 12,000 year old skeleton was discovered.



  7. Congratulations Nissantha, yes it is the Prehistoric Belilena the large cave in Kitulgala 8 km from the town and 100 km from Colombo.
    2000 ft above Sea level

    It was the home to the prehistoric humans of Srilanka “BALANGDA MAN” (Homosapien,Balangodensis)

    Speleology (a term I learnt today).the science ,details Of the cave

    Evidence of presence of prehistoric humans Balangoda man , were discovered in the cave,in the form of human fossils ,dating back to 32000 BP.This was analysed by international Anthropologists ,and was of great value in understanding of Balangoda man.

    Balangoda man is the common ancestor for the Vedda,and Sinhalese Trait?

    Physical appearance – as shown in the image- males 174 cams ,females 166 cams. Bone robust, thick skull bones, heavy jaw, prominent brow, thick flat nose, teeth conspicuous,short neck.

    Balangoda man was responsible for the “Mesolithic Balangoda Culture.”
    Consisting of

    The tool kit of Balangoda man as shown in the image ,was distinguished by the occurrence of geometric Mesolithics, comprising small less than 4 cm tools of geometrical shapes , lunate and trapezoid forms made of Chert, Quartz,bones and antlers.
    Thus the Belilena yielded evidence of the sophisticated technology plan 16000 years earlier than in Europe.

    Also found in the caves were remain s of Samba deer.wild boar, monies,local reptiles ,squirrels, fish, tree and aquatic Snails. Salt was also found in the caves

    The flora in the area consist of wild bread fruit and Kekun nuts.

    In an Era where man is collecting data of Dinosaurs,lived millions of years ago, it’s time for us to at least learn about homosapiens of ,Srilanka.?dating back to 16000?


  8. Thank you my dear SDR Encyclopedia Down Under and to Nisantha- for nailing it down !
    I never knew anything about the Balangoda Man- what a revelation .
    I will look up Dr Google for more info.
    yes- we are a very , very ancient race of people, and even here , where I live, there is Archeological evidence of human presence dating back to 10, 000 yrs, soon after the Ice Sheet melted off 15, 000 yrs ago .
    This area is out of bounds for public viewing as still , there is a lot of Archeological work being done – just 2 miles from my home !
    Chert ,Quartz and Bone- were used here where I live, and Labrador area ( close to where Indira and Ana live in Newfoundland ) .

    It is truly fascinating to know that ‘ We The People ‘ were here, a very long time ago — and the question is — ‘ how have we done so far ‘??
    History will be the Judge on this …..
    Something to think about .

    Again- Rani- many thanks for that wonderful story on the Balangoda Man .
    eagledeepthie .


  9. Thank you Rani for the very nice account of the “Balangoda Man” . Gives me the push to read about the discovery of the cave and learn about the history of our ancestors.



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