Update from Deepthie the Snake Charmer!




Some neat pics of me with my friends –
Eastern Fox Snake- 4 occasions –
1.at the  local Pow Wow-  some yrs back , when Parks Canada had a
Demonstration booth- and I was the willing one to teach the kids that this
snake, that is   a  highly endangered species – is not dangerous .
Parks Canada- was grateful to this volunteer  old pow wow gal .
2. The next time-  last year , at a friend’s island cottage last year – they
were packing the boat and I was playing the flute by the water- and here it
The cottage owners had not seen it for the longest time , and I told them,
the snake was living under their cottage built on concrete blocks .
3. In my own garden – one morning- when I was walking around the garden in
my pj’s  with  my morning coffee and camera  in hand .
I placed the snake in a  pillow case, took it to the local Ontario Park
Awenda park near where I live for the staff to measure, weigh and take
photos .
Then, on the way back home, I went to a neighbours place woke them up to
see my friend !
Then I came home, and took the snake on a House Tour .
 You can see the snake- snug as a bug, coiled up on the seat in my Eagle
Room ( Sun room ) . it did not seem to want to move around . I sat on the
ground and talked to the snake for a while and told it ” I think, we had
better go now- as you have to go home now ” .
Then I took it out and let it out on the beach- and I felt soooo sad, as I
saw it slithering away from me, and I said  ‘ Please come back soon ‘ –that
was 4 yrs ago .

4. About 10 yrs ago when I did not have a camera- this snake was on the
beach –

In the instances 3 and 4- I had put out some thin plastic mesh to prevent
the deer from wondering around my yard and eating my plants . The snake got
tangled in the mesh .
I cut out the mesh, took the snake to the local provincial park ( Awenda
park ) to be examined, measured, and weighed  etc .

Northern Water Snake – “- Aunty Deepthie with the water snake “– this was
last year, when Shiranci’s daughter was spending some time with me in
August- and it was very hot at that time .
We were cutting down some brush near the water, when the snake was coiled
up on branch .
Dinali freaked out and ran away, and I ran for the camera !
A few days later, we were again in the water on a hot afternoon- when the
snake came out to see who was invading its territory- Dinali took the photo
, of me ‘Charming the Snake ‘ .

This snake returned – at least I think so- as I saw it a week ago- in the
same area, this time, sung as a bug, coiled up on top of the brush ,
soaking up the morning spring sun.
I was doing the same thing while having my  breakfast on the  beach deck .
It has been a very wet and  cold spring here, in Ontario .

Milk Snake- last year in July and August- near the garden tap and the
compost bags and compost heap

Snake with Frog in the mouth – I saw this gerendiya ( Garter Snake ) with
the frog  in the mouth  near my  garden pond . I took a stick and hit the
snake – and it spat out the frog.
The snake went hungry and the frog lived to tell the tale.
This photo was won the first prize at a local garden club photo gig .
I bet it freaked out the judges !!

Hope  at least some of you enjoyed The Tales from a Snake Charmer !



16 thoughts on “Update from Deepthie the Snake Charmer!”

  1. My dear Deepthie,
    Just arrived home from Napier, NZ, gruesome twenty four hour flight
    As usual the first thing I did, was to, check on Sam’s, 64 batch website
    Oh my God, what a talent, what diversified capabilities you possess
    If a poem is composed for each skill, I will be writing for the rest of my life


  2. Hey Ariya and Swarna !
    Thanks for the complements- just that I happen to be in the right place at the right time, with the camera in my pocket !
    Actually, these snakes are NOT harmful – this is the point of the whole exercise- to educate people to Save the Snakes .
    The Eastern Fox Snake- my real favourite one- it was amazing how it came to me, as I was playing the flute by the water last year, in my friend’s island cabin.
    it seems that snakes dont hear, but, that they ‘feel ‘ the vibration from the ground .
    I guess, it ‘felt ‘ the sound of the flute song and came to investigate and also I was near its home , under the cottage !
    I will send you the full complement of photos- some of which were ‘edited out’ due to data/ space considerations .

    Enjoy- Snake Charmer !


  3. My dear Deepthi, I see the snake you are holding on your chest, Don’t you get scared. Is it a real snake or a dummy snake. – Indragee


    1. Indragee- the snake is REAL as it gets- fangs and venom!

      The one that is round my neck , on the deck of my friend’s house- is REAL- as this is the one i took in a pillowcase to the local Provincial park to be photographed, weighed ,measured etc .
      it is the same one that I took on the house tour- and is seen coiled up on the pillow case snug as a bug on my two seater chair in the sunroom.

      The one at the Pow wow- brought in by the Parks Canada officer- is also real .
      The photo of the snake coiled up, snug as a bug in my sunroom- is now hanging in the office of this Parks Canada officer !

      A volunteer was needed to demonstrate to the kids- about Saving the Snakes – so, I stepped up to the plate !

      Thanks Indragee for your comments .- deepthie .


  4. Dear Wonder Woman,sorry for the late comments, woke up only at 8 am.watched Championship league cricket SLVs India,till 3am in the morning.

    I was trying to coin a word to describe your multifaceted interests, talents.etc really I am yet to meet a mate like you with ECLECTIC tastes ranging from gardening,music,as well as being a Green Panther, Serpentologist, etc etc all the terms in the Google will not describe your interests in a wide range of discipline s.

    Thanks for the snake photos,Scarry,I won’t step out in to my back yard ,because I am scared of snakes?

    Anyway I am proud to be your friend and give you permission to add another STAR to your inspiring Portfolio

    Ariya glad to know u had a safe journey


    1. Hey my dear Devika Rani- I am NO Serpentologist- just someone who likes nature and protecting all creatures large and small .
      Also- I happen to be in the right place at the right time, with the camera in tow !
      Thanks a lot for the nice comments – I am just a ‘ jack of all trades and master of none ‘ person thats all !
      Deepthie .


  5. Deepthi I knew your talents as a People charmer. Never knew you were a snake charmer as well. How many good looking men have you attracted playing your flute. I remember you playing the flute at our RU 64 concert it was kind of eerie , mesmerizing , haunting melodies. Never heard of melodies , but good.



  6. Hey Nisantha – you are asking me a very tough question ” How many good looking men have you attracted playing the flute ? ”
    I dont know – is the short answer
    The time I was ‘looking ‘ I did not play the flute !

    Now, I am too old for that game anyway – and there is no one around to attract anyway!!

    Now, I attract birds, snakes and eagles .

    There is an eagle in Cottonwood Az- I think I sent you and Dharma- photos of this eagle, some yrs back- that ‘kind of ‘ knows me, and is used to my voice, and the flute , as I sing the Eagle Honour Song when ever I get a chance to do so, when I see this eagle, on the ‘eagle tree’ as I call it, by the Verde River .

    Birds are attracted to the sound of the flute and they never fail to thrill me, specially the Canyon Wren of Arizona- who always comes to investigate and gives me tough competition .
    Also the Rock Wren- is another bird in AZ that comes to see’ who is in my space ‘ !

    Over here I have many gulls – my captive audience .
    The Northern Water Snake- comes when I am in the water- to investigate as to who is in its space !

    So, these are the Tales from a Snake Charmer !- aka eagledeepthie .


    1. Dear Deepthie I have to say that you are very brave to stand in the water with the snake a few yards away. Once when we were in Thailand we had photos taken with huge pythons round our necks and that was pretty scary and I waited for it to be over . Praxy


    2. Deepthi – being able to communicate with birds, especially Eagles, snakes and other animals takes special talents. I hope you got an opportunity to read my e mail and the attachment about a woman who was able to communicate with animals. The video showed how she tamed a ferocious Black Panther with her ” magic” powers.

      My talent to be able to communicate with animals do not extend beyond my dog. Now that he is 14 + years old , I think he has selective hearing, like some wives do ( I am expecting some flak from this one )

      Do you remember the ” Mantra ” used to calm animals from your childhood ? I remember a tracker at Yala wild life sanctuary using it to stop a charging wild elephant. There was a recent account , a video, how a young man was able to calm a wild elephant at Uda Walawe , using the Mantara.



  7. I think, those pythons had their venom sacs taken out .– as this is what the so called ‘snake charmers’ do when they use the snakes to earn a living from the tourists etc .
    I have not checked ‘google one this — but from what I remember- ( from what prof Dissa taught us in Parasitology ) the serpent will eventually die, if the venom sacs are removed — from dryness of the mouth etc .
    I leave this for the real Serpetologists in the Class of 64 to tell me all about it .
    Ben Rajapakse ( who has since passed away ) was a real fan of snakes and knew a lot about snakes , and we used to talk about it back then .

    A bit of ‘trivia’ for all .
    Snake Charmer eagledeepthie .


  8. Hi Nisantha-
    yes I did see that video of that young man calming a charging elephant with the ‘Mantra’ in Yala, and I had a similar experience some yrs back in Udawalawe on a trip with friends , when the guides and driver ‘talked down’ an elephant herd , that blocked the road .

    The rest of the gp of us HFC girls were soo nervous- I stood up and managed a few photos – no fancy cameras back then .
    The tracker was ‘known ‘ to that particular herd of elephants- who were marking time , waiting for a lost young one to be brought over by a juvenile .
    When the re-union happened, it was a very touching and memorable scene- when the entire herd raised their trunks, trumpeted and welcomed the young one back to the herd .
    I wish I had a nice video camera back then .
    Then the Tracker/ Driver- said something to the elephants – a Mantra of course and thanked the herd , and we went our way .

    Please send me the attachment of the woman and the black panther story .– I cant remember seeing it .

    Thanks for the nice comments- and I am happy to share my stories with the Class of 64 !

    eagledeepthie .


  9. Hi Deepthi

    You are so talented and very knowledgeable. I enjoy reading every time . Do you come to London ? i missed the 2014 get together due to family commitments . It looks I have a missed a great opportunity.
    Well done Deepthi please keep us entertained.


  10. Everyday we come to know a different talent
    You must be in our batch with the mate with skills most
    To acquire and store all these wonderful proficiencies
    Have you got an extra lobe in your brain, named efficient?


  11. HI Marina !
    Great to hear back from you !
    I dont do too much getting around now – have not been to UK -for a stay for nearly 20 yrs.
    Just pass through Heathrow thats all .
    Yes we had a great time in Beruwala in 2014.
    Perhaps , if and when there is another RU- somewhere , someday soon enough, hopefully, you can make it .

    Hey Ariya- I dont have an extra lobe in my brain- what is already there is I make it work like a demon !
    Actually, I forget a lot- misplace things around the house, then run around like an idiot looking for them, cursing my self at every step of the way !
    As for photos- I am in the right place at the right time with my little pocket Cannon – simple as that !

    I was told just on friday, by a Mohawk Tribe Seer-to have a snake painted on one of my hand drums .
    So, y’day and day before, I was at this big Pow Wow in my area, and met an artist ( Mohawk Ojibway from Niagara Falls area ) – who did just that , and I took the photos of the Fox Snake ( some of the ones I posted on the web ) for her to see, and she did a great job of it, painting the snake on my drum !
    I cannot post a pic of the drum as it is a Sacred Drum now, having been ‘birthed ‘ at the Sacred Fire with the help of The Fire Keeper at the Pow Wow – to the beat of the Big Drum, and so, it is not meant for public viewing .

    Sometimes, I get a bit scared the way things turn out for me in life … so, I tend to spend time in solitude a lot- just to get my head space in order !!

    Some thoughts for all of you to ponder over ..
    Snake Charmer !


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