8 thoughts on “Photo Quiz”

  1. College House Cinnamon gardens Colombo

    It Was Regina Walauwa. Belonging to Sir Charles Henry De , donated to his grand sonArthur de Soysa
    Library had books donated by Late Sir Ponnambalam Arunachalam

    Vice chancellor Prof Stanley Wijesundera was assassinated on th the 8 th March1989 by JVP


  2. Kuveni Maha Rani of Down Under is always right on the money and , so, I will leave it at that !!
    eagledeepthie .


  3. Well, I think we tricked Maha Rani this time! The standard Google answer is apparently wrong. See below the response by the owners grand daughter.

    “Sorry you got it wrong. It is Alfred House which was built by C.H.De Soysa and where Prince Alfred was entertained. It does not exist anymore. Regina Walauwe was built by his son my grandfather T.H.A. DeSoysa and was completed in 1911soon after the death of his wife Regina. He lived there with his five children and moved out when it was bought by the government in 1920 for the University College and renamed College House.”

    This house I believe is now a world heritage house. I used to visit this place long before I entered medical Faculty. My brother’s office occupied upstairs when he was the Asst Commissioner of Educational Publications. He was there all day translating the English text books to comply with Sinhala Only policies of Bandaranayaka era.


  4. who is the grand daughter that was in med school ?
    interesting history .
    Love the Trick Question !– thats why I kept quiet !


  5. Deepthie
    Sorry my comment was a bit confusing. The middle paragraph in quotes came from Mr Soysa’s Grand daughter. (I picked it up from social media in response to a discussion of similar nature)
    The last paragraph is my own experience regarding the house since my brother worked there.


  6. Thanks Sam. For the trick quiz that fooled me.

    Do I have to blame , The visual trick, caused by the flickering Candle light “the Google”?

    Learnt A lesson . I thought Computers will keep me from making mistakes.But I am wrong, this time, with Computers you make MISTAKES FASTER.


  7. I had no clue.. Nice house though . Love the architecture. Glad they preserved it for the future generations to admire and enjoy.



  8. Dear Sam,
    Thanks for the photograph and it’s true description
    Not only Simone I too failed With the identification
    Mistook p it as College house, that is my confession
    Though wrong glad to make same error as clever Simone


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