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  1. The Taj Mahal was completed in1652 ( after 22 years) by the Moghul Emporor Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal as a monument of their eternal love. But in 1658 he was deposed by his son Aurangzeb. In 1958 I had the pleasure of responding to an uncontrolled call of nature in one of its rooms as there was no washroom in sight. My visit a few years ago was also eventful in that I saw naked Jain Priests in Agra being worshipped by women.


  2. Hey Devika Ran Kuveni !’
    Is this some sort of a ‘trick question ” ?
    There is no one in the world to day, that does not know this iconic image built for love .

    This is the Taj Mahal , and like Seelan said once – ‘ I can see Rani in her Nike Shoes ‘ !!!

    World Heritage Site- with millions of visitors paying homage to this ultimate Shrine of Love and Devotion ..
    Building of it started in 1632 by Shah Jahan , in memory of his wife- Mumtaz Mahal .– and so the story goes and google will tell it all .

    But, I suspect the Maha Rani of Down Under has a trick up her sleeve, or hidden in the soles of her Nike Shoes, like the ‘shoe bomber’ !!!!

    My best image of this is that photo of Lady Diana in front of it — ….
    Again– love defies words ..

    Again- a very busy weekend for me .

    Will check the ‘progress rpt’ before bed time !
    I will bide my time – – eagledeepthie .


  3. First of all let me tell everyone that this is not the Taj Mahal. There are about 7 buildings in India that look like the Taj Mahal. There is one in Bangladesh and one even in the UK .

    Piching and I were at the Taj Mahal two years ago and when I looked at the picture it did not look like the picture I took. On either side of the walk way to the building I see two walls. This is not there in the Taj Mahal in Agra. These areas are beautifully landscaped.

    Deepthi mentioned the picture that she has of Princess Diana on the seat with the Taj in the background. Piching and I sat in this very seat and took a picture. These seats are absent in this picture that Rani posted.

    This is the poorly constructed copy of the original magnificent building and it is the Bibi-Ka Maqbara Mausoleum. This building was constructed between 1651 – 1661 AD ( Taj Mahal 1631-1652 ) built by Prince Azam Shah in memory of his mother. This is located in Arungabad , India.



  4. There you go !

    I knew it- that Rani has a good trick up her sleeve , and or, buried in her shoe like the shoe bomber – and a bomb indeed my dear that you dropped on all of us !!
    I was at least correct on that count .!!!

    I just LOVE it !–

    Way to go Nisantha- the ‘world traveller ‘ – I knew you will ‘get it ‘ !!
    I dont have a pic of Lady Diana at the Taj- just that I remember this photo in some mag, during the time of her tragic death- an thought of the irony of it …

    Now, here is a real shocker- I have NEVER been to India – can you believe it ?
    I cant believe it either .

    I have never seen the REAL Taj, or an imitation of it .
    I am sure it I look hard enough, there will be one, even in the Greater Toronto Area ( GTA ) !!!

    My mother went to India , just once only, back in the 60’s on a ‘Sari Safari’ to bring back home nice silk saris from India, for her two grown up daughters and for her self , my little sister being a bit too young to wear sari at that time .

    Well done Rani- keep it up !
    By the way I worked my butt off in the garden all day and just came in, for shower , dinner watch the idiot box, and bed , and will dream of the REAL Taj !

    Good night to everyone- eagledeepthie


  5. I have a problem with the picture everyone recognise as ‘Taj mahal’
    Unable to see the large pond in front of great creation of king Mogal
    May be a replica in another city, you would take me to be a sceptic
    Glamour I remember of the great building missing, am I really pathetic


    1. Ariya you are on the right path. It is not the real Taj. You too recognized something that is missing.



  6. Dear Nisantha and Deepthie

    At your peril if one ignores,
    Eagle eyed Deepthie’s warning
    In her own words, she expressed
    Up her sleeve, Maharani has a good trick
    I fully agree, Simone is cajoling
    So far only three of us are doubting

    I must firmly say this is a faux
    And to call this as Mumtaz Mahal
    Is an insult to The Taj Mahal great
    But hats off to Rani for
    Taking some, round the bend!



  7. When I looked at the believers and the doubters of Rani’s trick
    Narme and Indragee the gentleman of batch of the highest class
    They have no suspicious bone in them had fallen far Rani, so far
    Common Simone, you are found out, time is right to spill the beans


  8. Thanks Sam for posting the images

    Ha, Ha another brain teaser from Down under? Glad to know that only some mates have contracted the contagious disease “Image Fooling”

    Congratulations to Nissantha, for the analytical conclusion.

    Please compare the two images

    It is the Bibi Ka Maqbara in Aurangabad in the Maharastra state.

    History- refer Nissantha’s details

    Obvious external differences -the centralDome is Smaller than Taj,and the 4 smaller domes,in addition to the shorter Minerets. The appearance is duskier than Taj
    Yes Ariya there is a provision for a water fountain in front but it was dry wn
    When I visited the place last year.
    Deepthie you were aware of the possible hoax .from down under, your Inuit intuition powers?

    Narme ,and Indragee thanks for participation, better luck to those who were fooled by the brain teaser.


  9. Dear Simone,
    Thank you for the little trick you played
    Gave another aspect for us to proceed
    Idea of the ‘brain teaser you introduced
    May become popular among our mates


  10. Good Morning every one !

    Refreshed after a dreamless sleep- did not dream of The Taj !

    It is raining now- and that is why I worked like a bat out of hell in the garden y’day, ‘turning and spreading the compost ‘ with the help of a kind , much younger neighbour visitor .

    The Ontario Weather right now is like ‘London Fog ‘ Weather !– great day for ‘indoor projects’ like house cleaning !! ha! ha ! ha !

    Ariya- love your poetic analysis of the Class 64 First Responders .
    Hilarious to say the least !

    Seelan- is jogging in his new Nikes !, and when he is well rested, we will have another ‘Trick Quiz’–

    Hey- I like that new name !

    Trick Quiz !

    Well Maharani – YOU are the best !!–
    That was a great quiz for sure , and like Ariya says- the eagle eyes smelled the rat, from the word get go . !
    I am now craving for another ‘Trick Quiz ‘ to be sent to us Above Up folks from Down Under folks.
    Kuveni Maharani- you are right- my ‘sixth indian sense ‘ came into high gear , and like the polar bear that smells a seal under the ice , from a distance of 2 km away ! .


  11. Thanks Rani for trying to trick us all. If Piching and I had not seen the Taj Mahal I would have recognized your picture as The Taj Mahal. Having spent several hours at the Taj Mahal admiring the beauty of the building, the intricate carvings ,precious and semi precious inlays in the white marble , beautifully landscaped gardens , I could not imagine why you posted such a horrible picture of the Taj Mahal. Then I looked at the picture more critically and found the ” missing links “.

    Hey ! wait a minute it is not the Taj Mahal. Had to do some research and with the help of “Uncle Google ” came up with the answer.

    I should congratulate Deepthie and Ariya too for being suspicious of the picture that Rani posted.



  12. Nisantha and Piching just posted a third photo. They don’t want to brag, but can you guess the third person on the picture posing with them?


  13. is that Lady Diana ? I I am sure this is Lady Diana .
    Ok- Lady Diana – is my pick on the quiz .

    I seem to recognize the body language and the nice long legs .

    The Ever Lovely Cheena Lamissi and the Kandyan King- look smashing !!



  14. Well, the pictures can sometimes be misleading in the tricky hands of the webmaster! The truth is that Nisantha and Piching sat on the same bench as Princess Diana. See the actual image I just posted.
    I thought it would be believable because of Nisantha’s Royal connections!


  15. Thanks Sam. Some of you know the connection between my great grandfather Hulugalla Adigar and Queen Victoria . My great grand father went for prestige and fame , as we well know , that Queen Victoria was no beauty.

    Now you know my connection to Royalty. I went for beauty.



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