16 thoughts on “Photo Quiz – Ariya

  1. I have to agree with Rani the first one is Sanchi Stupa entrance , Raisen District , Madya Prasesh India. Stupa built by the great emperor Asoka.

    The other two I am not sure.



  2. Dear Simone I am impressed with your knowledge
    We are a proud batch of scholars by every sense
    So many living, breathing encyclopaedias, amongst us
    fortunately I too crept in by hook or by crook, so could boast

    There is no riddle, clinical or other, Seelan cannot resolve
    There is no living creature Deepthie’s camera has missed
    Nisantha’s knowledge on absolutely everything is frightening
    During her travels, Simone has not missed virtually anything

    Sam’s computer skills, stores and projection of artefacts are brilliant
    He has transformed our hoary old age to a phase of fabulous enjoyment
    We have English scholars like Narme, workaholics, Anoja and Lakshman
    Almeida to put us in stitches, philanthropists of the caiber of Wije & Seelan

    Brilliantly skilled Photographers of the batch bring every creature to focus
    Dharma and Deepthie doing sensational favours, incessantly to please us
    Similarly, Selvarani’s cakes’ and Praxy keenness to back all good causes
    I have run out of my store of superlatives to describe many other notables


    • Enjoy reading your poetry. As I have said before I admire your talent. Thanks for the kind words.

      When is is your book on poetry going to be published. Now that Rani has elucidated the benefits of poetry , we can all read your book on poetry as a daily routine. We all need to improve our brain activity and wake up the dormant neurons.



  3. My old age is rapidly catching up so please forgive me mates
    How could Have I forgotten, Faizal’s music and Esiri’s songs
    From Kadavuna poronduwa to date all tunes, history and lyrics
    Esiri is our Ameradeva and Jothipala put together, skills fabulous


  4. It was just wonderful to read through this today !

    I was very busy today and also dont have a clue about this place either .
    so, I left it to ‘greater minds ‘ !!!!

    What an education this has been to me – Rani- aka Maharani Encyclopediea of Down Under !!

    Ariya- thanks for the kind poetic words to describe all of us- what we bring along to the group as a whole , and we are all in one BIG Circle – scattered and living in the Four Directions of the World now .
    YOU are the Poet- among us – and I love reading through your writings.
    Thanks a lot .

    Sam- This blog- web- is such a beautiful thing you have created – to keep us together , so to speak .

    Many thanks to all – eagledeepthie .


  5. I think the third is the Northern Gate To Sanchi.

    Thanks for your comments.

    Ariya your skills and talent in poetry writing ,,not only guide you through an exciting adventure through language, but also ,show how you could express creativity, andself expressions. I feel that it has become habitual and Ingraved as part of your daily routine.

    We your 64 mates are the beneficiaries.

    Well can I also add the effects of reading poetry on the brain

    Science research has shown
    1 It stimulates the right hemisphere of the brain- reward an emotion (if you are lacking in one )

    2: stimulates the brain the part linked to memory

    3. Stimulates Cingulate cortex,and medial Temporal lobe,linked to rest,etc. Helping in relaxation,self reflect and introspection

    Ariya so please continue your good work, Helping your mates to experience , mood changes,healing, and may be life changing ( Dhamma)views,by striking a healthy balance of both skill and talent,in Poetry writing.


  6. Thanks Simone and Deepthie for your praises
    I am encouraged to hear that you like my verses
    Simone is right, poetry do have a thereputic effect
    It is nice we have a understanding supportive mates


  7. Hey Devika Rani Kuveni !!

    Many thanks for the very educational note on the ‘ Poetry writing and Brain Stimulation ‘.
    We sure did not learn this at med school .
    I have actually ‘put away my medicine books’ and taken out my ‘garden books ‘ !

    Perhaps- it has the same effect on ‘Story Telling ‘ and perhaps that is why I tend to write a lot- as it gives me ” self reflection, relaxation and introspection ‘.
    I never really thought of it that way, till now .

    Thanks for this new insight .

    Ariya- you have has done such a wonderful service to all of us, with the help of the BIG Spider in Florida, weaving that wonderful web !
    Keep writing !

    A great way for me, to start my day , every morning , and end it at night too- to see, who has said what, and where and when and why ( W5- as we call it !!! ).

    eagledeepthie .


  8. YesDeepthie, all of us love to read your anecdotes, relating to every quiz.your story telling magical talent ,help us to share your experience emotionally,and make it more memorable. Thanks a lot .


  9. Dear batch mates your wonderful knowledge of things around the world is fantastic.Rani with her unforgotten functions of various parts of the brain and Ariya with his amazing poetic talents make the blog very interesting. Deepthie is the chief photographer and Sam who was so quiet when he was sitting next to me has united all of us and it is sooooo nice to see the interaction between at least some of us . Ariya and Sam your efforts to get the blog going is appreciated by all of us and it has rekindled friendships ….It is nice to have our own FACE BOOK ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


  10. Thank you, Deepthie, Praxy, Nisantha and Simone
    Our adulations of each other exhibit the side humane
    Inducing us to reach heights, hitherto not been before
    The stimulus is the web site Sam created for batch 64


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