Best Wishes to Mahilal Ratnapala!


My dear Mahilal
Bring good wishes from a distant land
To one of the finest gentlemen in our midst
Your exceptional qualities, we all admire
They seem to get better Year on Year

A considerate friend amongst us, wise
Drives away negligence with care and vigilance
From the day I came to know you first
Young looks and pleasant manners are well intact

Our friendship gets fresher like a blossoming flower
For that I thank you from the bottom of heart, dear
Wish you peace and contentment in your serene life
And to continue with Mahila, a very healthy long life


Happy Birthday to you Mahilal , on the start of the month of Poson  and may
you enjoy many more Happy Birthdays with your lovely Mahila and the rest of
the family,,  in the years ahead .
It was wonderful meeting up with you ( and Mahila ! ) after sooo long .

Can you remember how we met in New Zealand at Ahnainmugan’s place soon
after you arrived in NZ ? 1991 dec it was I think, and you were still sooo
homesick for Mahila and family , as you  first arrived in NZ alone back
then, and got the family down later .
A pity I don’t have a  photo from that visit , and it is amazing how time
has gone by so very fast .

Thanks to Sam and Ariya- we have this Web to connect up and greet each
other on our Special Day .

Anyway– Have a Very Happy Birthday today with family and friends- where
ever you may be , and lets hope we meet some where sooner rather than later

Deepthie .

28 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Mahilal Ratnapala!

    • Thank you very much Satha and Selvi. Memories go back to those days when we used to get together to study with Pol Sam. Satha, I remember you and your scooter very vividly. So lovely to hear from you.


  1. Mahilal dear though you live across the ocean,
    Your birthday has not been forgotten.
    So Ranjit and I wish you many happy returns of the day
    Along with good cheer and happiness that will even blow you away.
    Ranjit and Praxy


  2. Happy BirthDay Mahilal!
    Hope you enjoyed the multi city US tour few years back. Make sure you include Florida in your itinerary next time.


    • Thanks very much Sam. It was so lovely meeting you at Nisantha and Piching’s place for dinner. We really enjoyed the multi city tour of USA and you are right, it has to be Florida next time. What a legend you are Sam for running this website which is absolutely wonderful, helping to reconnect us from all over the world. You are a fantastic webmaster, so dedicated to the task that it is without doubt the best ever managed website by an amateur group.
      I cannot stop without going back to those good old days when I can picture you on your scooter. Doing our appointment with Nilo (Surgeon Niles) and getting nick named ‘Goat’ which is the very complimentary way Nilo addresses his students – that was great fun!
      Many thanks once again. Love to catch up again.
      Best wishes – Mahilal


  3. Happy birthday Mahilal. Many happy returns of this day. Cannot forget the first day of internship in Prof Priyani’s ward. We decided to be on call together. Child with Hydrocephalus came in with “status epilepticus”. We both panicked. We got the nurse to call SHO “Lama” even before he could get home. After about 5 minutes we regained our sanity and got the seizures under control before Lama came. Nice to have met you and your wife at the RU. We wish a very happy and healthy future.



    • Thanks dear Dharma. As my first co-intern, you have a special place in my life story. Can I remind you of the farewell dinner with Prof Priyani that you had one too many ! That was when you were just a baby doctor ?
      Cheers and best wishes – Mahilal


  4. Many happy returns of the day Mahilal. All the best now and years to come. As Sam has mentioned your multi city visit to the US included our home in Rockville Maryland. Piching and I enjoyed having you and Mahila visit us during your visit. Hope to see you soon here in the US.

    Nisantha and Piching.


    • Hello Nisantha and Piching – Thanks very much for your good wishes on my birthday. Mahila and I still have very pleasant memories of Piching’s culinary talents in giving us a very tastefully prepared dinner, that still lingers on our taste buds. That night, in the company of Sam, it was a very memorable day as we heard the news of the capture and death of Bin Laden on our way to the hotel from your residence after dinner. Thanks for those ever lasting memories.
      Cheers and best wishes – Mahilal


  5. dear mahilal may you have many many more bdays it wasmemorable meeting you and your very pleasant wife, I have very pleasant memories of you in med school as very smily guy and always willing to help,i am sure you have a very good life and satisfied medical clientale
    best of luck paul sel


    • Dear Paul, my good friend. You, myself, Deepthi, Satha, Selvi, Pol Sam and the two Rodrigos – what a group in those days ! We survived the onslaught and and managed it well in the end. I still treasure the comradery that we had as a group, ready to help each other with those challenging Sigs and ward classes. We can now look back with nostalgia and reminisce those good old days. Thanks for your good wishes – Mahilal


  6. Happy b’day Manila.I still remember our medical college days studying with Pol Sam and you. Still look young and handsome. Wishing you many more wonderful years.
    Satha and Selvi


    • Thanks once again, Satha and Selvi. When I think of you, I remember you, Satha, sitting on your scooter, always very tidily groomed, in the company of Pol Sam, the other Sam (our webmaster) whom we affectionately refer to as ‘goat’ (named by Nilo) and Paul who was always hilarious and kept us entertained with his light banter. What great memories ! Thanks for your good wishes – Mahilal


  7. Hey Mahilal !
    Happy Birthday again – did you like the pics I posted and my little greeting to you, recalling the day we met at in Palmeston North in NZ at Ahnainmugan ‘s place , so very long time ago?

    Again I say- pity I dont have those pics with me now- they got destroyed in a water damage issue .

    yes- I do remember those days Sigs/ Ward Classes and god knows what else we had to put our selves through to get to where we are today .
    They were great days for sure !

    Hope I meet you and lovely Mahila some where sooner, rather than later .

    Deepthie .


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