Best Wishes to Indra (Menon) Naganathar!






Happy Birthday Indra !
Wishing you  Good Health and  Happiness today and in the days to come , and
may you enjoy this day with family and friends .

It was really nice to have met you and Naganathar at the RU in Beruwala .

I love the photo of  Mahen and you , Naganathar- greeted by Lakshman
Senanayake-  as I still remember very vividly,  back in those days, 53 yrs
ago,  a very young and boyish Mahen  Malli,  with his very protective Akka !
We have come a long , long way since then !!

Have a Very Happy Birthday today, and may you enjoy many more Happy
Birthdays in the years ahead .

Deepthie .

Dear Indra
Send you greetings for a fabulous Birthday
Full of joy, prosperity and contentment all the way
Excellent health and a Happy long life with Naga
And thank you being a wonderful batch mate


13 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Indra (Menon) Naganathar!

  1. Dear Indira,
    Jean & I wish you a happy birthday. I don’t know whether you are in SriLanka or UK at the moment,but wherever you are, my friend Naga will look after you as usual. You are just like your Mother – a kind hearted person – I never can forget.


  2. Hurray hurray its Indra’s birthday today
    Ranjit and I wish you many happy returns of the day
    May the God bless you and keep you
    Till we meet you at the next RU.
    Ranjit and Praxy


  3. Hi Indra a v.v.happy bday. I do hope u had asuper day.wish u good health and our good wishes Ranjani


  4. Dear Indra,
    May you be blessed with contentment in the coming years. It was so nice meeting you both at RU 64.


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