Best Wishes to Indira De Silva!







My dear Indira !

I hope you have a great day today, and many more Happy Birthday Days in the
years ahead .

It has been such a wonderful thing in my life , here in Canada, knowing
you, Ana, the girls, and your mom since you first came here, in the 80’s .
I do recall very clearly- Ana visiting me and Rajes at the Toronto Hospital
back in ’85 or so, – with his dad or uncle, and  I think, as you were still
in UK at that time.
I think, your mom and Ana and the girls came first and you arrived later .
Then, you and Ana took off to Newfoundland-  for work- as there was such a
demand over there for  an Ophthalmogist and a Dermatologist , and you both
stayed on there, very faithfully, for the next 30 yrs !

Rajes and my self, had such fun with your mom and daughters , in Toronto
and at my cottage on summer weekends .

I recall a day, when Selvarani was in Toronto, and some of the A gp guys,
and you were also in Toronto- as you and Ana were celebrating the birth of
your first grandchild, ( october- 2001,  I think it was )  and it was fun
seeing the three generations together, with Selva and the  A gp folks ,
Rajes and my self !

Then- the 4000 km  drive on the Trans Canada,  till it ended at Signal
Hill, that  me and my husband  did to Newfoundland  and back in 2004- what a
road trip it was , to see all of you  and Ana, and your mom who was not
quite well at that time .
It was great getting together in  2014,  Beruwala, and again in Newfoundland
on my way to Arctic Quebec/ Newfoundland- Labrador in 2015 .

By the way- I left out the fun we had at your old home in Rosmead Place
back then, as it would fill up another page !

We sure knew how to have fun !!

So my dear, Have a Very Happy Birthday to day, with family and who ever
that is around !

Your old pal- Deepthie 



A cheery wish on your birthday
And wishes for everything bright
May you be blessed with peace joy and happiness
Morning noon and night.
Praxy and Ranjit




Best Wishes to Sangarapillai Asokan !!





Happy Birthday to you Asokan , today 28th June .
It was great meeting up with you at the Beruwala Ru .

This walk on the beach we did that sunny morning- I can still smell  that
warm salty air and feel that tropical  sun on my head , with such nostalgia

If I  remember right- we did meet here either at Raje’s place, or at
Indira/ Ana’ daughter’s place some 16  yrs ago- when Indira and  Ana had
their first grandchild , and most of the A group met there , along with
Selvarani , my self and Rajes .

Anyway- the Beruwala RU was great
Thanks to  the  Web page by Sam and Ariya’s brain working over time on ‘what
to do next ‘. we have this great Birthday Salutation to keep in touch .

Have a Happy Birthday today, and many more Happy Days in the Years Ahead .


Dear Asokan today is a day to be happy
And smile the whole way through
Blow out all your candles
And we wish that all your wishes come true.
Praxy and Ranjit


Many happy returns of the day Asokan!

I hope you are shooting your age by now. Missed golfing with you this year. Let me know when you ready to get away from winter weather again.



Kumudini (Alahakone) De Silva



Kumudini “Kumi” DeSilva, M.D. Peacefully passed away on Wednesday June 21, 2017, age 73, of Gibsonia. Born and raised in Sri Lanka September 14, 1943 to Abraham and Sylvia Alahakoon, with her brothers Ranjith Alahakoon and Sunil Alahakoon, M.D. After completing her doctorate of medicine, she immigrated to the United States with her beloved husband Siri DeSilva, M.D. Loving mother of Thushan (Danusha) DeSilva, M.D., Ranil (Maricel) DeSilva, M.D., Dilini (Ruwan) Karunaratne. Loving grandmother to Juliana, Keilani, Trevyn, Nayana, Gabriela, and Nyali. Dr Kumi served the community of Northview Heights clinic. Services will be held on Friday June 23, 2017 at 2:00 PM in Sperling Funeral Home 700 Blazier Drive Wexford, PA 15090, visitation till 4:30pm. Cremation will be private. Sperling Funeral Home, Inc. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to the Pittsburgh Buddhist Center 111 Route 908, Natrona Heights, PA 15065 or Light of Life Ministries -Northside


Kumi  My  Dear,

You have left us in this world, but you are now in a better place in an
Eternal Garden of Flowers ….. May  You Rest in Peace ….
You will be lovingly remembered and sadly  missed by the entire Class of
Your beauty , charm  , your particular sense of humour ( !!! ) and your
lovely gentle personality – will be with us for always .
Your courage in the face of adversity- your strong will power and  brave
survival attitude towards your health issues is what teaches all of  us a
lesson at this stage in our lives .

When  Kumi / Siri and daughter  visited my old cottage back in the summer
of ’98-  Kumi  told me ” Aney deepthie- mage pinturayak ganna oyage mal ekka
‘ !!! and you look  just gorgeous in this- better than the flowers that are
around you …

She was soooo happy to  be with Rajes and my self, and we had such a
wonderful weekend together .

I remember like y’day- the time we used to meet in Piitsburgh- for the New
Year Celebrations in April- that Picing- Nisantha  and others used to
organize, and there were times when we would be spending the weekend with
Kumi/ Siri , Piching / Nisantha  homes

Those were the days when border crossing was a fun thing to do , and  we
did this many, many times in the past .
We all had such good times back then, and I am sooo glad that I had the
opportunity to enjoy these moments back in the day at Pittsburgh .
I must say a special Thank You to Piching and Nisantha for giving me the
chance to participate in the New Year events , for it is beautiful  memories
like these, that makes life worth while, in the twilight years of our lives

Kumi- May You Rest in Peace in the Eternal Garden of Flowers ..

Your good friend- Deepthie .


My dear Siri and Family ,

Please accept my Deepest Sympathies on the passing of  Kumi…

It was such a joy to be around both of you , the very many times  in
your home, and again when both of your visited my place back in 1998 .
I love this photo of you Meditating on The Rocks — that I took of you
behind my home on Georgian Bay .

In this moment of grief , try to find Joy, Peace and Harmony through
the wonderful memories you and your family have had with lovely Kumi ,
over the long years she was with you all , as a loving wife, loving
mother and grandmother .
She was not only All of the Above, but also a  Wonderful Friend to all
of you .

Blessings to you and your family- Deepthie .

Photo Quiz-Rani




Can you identify the location and describe this image?






These are a few of the photos I took on the 21st March- 2015- Spring
Solstice Day , in Sedona Arizona .

The entire Solar Panel is seen better in this photo , where my friend Dick
Jones ( blue T- shirt ) is seen .
This Solar Panel is in Sedona, Arizona, where there is this big slab of
sandstone – where the ancient Hopi People have marked out very intricate
writings known as Petroglyphs , on the desert varnish of the sand stone slab
This Solar Panel is estimated to be at least a 800- 1000 yrs old .
It is located at V Bar V Heritage Site 12 miles SE of Sedona, Arizona .


The Hopi Elders- knew , like the Mayan People of Mexico how the sun moves,
and worked out the Spring,Summer, Fall and Winter Solstice long before we
had GPS, Telescopes, etc .
This was their way of knowing that there was a Higher Power that governs
the Universe, and they used this as a ‘farmers almanac ‘ of sorts .
This is how they planted the seeds of various food items , along the Verde
River Valley and elsewhere .

The decendants of those who created this Solar Panel still live in the
Hopi Reservation in Arizona, and some of them are my dear friends that I
visit every year during my winter stay in Az.
The Hopi People are ancestral relatives of the Mexican tribes of long ago
, that gradually migrated north and now they have settled in the 9
villages in the Hopi Reservation in Northern Arizona .
Archeological evidence suggest that there was human habitation in this area
, along the Verde River Verde Valley area as far back as 11,500 BC .

Oral History- is a very powerful tool- much more powerful than Uncle Google
However today, the details of this V Bar V Solar Panel can be viewed on
Google, and I will not repeat it here .

I visit this site every year, on the 21st March and it is very intriguing
for me to watch the Sun Dagger hit the ‘sun’ in the afternoon .
Usually, a crowd gathers, and this year, ( 2015) the author of the book ”
Sinagua Sunwatchers- Kenneth Zoll was there to explain the phenomenon and it
was a real memorable occasion for me .
This book was published in consultations with the Hopi Elders .
The Hopi Elders still come to this site for Cermonies- and during this
time, the site is closed to visitors .

Archeoastronomy is a very intriguing field to study , helps to understand
the way Ancient Cultures Lived long before Hi Tech came to conquor the world

Hope this little addendum sheds a bit more Light !!

Deepthie .

Best Wishes to Marina Rayappu (Benedict)





Happy Birthday to you Marina !
I wish you all that is Best In Health and Happiness to you and your family
today and in the years ahead .

It was a pity that you could not make it to the RU in Beruwala .
Anyway- it was great meeting up with you back in ’89 at the UK- RU ., and
this photo- is  truly a memorable photo .

I do remember when you came to Holy Family Convent- for the A Levels and my
Amma knew your sister who was a teacher at the Good  Shep Convent in
Kotehena .
So , we do go back a long way !

It is nice we have thtis Web page -thanks to Sam and Ariya- to keep in
touch with all of us , now scattered around the globe .
Please keep in touch and again- Happy Birthday !
Your old school pal-

Deepthie .

Dear Marina,
This message is sent with warm greetings
Wishing you a wonderful birthday full of joy
May you have good health and contentment
A long life of happiness and peace throughout



Happy happy birthday that’s our wish for you
I hope your birthday brings you success in everything you plan to do.
Praxy and Ranjit