Floods and land slides in SriLanka – Sam


Colombo, Sri Lanka (CNN)Sri Lanka remains in the grips of the worst flooding in 14 years, and the bad weather that has killed at least 194 people is expected to continue, the Red Cross said Monday.

The flooding was brought on by monsoon rains across southwestern portions of the country, according to Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Disaster Management.
As many as 99 people are missing, according to Sri Lanka’s Disaster Management Center, and the death toll is expected to rise as authorities battle to rescue those still stranded and warn of the possibility of crocodile attacks. The Center adds that there are 112 people injured.
More than half a million people have been affected. India and other countries have sent aid.
Local Sri Lanka Red Cross volunteers and staff workers have been on the scene to give first aid, help with search and rescue missions, and distribute food, water and supplies.


Editorial Note:

I was in Colombo in 2016 May when similar  catastrophe occurred , but fortunately the death toll was much less. RU 64 website was able to collect around Rs 250,000 on short notice to provide some relief on a small scale through Seylan Bank. This year I have contacted LOLC, the company that owns Eden Resort, Beruwala. LOLC will match any cash donations we make,. The official press release is attached below.

Are these natural disasters  a new phenomenon SriLanka? Most often the government tries to say that this is a result of climate change.

Climate change is like God (according to the government officials) doing things that we have little control of. Is it climate change or is it predictable outcome of the gradual destruction of sensitive environment by unsustainable mega development projects?


I encourage you to read the article on this subject published in SL Guardian by Raveendra Kariawasam last year. See below,

Floods and landslides in Sri Lanka: Whose Responsibilities?




Contact information to LOLC

If you have any questions regarding this matter please contact me directly


I would love to hear your comments





Here is another avenue for contributions from CoMSAA


Dear Members,

The CoMSAA has started a fund to provide relief to victims of the recent floods.

Please make your contribution to the account No. 72262672 at Bank of Ceylon, Regent Street Branch.

Please inform us of your payment by calling;

Dr Chamila Dalpatadu  0713223378

Dr Aruni Wariyapola   0714785184

Dr Thilina Kanangara  0766853533


Thank you

Dr Sarath Gamini de Silva





5 thoughts on “Floods and land slides in SriLanka – Sam

  1. Thanks Sam,
    For showing us the way to help people who have lost everything and are in desperate need of help.
    I shall ask Ranjith Almeida to deposit cash on my behalf myself too on the account you kindly forwarded.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dear Ranjith,
    Would you be kind enough to deposit Rs 50,000/- (Fifty thousand rupees) on my behalf to the account Sam has published on this web site. I am currently in a remote part of North Island In New Zealand and as the speed is of the essence please do me this favour.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks Sam- I will see what I can do to help –

    I agree with Sam, on one of the causes for this kind of yearly devastation- is the gradual increase of deforestation, gradual destruction of sensitive ecosystem for ‘ unsustainable mega developments ‘ as you say .

    I was talking about this to some of my friends, one time I was in SL about 15 yrs ago- as I could see the ‘writing on the wall ‘ so to speak , and I was told in simple plain language ” you can take your environmental stuff and go back to Canada ‘ !!

    I never said a word about ‘ Environment’ to any one in SL after that, till now .

    Needless to say- I am very sad about what is going on there , as things are going to get a lot worse, and we will be collecting donations , for who knows , for how many years to come

    Political Will- is a major factor to reduce this kind of human tragedy .

    We can only HOPE ….

    Deepthie .

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  4. Thanks Sam for the information. I have seen some of the devastation by following the information provided in Daily Mirror and Daily News. I also have been in communication with my brothers in Sri Lanka. I have so far made two contributions one through my brother and another through RC 60 ( Richmond College 60) club.

    I have the information to CoMSAA accounts as I have helped Med students through them on a previous occasion. I shall send another contribution to CoMSAA as we know the funds needed to help people may run into Billions of rupees.


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