Batch64 entertainment

Here is an all time favorite  



Legendary C T Fernando with Rukmani Devi

Cyril Tudor Fernando, popular as C T Fernando was born on the 28th January 1921 at Kadalana Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. A product of St. Mary’s College Nawalapitiya, who often won prices for elocution, singing and drama, including a gold medal of oratory. He was a chorister in his local parish church, and later became the choir master of A.R.P. Messenger service in colombo between 1942 to 1965. He later joined the Grand Cabaret to entertain the troops and further developed his musical talents. In 1946 after a successful audition, he was accepted as a singer in the Radio Ceylon. During the latter part of the 1946, he recorded ‘Pinsiduwanne’ which became a popular hit. He released his first Gramophone record under HMV label produced by Cargills Limited who were the HMV agents in Ceylon. Most of his songs were created by himself.

On October the 17th 1977 CT passed away from a heart attack, leaving a vaccum on popular music in Sri Lanka. Although he is no more with us, his golden voice still lingers among his fans.

The Nightingale of Sri Lanka, Rukmani Devi was born as Daisy Daniels on the 15th January 1923 at Ramboda, Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka. Grew up in Colombo, and she showed an inborn talent to Singing and Dancing whilst studying at St. Clares School at Wellawatte, Colombo 4.

In 1935 at the age of 12, Rukmani performed on stage as an actress. She married Eddie Jayamanne, the veteran film and stage actor, and this paved her the way to embark on an illustrious career that spanned over four decades. Her first recording Sri Budhdhagaya Vihaarae with Rupasinghe Master in 1938 was a massive hit that shaped her career as a singer. Rukmani played different roles in 99 films. In the 60s, she teamed up with Neville Fernando and the Los Cabellaros and went on to record ever so popular songs such as Malbara Himidiriye and Sandak Nagii.

On the October 28th 1978, Rukmani died of a Tragic motor accident near St. Marys Church Tudella, Ja-Ela.


6 thoughts on “Batch64 entertainment

  1. Thank you Sam for unearthing old beautiful memories
    These were gems on our lips during our growing ages
    Beauty is novelty has not ceased still dance to the beat
    Even today no party is complete without the music of CT



  2. Thanks Sam – it was wonderful listening to the oldies. CT used to have a program on the radio that I listened to when we were growing up. I still have CD’s of CT that I listen to. His songs are like ballads that tell a story, an interesting story.

    RuKmani Devi of course we remember her well. She too had a beautiful voice. Thanks for the interesting history lesson.



  3. CT and Rukmani Devi — How can one ever forget them . I have some old tapes that I still listen to , and got some CD’s from Majestic city store, when I was last there for the RU 64.

    Rukmani Devi- my #1 favourite- knew all her songs and sang them too .

    So was all of CT’s songs- that I used to hammer out on the piano- much to my mother’s annoyance !
    Somehow, it was easy for me to play their songs on the piano, as it kind of had a nice rhythm to it, that conformed to the western style of music- as I was studying piano at HFC and the teachers just hated my ability to ‘play by ear’ as they say
    The more they said so, the more I played ‘by ear ‘ ! horned my skills at it !!

    Remember the famous movie- ” Kele Handa ” novel by WA Silva- with Rukmani Devi in the lead role , and what a story and what songs -with Mohideen Baig- the song ‘ Maya’ still haunts me … the new word being ‘ Avatar ‘ !

    I was more than devastated when I heard about her death on Negombo Rd- and I think there is a small memorial erected in her honour at the site .

    Her voice- sooo unique as there was really no one to beat that quality of voice – others were and are still soo different in quality and tone .
    I suppose in the musical jargon one could label her voice as a ‘soprano’ tone .

    Anyway- all that apart both CT and Rukmani Devi -were more than great .
    I think, CT’s son has a good voice ,and sings his father’s songs .
    Rukmani Devi and Eddie J had no children-

    I think, we sang a lot of these songs on the bus – with Esiri in the lead and the rest of us following him along .

    Thanks a lot Sam- for unearthing this beautiful memory and taking me down a lovely road called Memory Lane, once again .

    eagledeepthie .


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