Best Wishes to M.L.D. Fernando!

Happy Birthday Lucky !!!!
I wish you you  the very best today and may you enjoy many more  Happy
Birthday Days in the years ahead .

It was great meeting up with you again at Beruwala, and I love the photo of
you holding up the Canadian Medical Association fun rag- Medical Post- the
head line of ‘ Leadership’ !
This is one photo I really cherish- taken from my camera- I think , I gave
the camera to Mahesan who did a great job of it- and Thank you Mahesan .
I hope this photo made it to the Medical Post , as I do not receive it any
more as I am totally retired .

Seems it was meant for you- the self appointed Leader of the Canadian Camp
!! and you  sure did a great job of it at the concert.

I remember a long time ago ( I think it was dec 1978 )  we met at Heathrow,
very unexpectedly-  with our young families, and we travelled together to
Sri lanka for the Christmas holidays .
There was some crazy funny incident then at the airport ( Airlines were
nuts even back then ! ) , and you became the spokes person for all of  us to
get access to showers etc ,as we all had a long wait before we boarded the
flight to SL .

You  were the first person to call me and tell me about the RU 64- and when
I declined to come, the true  Psychiatrist that you are, gave me ‘Free
Counselling – on why I should attend the RU- 64 ” !
Your timely advice was well taken , and many thanks for that very
convincing bit of  ‘counselling ‘ !

Lucky- you don’t live too far from where I live   just a 3 hr drive at most
So, please , please do come and visit me .

Have  a Very Happy Birthday today with family and friends .

Deepthie–  Fellow Member of the Canadian Camp !




Happy BirthDay Lucky,

Your fellow Canadian said it all. “Leader of the Canadian camp!”

Glad that Kathy and I got to see you after a very long time in Beruwala.

Enjoy this special day, and wish you will have many more to come!


15 thoughts on “Best Wishes to M.L.D. Fernando!”

  1. My dear Lucky, currently I am out of town
    So failed to get my birthday wishes on time
    You always greet everyone with a lovely smile
    We know it is genuine as you are a kind soul

    Wish you a fantastic birthday full of happiness
    May your incredible life be healthy and long
    As name suggests may you be always lucky
    Contended life with joy and immense prosperity


  2. Dear Lucky,
    Wishing you a very happy Birthday as well as very happy & healthy future from Down Under-


  3. Happy Birthday Lucky. Wish you many more happy and healthy ones. We drive to Toronto few times a year. When we pass thru London,I think of you. Invariably we are in a hurry to get there or get back. I must try to arrange a break one of these days. Congratulations on your effect on Deepthie. She was quoted as saying ” I have nothing to do with the batch.” Look how she has become a vital player in RU 64 affairs!! All the best,


  4. Yes Dharma !- you are right- I was going through a bad spell in my life at that time – and the dear Psychiatrist ‘healed up’ all that with his good talking talents !!!

    Look at me now- I can hardly believe what I am doing !!!!
    Again Lucky- All Good Wishes to you and have a Very Happy Birthday Celebration with your lovely family and friends .
    Deepthie .


  5. Hi Lucky,
    Many happy returns of the day. All the very best now and years to come.

    Nisantha and Piching Banda


  6. Many happy returns Lucky. May you be blessed with health ,happiness and smiles in the years to come.


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