6 thoughts on “Photo Quiz – Rani

  1. ” White Mans Tree ” in Koddiar , Trincomalee .
    Robert Knox was taken as a captive prisoner near this tree in 1660.

    very interesting history .
    I have the book’ Historical Relations of the Island of Ceylon ‘

    Rani- you can tell us the rest .

    I am sure, I visited this place when I visited Trinco during my trip to SL for te RR 64- when I did a solo trip to Sl- and no one wanted to join me.
    So, I hired a car and driver from Keel’s and off I went for 4 days to Trinco– a great trip it was, starting from Colombo, along the west coast, across the island, and down the east coast and again, across the island and back to Colombo , !!

    I am in a bit of rush now- to get to Toronto for a few days,’
    will try and follow this thread if and when I get time .
    it is now 7 am here in Ontario.
    bye everyone !
    eagledeepthie .


  2. Small mistake- I thought I had the book- but just checked – I dont have it anymore-.
    I know I had something by Robert Knox –
    Likely donated it along with some other books , when I was ‘clearing out the house ‘ . some years back when I was ‘downsizing ‘
    Oh well- too bad , – cant hang on to everything in life …


  3. This is the Tamarind tree in Trnocomalee under which Robert Knox senior and junior were captured and arrested by a Kndyan Disawe. Deepthi was the first to identify the location.

    Unfortunately the original tree was destroyed during the floods of 1957 and again in 1962 ? I think. Now there is only a sapling in place of the original tree.



  4. Congratulations to Deepthie and Nissantha.In addition to what had already been documented by both of you

    I will add a few more words of significance,and history ,related to the photo.

    WHITE MAN’S TREE at KODDIYAR ,south of Trincomalee

    It was a Tamarind tree

    History- The Knoxes (Robert Knox Snr,and son ) sailed on board the ship “Anne”in 1658 ,suffered the loss of ship’s mast,and sales damaged, forcing them to land near Koddiyar(Estuary of Mahaweli Ganga)

    The tree where Robert Knox Snr was captured was marked with a monument “This is the White Man”s tree under which Robert Knox Snr captain of ship Anne was captured.
    In 1970 the cyclone that lashed Trincomalee brought the tree down

    The Tablet was taken to the Colombo National Museum .


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