19 thoughts on “Batch 64 Photo Quiz

  1. Nagapuspam- of the Himalaya ( one source indicates this as the name ) – that blooms once in 36 yrs and has a putrid odour to it .
    This was circulated on the internet some time back and was incorrectly named .

    The Photo on the Quiz —
    Is a Sea Pens- – a type of coral found in the underwater sea- perhaps along the Great Barrier Reef in Australia .
    The name comes from the appearance of the bloom – looking like old style pens .

    Actually- this is NOT a flower – it is a sea coral skeleton ( Pennetuocea- Sea pens ) and they glow in the dark- lighting up the dark underwater sea.

    I will leave it to the MahaRani of Donder to give us all more details and give us a Botany / Zoology Lesson !

    For now, I will call it a Sea Pen- an underwater coral creature.

    eagledeepthie- (aka- Master Gardener is one of the caps I wear from time to time !! )


  2. Spelling error on the scientific name- above .

    PENNATULACEA- is the correct spelling of the for this calcarious coral skeleton of Sea Pens group of underwater sea creatures .
    Deepthie .


  3. This beautiful ” flower ” living breathing creature is called a Purple Sea Pen. Found in Coral reefs around the world. Rani if you took this picture it is one of the best I have seen. Having a world heritage sight the “Great Barrier Reef ” you are very fortunate to be able to see these marvelous , wonderful awe inspiring animals.

    Deepthie has given the Zoological name of the 300 odd species of sea pens – Pennatulacea. Having visited many aquariums I have seen many varieties of sea pens. Our last visit to an aquarium was about 6 weeks ago when Piching and I visited the Vancouver aquarium.

    I am yet to see a Purple sea pen though. Shall wait for Rani to educate us more on this beautiful creature.



  4. Love the discussion-
    Is it an exotic Himalayan Flower ??
    Is it a living breathing underwater sea creature like the Sea Anemone/ Sea Pen that looks like a flower, waving its lovely arms to look like petals of a flower in the breeze ?

    ‘ “Tell my My Sweet Lovely Vision — Who are You,, Where do You live and breathe ? ,
    Under the Deep Dark Ocean,
    Or, High Above on the Mountains of the Himalayan Rain forests, bathed by the Rain from the Rain Gods of the Clouds … ”

    Soon we will know, Who You Are,
    When the Maha Rani of Down Under wakes up from her Dream Time … ” !!!!



  5. Someone had circulated the picture of the Sea Pen calling it a Nagapushpa flower from the Himalayas that blooms once every 38 years. This was a hoax. The picture that Rani sent is a picture of the Purple Sea Pen.

    I am sorry to disappoint you Seelan ,but the picture you got in the internet from Malaysia , “Naga Pushpa ” flower is a hoax. Please google Naga Pushpa flower and you would understand why even you were fooled.

    Praxy and Deepthie if you want to see this creature you would have to learn to scuba dive. I for one am not prepared to learn at this stage of my life. I might try my luck at the glass bottomed boat or snorkel perhaps to see one of these creatures.

    Then again , I am not sure about Deepthi. The dare devil person she was , and perhaps is, would learn to scuba dive and send us a picture of the sea pen and say “hey guys look what I have for you” a picture of a sea pen.



  6. Dear Mates,
    Delighted to learn, while sitting on the proverbial back seat’
    Depth of knowledge most of my dear friends do demonstrate
    Sam, architect of this free education for blokes like me to get
    Deserved to be proposed as batch mate, the most benevolent

    The knowledge of Seelan, Nisantha, Simone and Deepthie in particular
    To continue to show prowess and might of human august cerebral power
    It must be a record to have in a batch of Septuagenarians, anywhere
    Thank you mates, for teaching me so much, I feel being in debt for ever


    • Hey Ariya , I would not call you a “bloke sitting in the proverbial back seat ” at all. We , I in particular admire your talent of compiling the lovely poetry. I admire your talent of translating the Pali verses from the Buddha Dhamma. To do that one has to activate many million neurons in the brain. To find the appropriate words , words to rhyme takes talent and skill. As I told you before ,you should put your poetry in a book so that ,not only the batch of 64, but others around the world would read them and appreciate them.

      I learn a lot reading your columns. Keep up the good work.



  7. Agree 100% with Nisantha .

    Sorry Seelan- to disappoint you – check google on Nagapuspa as suggested by Nisantha .

    Gee the sharp eyed – x-ray eyed one from Down Under missed it ?
    dont believe it – !

    yes- there is a flower that blooms- a giant one- at that- and has a very putrid odour to it- and there is one at the Niagara Falls Botanical Garden- and it bloomed a few yrs back-

    I remember seeing this- and when I checked , yes it was a hoax- ‘fake news’ is today’s correct political term .
    It is NOT Nagapuspa – it is a Sea Coral – as I said before and Nisantha confirmed it .

    Deep sea diving ?
    Not now- would have attempted it back in 1998 dec, when I visited the Barrier Reef !
    Now, I am contend with Dr. Google’s Brain !

    I am out for the evening- check back in a few hours .

    Maha Rani- Wake up Little Suzie Wake Up !!!

    I bet you are really enjoying this Quiz! and perhaps even dreaming about it !!!

    eagledeepthie .


  8. Dear Mates
    I am wide awake now
    Let me start by saying this was not just A Photo Quiz , but “A Brain Teaser Photo Quiz”

    Before I explain the Photo ,I will express my two cents worth of advice on how to approach,and respond to solving a Brain teaser quiz.

    The best way is, One Must “Walk through your thinking process Loud”
    It is wise to put emphasis on the “Approach” to the visual
    quiz ,rather than the final “Answer”

    “Stop Image Fooling ,And Start Brain Grooming

    Ok -It is an Invertebrate,Sea Pen( Soft coral)(grouped with Octa Corals ,with eight stinging tentacles

    .The Zoological Classification is given by Deepthie

    Names- Nagapushpam-resemble a hooded Snake
    Sea pen – like a Quill pen.

    Habitat- lives in colonies in the shallow to deep seas. Of tropical and sub tropical regions .Day time bury themselves in the mud ,and come out in the night.

    Morphology-size – grows up to a height of few inches to 2 metres.

    multiple polyps ,on a central stem. Each polyp has eight stinging tentacles ,stimulated with contact..
    Functions of polyps, feeding, reproduction

    The Seapen attach themselves with the bulb like stump in to the deep sand or mud ( difference between Seapens and Corals, the latter is attached to a hard substrate.

    Colour-ranges from bright orange to yellow, white. Many are Bioluminescence in the dark.

    Feed on plankton

    Well that’s all for now hope to post more brain teasers in the future.

    Well done to Deepthie the Garden Masterand, Nisantha. Seelan praxy,and Ariya for for their comments and to Sam for posting it.


  9. Thanks for opening my eyes. Now that I have checked the Google, I agree with all of you.
    Earlier I just trusted the Picture sent by my brother in law to my wife’s mobile on the whatsApp .
    She showed it to me. I should have checked the Google. Now its is going to be a murder in the house ! ?? Wife or Brother in law??


    • My dear Seelan,
      I am concerned about the threat of ‘murder in the house’
      You have predicted in the mail above, please be careful
      Same punishment, irrespective of the cause of upheaval
      Naga Pushpam or not appeal as a friend is to be sensible


  10. Hey good morning to all from eagledeepthie- now wide awake on this very foggy friday morning !

    Thanks Rani for that great ‘ Brain Teaser’ and ” 101 – How to Approach a Brain Teaser’ !!,
    and the zoology lesson.
    Gee I am back in school , am I ?,

    Looking fwd to more from you.

    Seelan- May there be Peace in the Family !

    Nisantha- agree with you on Ariya’s wonderful work that needs to be published for all to see and learn .
    I am learning a lot- specially to read the ‘high sinhala ‘ language and script .

    Ariya- you are NOT a Back Seat Driver ‘- by any means – YOU are The Driver !!

    Sam– many thanks to being that wonderful Spider- who weaves that Class of 64 Web- that got all of us entangled together, for better or for worse !!

    Thanks to all- I am having fun !
    Deepthie .


  11. Thanks Rani for the wonderful description of your quiz. At our age we need brain teasers on a daily basis. Solving Crossword puzzles, playing chess, learning a new language or learning to play a musical instrument ( radio does not count Ha! Ha! ) will activate many million Neurons and even recruit neurons that are dormant and open new pathways according to Neurologists. Our own Neurologist JB , Rose Pinto’s husband has written articles on this subject.

    As always all the credit goes to Sam for starting this wonderful web page.

    Please keep the quizzes coming , how trivial they may appear. So far the quizzes have been very educational.



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