Update from Ariya





Share with you the good news of us becoming a grand parent for the third time, curtesy of elder son Terence and his wife Vasana.
A beautiful girl just under three kg in weight born in Hawks bay Hospital, North Island,   New Zealand today (24th May 2017) around six pm.
See below the jubilant grand pa meeting the latest addition, gleefully.






More News from Ariya

Dear Sam
Having tied the knot in a grand setting amidst a big crowd
Sharing a photo with parents, our younger son and his bride
Grand ceremony held in a prestigious setting in the Midlands
On twentieth May, the couple awaits your sincere good wishes
Ariya and Thavam




18 thoughts on “Update from Ariya

    • Thank you Sam for your sincere good wishes
      Your web site does a great service to all of us
      The little girl awaited grand parents to arrive
      Flying over twenty six hours across seven seas
      Ariya and Thavamani


  1. Dear Mary and Raja,
    Thank you for your very kind felicitations
    The bundle of joy lightened all our hearts
    Just managed to be there on the right time
    Great boon from God to us septuagenarians
    Ariya and Thavamani


  2. Congradulations to Achchi and Seeya and the proud parents , and two little Akkas’ !

    The Lovely Pink Bundle- is nothing but lovely .

    “Neth Yuga Ran Tharu Yuwala Thamai ,– —The Eyes are Like Two Bright Golden Stars
    Tholpethi Nadalu Valata Samai “——- ——–The Lips are like the Tender Leaves of the Na mal tree.

    This describes the Beautiful Baby the best way I can describe !

    Ariya and Thavam , Enjoy this Precious Bundle of Joy and the Lovely Family , for all your days to come .

    Good Wishes and Many Blessings to the De Silva Clan,

    Your good friend- Deepthie


  3. The Song by The Three Sisters ” Nethyuga Ran Tharu … ” that Sam posted y-‘day – it just came to my mind when I saw the two little Akkis’ with the Little Sister, that makes up this little family our own Class of 64 Three Sisters !!!


    • Dear Simone,
      We are thankful for your very generous comments
      Love the new arrival and to De Silva family, additions
      The enormous travels across the globe to our old bones
      Certainly not a good recipe yet they are truly happy moments
      Ariya and Thavam


  4. Lovely wedding photo- all of you look really happy .
    All the best to all of the De Silva clan !

    Ariya and Thavam- you are busy folks these days .
    Thanks for all the Photos and Good News .
    Blessings to all – Deepthie .


  5. Thanks ‘Dilisena Tharuwa’ for your wonderful comments
    It truly is a mixture of joy and across the globe hectic travels
    Twenty six hour long flight is not easy for septuagenarians
    As far as my biological clock, Not sure of goings or comings


  6. Aria what lovely occasions to celebrate. A lovely wedding ,love the picture, and the birth of a grand baby. Loved the pictures of your sons family grand daughters and the New grand baby. You and Thavum must be quite proud. Congratulations and all the best to all.



  7. Dear Ariya and Thavamani, Congratulations on the arrival of your new grand child. I have sent you email to your email address. Praxy


  8. Dear Ariya & Thavam,

    CONGRATULATIONS. Good Photo.” Picture paints a thousand words” We feel that we were at the wedding as well.
    How was your reception speech? Did you tell the storey about the 15 pints of Guinness & the girl at the Bar? Did your daughter in law faint?
    Please convey our best wishes to the newly Wed.

    Another Special CONGRATULATIONS for becoming Grand Parents for the 3rd time. Now that you are in NZ, you might get addicted to the Nappy change & stay there long. However you are welcome to stay with us in Sydney on your way back home ( UK/Srilanka)

    Seelan & Jean


  9. Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful grand-daughter. Congratulations and best wishes to the newly wedded
    Satha and selvi


  10. Congratulations Ariya and Thavamany. Glad to hear of your contribution of talents to the world gene pool. Our best wishes to the parents who have bring up the daughter in this increasingly violent world.
    Our prayers and thoughts are with the parents and grand parents.


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