18 thoughts on “Photo Quiz- Rani

  1. Lovely photo of luxury in the tropical rain forest of Srl lanka, most likely taken from the air .

    Looks to me a religious temple/ mosque , a mosque being most likely , built in a very grandiose style, by a group of people with lots of money- ? from Saudi/ Middleast sponsored ?

    We have a very grandiose sikh temple here, near Toronto- and this reminds me of it , though I dont know, if the Sikh religious people would want to build something in SL.

    anyway – bottom line- a religious institution most likely Islam Mosque .

    deepthie .


  2. The building has the shape of The Cross. The roof is unusually cylindrical & white. I have never seen this building. Clueless at the moment. May be some clues from Rani ??


    • Deepthie’s comment was not there when I commented. I agree with her suggestion. Even though the building has the shape of Cross, the central dome has features of a mosque.
      ? somewhere near Beruwala.


  3. Rani’s summer residence. What a lovely building Rani.

    I have no clue. As Deepthi says only the middle east money can produce a building of such nature and such opulence. Mogul architecture very likely a mosque. No clue where in Sri Lanka it is. Anxious to know.



  4. Rani- if this is your Aussie Winter Get- A – Way- then, can I be a guest there ?
    How much do you charge /day ?
    Is it ‘all inclusive ‘ ?
    I can ‘sing for my supper ‘ !!- a flute and drum songs to entertain your other guests !
    eagledeepthie .


  5. Simone no one seems to recognise you ‘winter hideout’
    I have no idea though I roam in the motherland inside out
    The most analytical answer has come so far from Seelan
    To solve your mystery none of us has the sufficient acumen


  6. Dear Brainy mates,

    The thrill of solving a quiz lies with the participant, and not the presenter.
    Although there is no second chance on Stage, I trust having a second chance makes you think harder.

    Indirect clue- my versions- For a successful Guess, Rational thinking must take precedence over “visual”mirage”

    Direct clue- A place of Worship


  7. Place of worship= Mosque.
    Agree with Seelan- location – Beruwala – looking at the surrounding greenery of dense vegetation and coconut trees . ( ?// think of Plant Blindness !!! )
    deepthie .


  8. Basilica Ragama- Our Lady of Lanka Tewatte- Ragama .

    I am sure of this .!!

    The second ‘clue ‘ photo stone of a christian priest wearing a cape- like a Cardinal or even the Pope- as I wonder if Pope Pius the XII visited Lanka way back when .
    The Image looks like him.

    On zooming a lot on the pinnacle of the top of the ‘shrine’ I could vaguely recognize a cross – with Christ on The Cross .

    This Cross seemed familiar to me .– and this is what made me ‘think ‘ !!- and with a little help from google reference I think I got the diagnosis- after the D/D done in my head !

    Having worked at Ragama hosp ( internship/ MO- OPD- ) I have visited the old place back in the early
    70’s .

    This new fancy building – lots of money spent to ‘upgrade’ the old church- its old form can be seen if you zooom in on the bottom of the photo .

    ‘In the second photo- you see flower pot like structures done in stone- which seem to be very old – indicating this is a very old building, that has got a very recent ‘real posh face lift make up “.

    Maharani of Down Under- YOU are GREAT !
    It took a lot of ‘detective work’ for me to figure this one out !!!!

    When did you visit this place, as this spanking new building looks really new .

    I wonder if this was built when the more recent Pope visited Lanka back in jan of 2012, as I knew he was going to visit Tewatte, Ragama Basilica .

    Good work Maha Rani of Down Under- you kept is on our toes !!!!!!



  9. SSSHIT…..(Sugar Honey Ice Tea for the sake of Ladies) ……..I knew, I knew, I knew…. the building is Cross shaped from the beginning. I shouldn’t have even thought of Mosque. Damn it ……..


  10. Congratulations , Deepthie. It is the Basilica Of Our Lady Of Lanka
    Status-ARoman Catholic Church with minor Basilica status, situated in Tewatte a distant suburb of Colombo.

    Term Bailica – was originally used to describe a Roman public building.After the Roman Empire became officially Christian ,the term referred to aChurch ,given special ceremonial rites by the Pope.
    Built between 1950-1974

    Statue at the entrance Archbishop Cardinal Cooray

    Visited theChurch in2014, I have sent some more photos to Sam to be displayed.

    Thanks to Sam and ,to all others for participating.

    Nissantha ,thanks for imagining that the photo was my Summer hide out ,and I am leading a grandiose , high profile lifestyle in Oz. unfortunately I am far faraway from ……

    Deepthie if it was my Winter hide out, I would gladly invite you, to entertain my guests with your singing, Flute and drums

    Ariya and Seelan thank you for pushing me to include a clue .


  11. This is how I arrived at the Final Diagnosis .
    After zooming a lot, and seeing the image of Christ on the Cross, on the pinnacle of the building roof, I knew it was a Christian place of worship.
    Also, the stone image of the ‘ man in the cloak’ seemed to tell me, this was a christian clergy- like a Cardinal/ Pope .
    Yes- it was Cardinal Cooray !! – and I do remember him very well in those early church going days .

    Then, I googled- ‘ Christian Shrines in Srillanka ‘ and saw this cross displayed on a church- that I recognized from a very long time ago, having visited it as a young child, and as an adult while working in Ragama .
    Then, the title said ” Basilica Ragama’- and I then googled ‘ Basilica Ragama’ , just to be sure, and there it was !

    There is a nice short ‘you tube ‘ that I viewed later, along with the history that Rani has given .
    The old church- seems like all old churches built in Sl around the early to late 1900’s touch of Moorish style to it .
    The church I attended as a child in Palliyawatte- Hendala ( near Uswetakeiyawa ) is very similiar to the old Tewatte Church,that you can see below the ornate roof done later .

    Rani- this was a GREAT quiz- and thanks to Ariya and Seelan – for persuading you to give us a ‘clue’ !!
    Thanks- Deepthie .


  12. I have seen beautiful churches in The US and other parts of the world and never have xpected to see such a beautiful place in Sri Lanka. I shall make a point to visit this church during my next trip to Sri Lanka.

    Thanks Rani for posting the picture. We all got stumped on this one except Deepthie.



  13. Sam says to check the third picture .

    I see three people- I think, Rani is the lady in the blue blouse, closer to the wall, holding a BIG handbag full of currency !!
    but, I cannot ID her shoes- as Seelan says he saw her special shoes ? was it Nike I’m not sure- standing in the Q at Ajantha caves !!

    yes- agree with Nisantha -lovely interior – very opulent- and grandiose , and did not expect this in SL



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